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Upon learning that the black sea below them was actually the Black Burial Water, the little flame of hope in the hearts of experts trapped inside the Devil Gourd disintegrated into absolute despair.

Even a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert would be swallowed up by the Black Burial Water, with no hope of surviving, much less them.

“Huang Xiaolong, release me.

Im willing to bring the Sky Water Devil Sect to submit to you!” Suddenly, the Sky Water Devil Sect Chief shouted.

Hearing that, some of the other Devil Races experts also made the same promise, hollering they were willing to submit to Huang Xiaolong.

“Its too late now.” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice sounded inside the gourd, cutting off the clamoring noises within.

The Sky Water Devil Sect Chief and the others were stunned.

“Huang Xiaolong!” The Sky Water Devil Sect Chief wanted to say a few more words, but the sea of Black Burial Water beneath them suddenly roiled high towards them once again.

Merely in a short moment, and the miserable screams inside the Devil Gourd died completely.

After the Sky Water Devil Sect Chief and the other forces experts disintegrated into puddles of blood and merged into the Black Burial Water, becoming a part of the Devil Gourd, the devil runes inside the Devil Gourd shone brighter.

A high-grade grandmist spiritual artifact like the Devil Gourd could convert the Sky Water Devil Sect and other experts godforce and blood essences into energy and improve its own strength.

This ability was similar to the City of Eternity.

The Netherking Flying Ship continued to tear across space in flight.

With the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall clearing the obstacles in front, both easily sent the impeding several tens of thousands Devil Race experts flying.

After that, no one had the guts to block Huang Xiaolongs path.

But the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor Chu Han was still chasing persistently.

Apart from Chu Han, only Violent Lightning Archdevil could barely catch up to the Netherking Flying Ships speed.

As for the Black Killer Sects Chief Cui Huajie, and the Hundred Transformation Sects Ancestors, they were all left in the dust, further and further behind.

Huang Xiaolong snickered, watching them.

With the four odd beasts driving the Netherking Flying Ship together, how could the Hundred Transformation Sect and Black Killer Sects Ancestors catch up with Huang Xiaolong and his group

Huang Xiaolong was curious as he wanted to see how long and how far the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor and Violent Lightning Archdevil could pursue the Netherking Flying Ship.

However, the Violent Lightning Archdevil, Black Killer Sect, and Hundred Transformation Sects experts cooperated with Chu Hans group.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, contemplating the matter.

This was the worst of the situations that he didnt want to see.

“Violent Lightning Archdevil, Black Killer Sect, and Hundred Transformation Sect!” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath, and a ruthless glint glimmered in his eyes.

After gathering the six devil steles and becoming the Archdevil Lord, the first one he was going to kill was the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor! The next would be the Black Killer Sect and Hundred Transformation Sect!

As the Netherking Flying Ship sped onwards, the Eternal Devil Citys northern gates soon came into sight.

Not far after flying out from the northern city gates was the Mara Plains.

Once the flying ship entered the Mara Plains, Huang Xiaolong would throw off the pursuers behind.

But Huang Xiaolong did not relax his vigilance, even though the Eternal Devil Citys northern gate was already in sight.

From the time Chu Han and the others had ambushed him, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming had yet to show himself.

There were also Chiyou Archdevil Ancestor and the Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu!

Not forgetting the Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie.

The Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie had arrived at the Eternal Devil City some days back.

Shi Ming and Chiyou had yet to make their moves, but Huang Xiaolong was confident that they were hiding somewhere, and the likeliest place was in the vicinity of the northern city gates.

Upon his arrival at the Eternal Devil Citys northern gates, Shi Ming, Chiyou, Feng Chu, and Feng Xie would surely make their moves.

Hence, the closer the flying ship got to the northern city gates, Huang Xiaolongs expression grew more solemn.

A million li!

Five hundred thousand li

Three hundred thousand li!

Soon, the Netherking Flying Ship was only ten thousand li from the north city gates.

Right at this time, the entire sky darkened suddenly.

The wind howled, and thick black clouds roiled.

In front, above the Eternal Devil Citys northern city gates, a massive figure appeared.

This figure resembled a great primordial mountain that took root above the city gates.

The devil qi around this figure formed surreal black pillars that penetrated the clouds.

This persons eyes resembled two ancient stars, and the light of his eyes eclipsed the worlds brightness.

His arms spread to the sides as if he wanted to lift the entire Eternal Devil City.

Chaos devil clouds swirled and gathered around his two arms.


His bellowed curtly, shaking heaven and earth.

Although the figure was more than a million li away, some experts inside the city felt the threat of death.


As more chaos devil clouds thickened around the person\'s arms, he suddenly punched out towards Huang Xiaolong\'s Netherking Flying Ship.

A world-shaking boom thundered throughout the Eternal Devil City.

The airflow within a hundred million li radius instantly turned volatile, and the experts within this hundred million li radius felt as if a great impact had hit their hearts.

On the Netherking Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong squinted his eyes.

Although he had never seen this person, it was already clear who this person was, judging from this person\'s aura, momentum, and strength.


No doubt, this person was definitely Chiyou Archdevil, one of the twelve infamous Archdevils Ancestors!

And Chiyou, who had already surpassed the Emperor Realm, could exude such overwhelming power.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong realized he had underestimated Chiyou Archdevil.

Earlier, he had assumed that Chiyou\'s strength would be slightly lower than Chu Han as Chiyou had advanced not long ago.

However, the power Chiyou had exposed so far showed his strength was above Chu Han.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong stopped hesitating and directed the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall to speed forward, meeting Chiyous punches head-on.

Suddenly, two more people appeared above the Netherking Flying Ship.

These two were none other than the Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie.

They both attacked with all their might, executing their most powerful and lethal attack as soon as they appeared.

Feng Chus voice burned with hatred, “Huang Xiaolong, you destroyed my Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Today, I will have you die without a burial place!”

“Just die!”

“Ancient Fiend World Godly Fist!”

As Feng Chu punched out with his fists, frenzied devil qi flooded forward.

This devil qi contained chaos law, condensing numerous ancient fiendish world surfaces that had the power to rival a great expert.

These ancient worlds of fiends all rammed towards the Netherking Flying Ship.

Whereas, the Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xies hand gripped a great blade.

This great blade was several hundred zhang in length, and in one slash, it emitted a burst of glaring light that covered a hundred million li radius.

Watching this, the surrounding experts had an illusion that this slash could split the Eternal Devil City into halves.

The Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xies strength was no worse than Feng Chu.

An average Sovereign Realm expert would have to retreat under their joint attack.

In a split second, the Heavenly Halls golden hexagram rune pillar emerged, and radiance energy spilled out, blocking Feng Chu and Chen Xies attacks.

Simultaneously, two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels flew out from the Heavenly Hall, each holding a radiance divine sword in their hands that slashed straight at Feng Chu and Chen Xie.

All of this happened in a split second.

Under the four odd beasts godforce, the Netherking Flying Ship continued to speed ahead.

Then, two massive arms appeared from the void.

These arms were bigger than any chaos mountains.

Both arms were embroiled in death qi, tens of thousands of kinds of death qi.

Each kind of death qi contained supreme chaos law of death and could easily bombard a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert to death.

The two giant arms slammed down on the Netherking Flying Ship.

Even before the two palms arrived, airblasts boomed around the Netherking Flying Ship, reducing the Netherking Flying Ship to a withered leaf in a hurricane that would get crushed at any time.

Huang Xiaolongs expression became solemn.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming, whom Huang Xiaolong dreaded the most of all, had finally made his move! It was just the initial attack, yet it contained an overwhelming momentum that shook the universe!

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