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As Shi Mings palms struck onto the Netherking Flying Ship, four thunderous roars rumbled across the sky as the four odd beasts flew out from the Netherking King Flying Ship.

The instant the four exited the flying ship, they reverted to their true bodies of several thousand zhang tall, displaying their raw, overwhelming power.

“Four Sides Darkness Palms!”

The four odd beasts hollered, and darkness element godforce surged out frantically.

In a quick arrangement, the four formed a four-sided chaos grand formation and attacked at the same time.

Eight palms struck out in unison, colliding with Shi Mings massive palms.

Reverted to their actual bodies, each of the four odd beasts strength rivaled a Sovereign Realm expert.

Now, the power of their synchronized attack was further amplified by the formation, and it was more than enough to send the average Sovereign Realm expert flying back upon impact.

Boundless darkness energy soared to the sky.

Shi Mings giant palms continued falling onto the Netherking Flying Ship and finally collided with the four odd beasts attack.


Heaven and earth seemingly exploded from this collision.

The entire Eternal Devil City quaked violently, triggering the many formation arrays inside the city to light up as it swayed unsteadily.

Mighty destructive power swept out like an angry hurricane, ramming onto the Eternal Devil Citys northern walls, and brutally shattered the protective formations on them.

Big cracks opened across the city walls and continued to expand.

The Eternal Devil Citys walls that had been standing tall and strong for countless years, keeping out many a devil beasts armies attacks, crumbled rapidly at this moment.

Unprecedented fear could be seen in the eyes of experts inside the Eternal Devil City at this sight.

Even the Sovereign Realm Chiyou Archdevils previous attack had not caused a hundredth of the damage done by Shi Mings attack, maybe even less!

The four odd beasts were smashed out of their Four Sides Chaos Formation, crashing heavily to the ground as if a torrent of enormous chaos mountains had attacked them.


Dust clouds rose in four corners of the city.

Huang Xiaolong paled at this sight.

Unexpectedly for Huang Xiaolong, the four odd beasts full force attack had not only failed to push back Shi Ming, but they had suffered injuries instead.

Is this Shi Mings strength! Hells strongest person indeed! So terrifying!

No wonder, Shi Ming had dared to lead the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to attack the Divine World more than a billion years ago.

Probably only his Master, the King of Grandmist, could parry Shi Mings attack considering his terrifying power.

After Shi Mings two massive palms slapped away the four odd beasts, it halted for the briefest moment in midair before it continued falling towards the Netherking Flying Ship.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong sensed death pulling him in.

The scent of death was so strong that Huang Xiaolong could taste it on the tip of his tongue.

In the decisive moment between life and death, Huang Xiaolong roared, gathering his courage and simultaneously pushed the three Black Dragon Clans treasures.

Thousands and thousands of black dragons souls roiled forward like a tsunami.

The Yellow Springs Magic Robe flew out simultaneously as the Netherworld Kings Jade, Devil Gourd, four chaos lightning pools, the heart of hell, and Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shells power was pushed to the limit by Huang Xiaolong.

The Yellow Springs Magic Robes ax-wielding devil flew out and chopped out with his ax.

Abundant chaos power spewed out from the four chaos lightning pools.

The heart of hell immediately connected to the source of Hells purest energy, tearing through the void, channeling endless Hells energy into Huang Xiaolongs body.

The Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Hell emitted resplendent silver rays that formed a powerful barrier protecting Huang Xiaolongs soul.

Meanwhile, Gao Changran and Wang Fanning had taken over the task of driving the Netherking Flying Ship in horror.

Layer after layer of protective barriers appeared over the Netherking Flying Ship while its attack formations consecutively landed attacks on Shi Mings palms.


However, Shi Mings palms easily crushed the waves of black dragon souls, even the Yellow Springs Magic Robes ax-wielding giant devil scattered under the force of Shi Mings palms.

Turbulent chaos power blasted in the air, pulverizing everything in between.

Shi Mings massive palms continued to fall onto the Netherking Flying Ship as there was nothing that could stop them.

The instant Shi Mings palms landed on the Netherking Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads, three archdevils bloodline power, True Dragon Physique, and Ascending Devil Physique exploded in power, giving everything they have got.


Thunderous rumbles jarred his eardrums as a terrifying force easily broke through the layers of Netherking Flying Ships protective barriers, and accurately struck Huang Xiaolong.

The entire Netherking Flying Ship resembled a fly that was swatted away, shooting off horizontally and crashing straight into a corner of the Eternal Devil City.

Streets ruptured and buildings crumbled from the impact.

The Black Dragon Divine Armor that rivaled a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact on Huang Xiaolong lost its luster immediately.

Cracks covered its dull surface while Huang Xiaolong was smashed into the Netherking Flying Ships bottom deck, coughing up blood uncontrollably.

The world quieted for a moment, yet it also felt as if everything had become clearer.

Huang Xiaolong felt like his entire body was tearing apart.

Blood seeped out from his torn flesh like water leaking out from a cracked urn.

Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads were barely moving.

The three shadows from his archdevils bloodline power were so feeble that a gust of breeze could disperse them.

Only the heart of hell was beating, albeit weakly.

Huang Xiaolong struggled to get up on his feet.

Looking around, he saw Gao Changran and Wang Fanning lying in the distance, covered in blood.

Each of their pulses was almost nonexistent.

Huang Xiaolong broke out in cold sweat.

If the four odd beasts joint attack hadnt dispersed some of Shi Mings attack force, it would have killed him!

Shi Ming was not merely a Second Order or Third Order Sovereign Realm.

He had most likely advanced to mid-level Sovereign Realm.

Right at this time, Shi Ming raised his palms once more, slapping down onto the Netherking Flying Ship again.

Looking at Shi Mings palms looming over him, Huang Xiaolongs pale face ashened further.

The four odd beasts had slightly weakened Shi Mings first attack, but what about now

As he watched Shi Mings palms grow bigger in his eyes, Huang Xiaolong thought of recalling the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall for one desperate move.

But suddenly, two figures appeared in his sight from a giant hole going through the flying ships deck.

High in the air, these two figures exuded an awe-inspiring aura.

Neither of them was weaker than Chiyou, no, both of them were stronger than Chiyou!

Devilish flames from their bodies soared, forming rows of formidable ancient giant devils.

Their curt bellows sounded in unison as their palms pushed forward, meeting Shi Mings attack.


Shi Ming was actually thrown backward in the air under the two peoples combined attack.

Even so, both of them staggered back unsteadily for more than a dozen li from the collision.

Still, they blocked Shi Mings attack!

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied.

He had never thought that there would be any Devil Races expert willing to help him...

“En!” Shi Mings surprised voice sounded from above.

“Xing Tian, Wang Teng, you two actually hinder me!”

Thats right, the two people who had helped Huang Xiaolong by blocking the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Mings attack were Xing Tian and Wang Teng.

These two people were Xing Tian, one of the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, and the other was wand Teng, the captain of Devil Worlds most powerful Heavenless Devil Legion.

Both were venerated existences in the Devil World, and Shi Ming had dared to attack unscrupulous in their presence.

In this split second, countless figures arrived with the sounds of whistling winds.

These people were members of the Heavenly Punishment Sect as well as the Heavenless Devil Legions soldiers.

“Shi Ming, this is the Devil World, not the Spirits World.

The Eternal Devil City is not a place you can run wild.” Heavenless Devil Legions Captain Wang Teng reprimanded coldly.

“Lord Netherking, please leave ahead.” Heavenly Punishment Archdevil sent Huang Xiaolong a voice transmission.

Huang Xiaolong was never someone who was indecisive or dallied around.

Hearing Xing Tians voice transmission, he immediately controlled the Netherking Flying Ship and sped away.

“Want to run!” Shi Mings frosty voice sounded.

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