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Just as Huang Xiaolong sped away on the Netherking Flying Ship, Shi Mings massive palm flipped with a turn of his wrist, slapping onto the Netherking Flying Ship for the third time.

This time, dense death qi roiled frenziedly, covering over a hundred million li radius.

“Huang Xiaolong, I want to kill you, and you can only die!”

“Even Xing Tian and Wang Teng cannot save you!”

Shi Mings figure completely blocked the entire Eternal Devil Citys airspace; hence his words reverberated throughout the whole city, loud and clear in every experts eyes.

Huang Xiaolong was the Lord of Hell and the King of Grandmists personal disciple.

His reputation had spread far and wide due to the battle above the Nethersea where several hundred Emperor Realm Ancestors had fallen.

Moreover, the destruction of Divine Worlds Fiend God Emperor Palace, which had stood for millions of years, had pushed Huang Xiaolongs name to another level.

To many experts, Huang Xiaolong was enshrouded in a halo of invincibility.

Yet, at this moment, Shi Ming had unscrupulously declared before millions of Devil Races experts that he wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong.

To top it off, he had mentioned that Heavenly Punishment Archdevil and Wang Teng couldnt save him.

This was the domineering quality of a hegemon!


Hearing that, Xing Tian admonished, “Shi Ming, enough of your absurdity here!”

“Heavenless Demonic Formation!

Following Xing Tians loud bellow, the Heavenly Punishment Sects group of Ancestors flew into positions, grouping into a giant devil.

This closely resembled the Heavenless Archdevil Lords figure.

In a single leap, Xing Tian entered his position, which was the heart of the formation.

The Heavenless Demonic Formation came to life in an instant.

Wang Teng shouted a command at the same time, “Into formation!”

The Heavenless Devil Legions numerous soldiers formed circles with Wang Teng as the center, arranging themselves into a powerful formation in the blink of an eye.


Xing Tian and Wang Teng cooperated seamlessly, and their voices echoed in unison.

As they attacked, boundless devil qi soared to the heavens.

The airspace above the Eternal Devil City was taken over by rumbling devil clouds, roiling in anger.

“You are overestimating yourselves!” Shi Ming derided as his palm continued chasing after the Netherking Flying Ship.


As Xing Tian and Wang Tengs counter-attacked collided with Shi Mings palm, it sent another violent quake through the Eternal Devil City.

Xing Tian and Wang Teng were hurled back more than ten li in the collision, whereas Shi Ming was also thrown far back.

With the support of the Heavenly Punishment Sects Ancestors as well as the Heavenless Devil Legion, Xing Tian and Wang Tengs attacks were much more powerful this time.

However, their attacks were still weaker compared to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming.

At the same time, the Netherking Flying Ship rolled and tumbled tens of thousands of li away by the destructive shockwaves of their collision.

“Lord Netherking, please leave immediately!” Wang Teng hollered at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong wasted no time in driving the Netherking Flying Ship towards the city gates.

At the same time, he recalled the City of Eternity, Heavenly Hall, Devil Gourd, and other treasures.

In the meantime, the four odd beasts had already extracted themselves from the pits and caught up to Huang Xiaolong.

Although Shi Mings strength was terrifying, his attack wasnt enough to kill the four odd beasts, apart from causing them some deep wounds.

The Netherking Flying Ship soon reached the Eternal Devil Citys north city gates.

But Shi Ming, who was hurled away, targeted Huang Xiaolong once again.

“Huang Xiaolong, todays the day you die.

Dont even think of running!” Shi Mings majestic voice thundered between heaven and earth.

“Activate the entire citys grand formation!” Wang Teng shouted an order at this point.

Just as Wang Tengs voice fell, devilish light pillars rose from various corners of the Eternal Devil City and merged at the center in the sky, forming circles of large scale formation arrays.

Simultaneously, Wang Teng and Xing Tian combined their attacks, slapping out four great palm imprints.

“Open!” Both men bellowed.

As part of the Heavenless Archdevil Lords left and right-hand men, Xing Tian and Wang Teng had fought many battles side by side; hence, tacit coordinates came naturally for them.

Under their attacks, they successfully parried Shi Mings third attack once again.

Huang Xiaolong also ordered the four odd beasts to act and disperse the destructive shockwaves chasing the Netherking Flying Ships tail as the flying ship sped ahead.

In the blink of an eye, they were already more than a million li away.

Chiyou, Feng Chu, and the Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie arrived at this time, yelling angrily as they tried to catch up to Huang Xiaolong.

So were the Massacring Gods Gates Old Ancestor Chu Han and Violent Lightning Archdevil.

However, destructive shockwaves swept towards them, hindering Chiyou, Feng Chu, and the others from pursuing Huang Xiaolong.

Chiyou turned around in a fury and saw it was Xing Tian who had hindered them deliberately.

“Xing Tian, Huang Xiaolong is the Lord of Hell! His side and our side are eternal enemies, yet youre helping him! Are you going to sin against the entire Devil World!” Chiyou roared at Xing Tian as he pointed his index finger at Xing Tian.

He was surprised that at the last moment, Xing Tian had rescued Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, Wang Teng included.

But Chiyou dared not admonish Wang Teng, who was the Heavenless Devil Legion\'s captain.

Xing Tian sneered, “Chiyou, you colluded with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming and others from Hell.

You have violated the rule set by the Heavenless Archdevil Lord by attacking within the scope of Eternal Devil City.

You are the real traitor to the Devil World!”

“How are you and Violent Lightning going to explain your actions to Heavenless Archdevil Lord!” Xing Tian questioned sharply.

Chiyou snorted to avoid answering Xing Tians questions, while Violent Lightning Archdevil looked awkward.

Chiyou dared to rebuke Xing Tian, but he did not.

After the Heavenless Archdevil Lord had gone missing, due to several reasons, Xing Tian and Chiyou had been at odds.

Although their relationship had not risen to the level of a blood feud, there were many conflicts.

Chiyou left without another word and continued to pursue Huang Xiaolong.

Because of this moment of delay, the Netherking Flying Ship had already entered the Mara Plains, and it had disappeared into the layers of confusing miasma.

Chiyou rushed into the Mara Plains but could no longer find the whereabouts of the Netherking Flying Ship.

“Damn!” Chiyou hatefully gritted his teeth.

Shi Ming, Chu Han, Feng Chu, Chen Xie, and the rest had already sneaked away, most probably going after Huang Xiaolong as well.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong had entered the Mara Plains, Xing Tian and Wang Teng had no thoughts of blocking Chiyou and the others.

As long as Huang Xiaolong had stepped into the Mara Plains, he was more or less safe.

With the miasma hindering the others search, even Shi Ming would have difficulty locating Huang Xiaolong.

“Xing Tian, thank you.” Wang Teng said to Xing Tian.

Due to Wang Teng\'s persuasion, Xing Tian was willing to lend a hand to save Huang Xiaolong.

Xing Tian hurriedly replied, Lord Legion Captain is too polite.

I merely did my duty.

Moreover, if Huang Xiaolong really becomes our Devil World\'s new Archdevil Lord, it might not be a bad thing.

If Huang Xiaolong could conquer both Hell and the Devil World, then the long-standing feud between them could be wiped clean; this was a good thing for both sides.

Wang Teng sighed and said, Unfortunately, Chiyou and Violent Lightning do not have your farsight.

Luckily, Stone Ape knows when to withdraw.

In Wang Teng\'s opinion, since Huang Xiaolong had ascended to the top of the Devil Towers ninth floor, there was a high chance that Huang Xiaolong would be the new Archdevil Lord unless there were an accident.

This was why he was willing to save Huang Xiaolong despite the situation, considered it as showing his loyalty in advance.

Of course, another reason he took action this time was Shi Ming, Chu Han, and Feng Chu disregarding the Eternal Devil Citys rules, fighting within the citys territory.

Shi Ming and Chu Hans actions were provocations to him, provoking the Heavenless Devil Legion.

A while later, Xing Tian and the Heavenly Punishment Sects Ancestors left, returning to the sect to make the necessary preparations before entering the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Although the two devil steles were likely to fall into Huang Xiaolongs hand, Xing Tian wanted to compete for a chance.

As for the devil beasts army attacking the Eternal Devil City, it was not an issue at all with the Heavenless Devil Legion stationed here.

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