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Along with the True Dragon Formations complete activation, the majestic roar of a dragon originating from the Desolate Era reverberated through the skies.

Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong were shocked when they saw endless dragon essence energy pouring out from the True Dragon Mountain caves.

True Dragon Mountain seemed to have come to life, and the aura of a Sovereign Realm True Dragon enveloped the area.

“This… this…” Lan Chong sucked in a cold breath, and he stuttered.

They didnt dare to believe that a True Dragon whose body had fossilized into a stone mountain could come back to life.

Even Shi Ming didnt dare to believe his eyes for a second.

“With the Dragon Essence Stone as the foundation, they have awakened the already destroyed soul! With the energy from the dragon bloodline, they have formed a supreme formation!”

Supreme formation!

There werent many formations that could be seen as a supreme formation in Shi Mings eyes.

As for the True Dragon Formation before them, it counted as one of them.

In the past, when Huang Xiaolong had attacked the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Feng Chu had activated the Grand Fiend God Formation.

It had awakened the will of their founding ancestor, the Fiend God.

The Fiend God was also an incomparably strong existence in the Sovereign Realm.

However, that was just a trace of his will.

His true body had not descended, but the True Dragon Formation before them was different.

The body of the True Dragon was lying right before their eyes, and its dragon bloodline was fully intact.

The energy contained in the dragon was completely preserved, and the will of the True Dragon corpse lying before them was several times stronger than the will contained in the Grand Fiend God Formation.

The True Dragon Formation before them wasnt something that could be compared to the Fiend God Formation.

It was like comparing a firefly to the moon.

Before anyone could react, the boundless might originating from the True Dragon emerged along with rays of resplendent light.

They lit up the Dragon Bear Valley, and all darkness was eradicated.

As massive stones tumbled around the mountain, the dragons prestige would increase every time they completed a single round.

The figure of a True Dragon eventually appeared before their eyes.

As it opened its eyes, the heavens and earth shook.

Even the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor and the others who hadnt made their way into the valley felt the world shaking before them.

“Whats going on!” The Black Killer Sect Chief, Cui Huajie, yelled in shock.

“What a strong dragons might! It has to be a True Dragon in the Sovereign Realm!” Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestors face changed.

A True Dragon at the Sovereign Realm!

Cui Huajie, Chen Xie, and the others sucked in a cold breath.

A True Dragon in the Sovereign Realm was a terrifying existence.

“Could it be that the cultivation grounds of the Sovereign Realm True Dragon are below this cliff!” Chen Xie, the old ancestor of the Hundred Transformation Sect, asked in shock.

The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor shook his head.

“I dont think so.”

“Do you think Lord Chiyou and the others can follow through with their plan and take Huang Xiaolong down” Cui Huajie asked.

The Fiend God Emperor, Feng Chu, growled, “With the power of the Lords combined, so what if there is a True Dragon at the Sovereign Realm Theyll kill it anyway.

No one will be able to protect Huang Xiaolong!”

Everyone nodded their head when they heard Feng Chusknowledgeable analysis.

Even though a True Dragon at the Sovereign Realm was a terrifying existence, there was no way it could be Shi Mings opponent.

By the time they were done discussing the matter, massive explosions came from under the cliff.

Horrifying waves of energy nearly flipped the world around them.

“Did the fight already start!” Everyone couldnt help but feel a little shocked.

They were right.

The battle had already begun.

However, it was more accurate to call it a bombardment as Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong joined hands to attack the True Dragon Formation.

With their strength, they could destroy a divine plane with a single palm.

However, when their combined attacks fell on the body of the dragon before them, nothing seemed to happen.

Before them, the dragon looked like a True Dragon that had returned to life, and its roars shook the heavens.

The scales on its body fanned out, and they formed a sort of golden armor on the body of the majestic beast.

Every single scale seemed to form a chaos golden wall.

As the dragon opened its claws, talons shot out, and it swiped towards the three of them.

In a flash, the three of them fell to a disadvantage.

When Shi Ming saw the True Dragon Formations true power, a serious look appeared on his face.

He had never expected it to be so strong.

When he saw that the three of them were no longer able to hold on, Shi Ming soared through the sky and appeared in the space above True Dragon Mountain.

He viciously slapped downwards.

His palms were like massive pillars that could support the heavens weight as they brought with them the power to exterminate the world as he slapped downwards.

As soon as his palms landed, the once terrifying True Dragon seemed to turn much weaker than before.

Feeling the threat coming from Shi Ming, the dragon roared, and dragon essence shot out from its body.

When Cang Yuanzong saw Shi Mings palms landing on the True Dragon Formation, his expression changed.

Light surrounded his body, and he instantly transformed into the true form of a Dragon Bear.

He raised his arms comparable to massive mountains and poured his Sovereigns energy into the True Dragon Formation.

With the help of Cang Yuanzongs energy that contained the laws of primal chaos, the figure of the True Dragon in mid-air seemed to swell to twice its size.

It raised its claws to welcome Shi Mings attack.


As though countless explosions happened at the same time, the heavens and earth trembled.

Dragon Bear Valley started to show signs of crumbling as massive cracks formed along the ground.

All the ancestors revealed a gloomy expression.

Every inch of the land had been tempered by the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race for countless years using supreme spirit soil.

After several billions of years of care, every inch of land had become exceptionally hard and sturdy.

Even experts at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm would find it impossible to dig a tiny hole in the ground.

However, the hardened soil looked like brittle wooden planks that shattered with the slightest touch!

Even the various experts who had not entered the valley retreated in fright.


Shi Ming revealed a cry of surprise.

He had thought that he could shatter the formation the moment he made a move.

Even if he had failed to do so, he felt that he had caused the True Dragon Formations foundations to weaken.

He had never thought that it could withstand a blow from him.

A cold harrumph left his lips.

“It seems like theres a Sovereign Realm expert holding the fort.

Who are you Are you the current Patriarch of the Dragon Bear Race, Cang Yuanzong”

Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong were shocked.

Cang Yuanzong! Cang Yuanzong managed to break into the Sovereign Realm !

Despite Shi Mings questioning, Cang Yuanzong remained silent.

“Cang Yuanzong, even if you push yourself to the limit, you wont be able to hold the True Dragon Formation for long.

You should hand over Huang Xiaolong before its too late.

As soon as I break your True Dragon Formation, you will no longer be able to bargain with me.” A sneer appeared on Shi Mings face.

“Why are you facing the risk of extermination to protect a mere Huang Xiaolong What benefits can he bring you”

Despite Shi Mings repeated threats, Cang Yuanzong refused to reply.

Seeing as he wasnt receiving a reply, a cold light appeared in Shi Mings eyes.

“Since youre not willing to take the easy way out, Ill smash your True Dragon Formation and exterminate your Dragon Bear Race today!”

“Nine Yin Light!”

Shi Ming howled, and he raised his arms towards the sky.

Along with his actions, space started to shatter.

A ray of black light that was blacker than black, more sinister than sinister, broke through the void and shot downwards.

The pillar of darkness seemed to gather all the darkness and evil in the world.

The moment it appeared, Dragon Bear Valley seemed to have frozen over.

Black ice formed all over the lands, and it emitted a type of mysterious light.

At the same time, it felt as though it contained the might to freeze everything over.

Seeing the descending Nine Yin Light, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chongs expressions changed.

They beat a hasty retreat in case they were to get dragged into the battle and affected by the Nine Yin Light.

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