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As soon as the words left Shi Mings lips, he didnt wait for the others to reply before charging straight down.

In a flash, Shi Mings figure disappeared under the lake.

Chiyou sighed, and he charged towards the bottom of the lake behind Shi Ming.

Chu Han and Lan Chong didnt stray too far behind as they followed after Chiyou.

Even though they could feel the shocking level of frigid qi around them, it couldnt stop them.

The enticement of the Myriad Curses Devil Stele was too great.

It was possible that the Myriad Curses Devil Stele was right below them!

As Shi Ming moved steadily towards the bottom of the lake, the frigid qi around him turned stronger and stronger.

A pillar of light swirled around Shi Mings body, defending him from the freezing frigid qi.

It was obvious that the pillar of light was the Nine Yin Light.

Compared to the pillar of Nine Yin Light he had summoned back at the Dragon Bear Valley, it was several times smaller.

The light he created was only the size of an arm.

When the frigid qi approached Shi Ming, it was all frozen in place by the light.

Even though the frigid qi in the icy lake was shocking, it still lacked the source of all evil and coldness in all the lands.

When Chiyou entered the icy lake, devil qi and massive strands of light circled his body to block the frigid qi.

Two wings appeared behind Chu Han, and every time they waved, they swept away all the frigid qi around him.

A Blue Lion Divine Armor appeared around Lan Chongs body, and there was a fire attributed divine pearl located on the center of his chest.

It emitted a faint fiery glow, and all the frigid qi that approached him melted.

The Blue Lion Divine Armor was the inheritance treasure of his empire.

Even though it wasnt a grandmist artifact, it was at the level of a peak-grade grandmist divine armor.

It was also of the fire attribute, and it was created by the founding emperors of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire using a hundred million years of work.

The pearl located at the chest area of the armor was even more impressive.

Despite their strength, they couldnt help but feel shocked when they arrived at the bottom of the lake.

When they arrived at the lakes bottom and tried to start their search for Huang Xiaolong, Lan Chongs transmission symbol shook.

He couldnt help but feel curious and retrieve it to take a look.

As soon as he saw the message, his expression changed.

“What! The Glaze Devil Stele has appeared! Its in the Heaven Devouring Empire!”

His wife, Shen Jiao, was the one who had sent him the message.

She had even mentioned that someone had managed to obtain it, but many people were currently hunting him down.

That person had escaped into the Heaven Devouring Empire!

The Glaze Devil Stele!

Lan Chong didnt hesitate as he charged out of the icy lake.

Even though they knew that there was a chance for Huang Xiaolong to be in the Cursed Forest, that was merely a guess.

There was even a chance for Huang Xiaolong to have left the Cursed Forest after obtaining the Myriad Curses Devil Stele.

Since he had a confirmation that the Glaze Devil Stele was located at the Heaven Devouring Empire, there was no longer a need for him to hunt Huang Xiaolong down.

He didnt inform anyone that he was backing out.

As soon as he charged out of the lake, he gathered everyone under him and shot towards the Heaven Devouring Empire.

When the other three noticed that Lan Chong had left, they didnt think too much about it.

They continued their search for Huang Xiaolong as they slowly moved forward.

However, they received the news about the Glaze Devil Steles appearance a few minutes after Lan Chongs departure.

“God d*mn it!”

“Lan Chong, you b*stard!”

When Chiyou saw the message he received, he howled in fury.

How could he not understand the meaning behind Lan Chongs hasty departure a few minutes ago

He no longer cared about looking for Huang Xiaolong in the icy lake.

As soon as he emerged from the surface of the lake, he gathered the members of his sect, the Hundred Transformation Sect, and the Black Killer Sect to kill their way into the Heaven Devouring Empire.

“Brother Shi Ming, do you think we should…” Chu Han turned to look at Shi Ming.

After looking all around, a light flashed through Shi Mings eyes.

“Were going to the Heaven Devouring Empire!”

Chu Han felt his heart relax when he heard that there would be a change in plans.

They left the lake and gathered all the power under them before heading for the Heaven Devouring Emperor Sect.

When Shi Ming, Chu Han, and the others were leaving for the Heaven Devouring Empire, Huang Xiaolong gave it his all to subdue the icy creatures.

With the combination of the Heart Devil Curse and the grandmist worms, Huang Xiaolong had managed to control over seventy icy creatures in the space of a month.

Over thirty of them were at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm, and the others were in the Ninth Order.

An hour after Shi Ming and the others had left, Huang Xiaolong received a report from one of the Netherworld Kings Organization\'s subordinates.

“The Glaze Devil Stele has appeared!”

“Heaven Devouring Empire!”

Huang Xiaolongs reaction was the same as Lan Chong and the others.

He was surprised and happy at the same time.

“Go! To the Heaven Devouring Empire!” Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate as he brought everyone out of the icy lake.

They left the Cursed Forest and headed straight for the Heaven Devouring Empire.

Even though he could have increased the number of forces he had under his command, Huang Xiaolong knew that the Glaze Devil Stele was more critical.

He was already at the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and if he refined the Glaze Devil Stele, he could step into the Emperor Realm!

That was the Emperor Realm they were talking about!

To Huang Xiaolong, the Emperor Realm was something he had always been thinking about.

As soon as he would break into the Emperor Realm, his Heart of Hell would fuse with the three worlds of Hell.

Even Shi Ming wouldnt be able to destroy his Heart of Hell when that happened.

As long as the Heart of Hell wasnt destroyed, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt die.

Even though the Heaven Devouring Empire wasnt located too far away from the Cursed Forest, it wasnt very near either.

With the Tu**a Flying Ships speed, they managed to arrive at their destination after ten days of rushing at full speed.

Along the way, the news of the Glaze Devil Stele constantly flooded all of them.

For example, news of the Two-headed Devil Dragon Great Emperor, and the Silver Fox Emperor arriving in the Heavenly Devouring Empire, experts from the Devil World making their appearance, and even the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestors appearance.

Experts like the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor and other experts slowly made their way towards the Heaven Devouring Empire.

In the past, all the experts from the thirty-six cities had gathered in Eternal Devil City.

Right now, all of them, including all the experts from the nine great empires from the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, were gathered at the Heaven Devouring Empire.

In an instant, the Heaven Devouring Empire experienced a storm like no other.

When Huang Xiaolongs party arrived, Huang Xiaolong brought them to the Thousand Constellation Country located in the Heaven Devouring Empire.

More than a hundred thousand countries were located in the Heaven Devouring Empire, and the Thousand Constellation Country was one of the strongest ones.

Previously, the person who was hunted down for the Glaze Devil Stele had tried to hide in the Thousand Constellation Country.

“Your Majesty, I heard that Tan Zhihui has already left Thousand Constellation Country.

Why are we here” The sect leader of the Yin Crow Sect asked.

Tan Zhihui was precisely the person who had managed to grab the Glaze Devil Stele after it had appeared.

When Huang Xiaolong had saved the four experts from the Yin Crow Sect, they were severely injured.

However, they had experienced a full recovery after two years of recuperation.

Gao Changran, Lu Xiaoqing, and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong.

They had no idea what he wanted to do.

A smile appeared on Huang Xiaolongs lips.

“Right now, the entire Heaven Devouring Empire has been sealed.

Even if hes strong, there is no way for him to leave.

In the end, he will definitely return to the Thousand Constellation Country.”

A light flashed in their eyes as they realized Huang Xiaolongs intention.

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