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Chapter 1899: Pull Them Out

“What do you think about this” The Heaven Devouring Emperor asked Jiang Chuchen instead.

Jiang Chuchen contemplated for a moment before replying, “I heard that Princess Zhao Rou from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire has also entered the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

If we were to activate the restrictions on the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range, we would not only offend the other youngsters but, more importantly, we might even offend Princess Zhao Rou.”

Even though Jiang Chuchen didnt state it out, his words underlying meaning was undoubtedly obvious.

Even though this was an excellent opportunity to let the Violet Python Great Emperor, Huo Xuan, owe them a favor, it wasnt worth it to offend Princess Zhao Rou and all the other disciples that had entered the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

The Heaven Devouring Emperor nodded and smiled, “Thats exactly my thoughts as well.”

In fact, the considerations had long since run through his mind.

Even though Huo Xuan\'s favor may have been precious to others, it was nothing much for him.

It would be unwise of him to offend Zhao Rou and the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire over this.

Moreover, the origin of that mysterious young man was definitely not simple.

After all, how could a person who owns three ice dragons be a simple guy

Even Chen Qin wasnt able to stop the young man.

“Ask someone to reply to Huo Xuan.

Tell him that I can activate the formation if he owes me a favor in addition to lending me the Violet Python Seal for a hundred million years.”

The Violet Python Seal was the treasure of the Violet Python Empire.

There wasnt a need to mention a hundred million years of lending it to someone.

They wouldnt be willing to lend it out at all! That was also why the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor wanted to use it as a counter-offer to refuse Huo Xuans request.

Sure enough, after returning the Heaven Devouring Great Emperors reply, Huo Xuans face immediately sank.

“Wu Shaowu, dont push your luck too far!” Huo Xuan crushed the jade talisman to pieces, and a cold light flickered in his eyes.

All the ancestors of the Violet Python Empire were startled.

Even though they didnt know the contents of the summoning signal, they could tell from Huo Xuans reaction that Heaven Devouring Great Emperor had probably refused their request.

They had never expected the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor to refuse their request, but the unexpected had happened.

“Your Majesty, what did the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor say” Huo Xianghui hesitated for a moment before asking.

Huo Xuan said coldly, “That greedy Wu Shaowu! Not only does he want me to owe him a favor, he even wants us to lend him the Violet Python Seal for one hundred million years!”

“What! He wants to borrow the Violet Python Seal for a hundred million years!” Mo Bu yelled in anger.

“Wu Shaowu, do you really think that I cant capture that brat without your help I dont believe that he will be able to run away from the Kingdom of Devil Beasts!” Huo Xuans eyes were shrouded in a cold light as he growled.

“Set out for the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range now!”

Before long, the various experts situated in the Violet Python Empire saw the rarely used Violet Python Flying Ship appear in the air above them before charging towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.

The Violet Python Flying Ship was a high-grade grandmist artifact.

It was rarely used, but when they saw it flying straight towards the Heaven Devouring Country with unyielding murderous intent, they couldnt help but clamor.

“The Violet Python Great Emperor is making a move personally! He led the ancestors of the Violet Python Empire towards the Heaven Devouring Empire! It seems like he wont rest until he kills that kid…”

“What type of background does that youngster actually have He dares to kill Prince Huo Liucheng of the Violet Python Empire! He even killed fifteen Emperor Realm experts!”

“Ive heard that he has three ice dragons! One of them is at the late-Ninth Order Emperor Realm, and another is at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

There is also one at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm! Only experts from the Dragon Race would be able to subdue divine beasts with the Heavenly Dragon bloodline...The youngster might be the personal disciple of the ruler of the Dragon World!”

Everyone started guessing Huang Xiaolongs identity.

There were all sorts of speculations.

Some even said that Huang Xiaolong was the reincarnation of the Ice Dragon Race patriarch and that the patriarch of the ice dragon hadnt actually died at the hands of the Heavenless Archdevil Lord!

Huang Xiaolong was utterly unaware that Huo Xuan and the experts of the Violet Python Empire were rushing towards the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range.


Two days later, Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqing arrived at the Thousand Constellation Mountain Ranges deepest part.

They saw that the soil of the deepest part of the mountain range was golden in color!

Every particle was like golden sand, and it emitted blinding golden light.

It was the result of the horrifying accumulation of earth-essence in the ground.

The energy of the earth-essence was extremely beneficial to an Emperor who had cultivated earth-related arts.

If one could cultivate in the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range for a long time, their cultivation speed would definitely double!

Huang Xiaolong circulated his Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and his Myriad Dragon Supreme Godhead swallowed a large amount of earth-essence energy from the golden soil.

Huang Xiaolong exhaled, and strands of golden lights emerged from his nostrils.

“No wonder this place can give birth to the Blood Jasper Ginseng and Dragon King Ginseng...” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

He had just merely absorbed some of the earth-essence energy and could feel that the effects were no worse than swallowing a top-grade grandmist spiritual pill.

Lu Xiaoqing laughed, “Your Majesty can just buy the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range from the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and use it to cultivate!”

She knew that the one thing Huang Xiaolong didnt lack was money.

Huang Xiaolong was startled and laughed, “Thats a pretty good idea.”

If he could offer enough spirit stones, it might not be impossible to get the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor to sell the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range to him.

“Lets go search for ginseng.” Huang Xiaolong threw the useless thoughts to the back of his mind, and he charged deeper into the mountain range.

“However, the Blood Jasper Ginseng and Dragon King Ginseng are all hiding in the depths of the earth and rarely come out.

Even if we find them, it will be extremely difficult to break through the ground to grab them!” Lu Xiaoqing frowned.

Due to the energy of the earth-essence around here, the ground was firm.

Thus, even an ordinary Second-Order Emperor would find it extremely difficult to shatter the earth.

It was difficult for anyone to capture the precious ginseng unless they appeared above the ground.

It was too bad that the top-grade ginseng only emerged once every thousand years.

“If its too difficult to find and capture them underground, we just have to find a way to pull them out!” Huang Xiaolong smiled mysteriously at Lu Xiaoqing.

“Pull them out!” Lu Xiaoqing was startled.

“Is Your Majesty planning to bait them out with spiritual herbs”

Even though top-grade grandmist spiritual herbs held a certain level of attraction to the Blood Jasper Ginseng and Dragon King Ginseng, it was still quite a stretch to lure them out.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled, “You will find out later.” After speaking, he raised his eyes and looked far away.

He left for another mountain peak.

Lu Xiaoqing followed Huang Xiaolong with a suspicious look in her eyes.

Lightning flashed between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows, and chaos lightning qi washed over the lands like an unstoppable flood.

The chaotic lightning qi instantly penetrated the earth as it wreaked havoc underground.

Within a radius of ten million miles, lightning erupted everywhere.

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