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While the Three Skull Ancestors were making wild guesses in their minds, the tremors under their feet became more prominent.

Earlier, only the ground a hundred li radius from the pit had quaked, but three days later, the tremors had extended out to ten thousand li radius!

One month later, the tremors had become stronger and extended over ten million li radius.

Three months later, it was a hundred million li!

With Huang Xiaolong as the center of ten million li radius, everything was swaying.

This piece of land was already hazy due to the sand in the air.

The Three Skull Ancestors closest to Huang Xiaolong were swaying despite standing still.

At last, they had no choice but to stand in the air.

All three couldnt hide the astonishment in their hearts.

“...This, has His Majesty broken through to the Emperor Realm” Liu Zifan of the Three Skull Ancestors asked dully.

“But, at our time when we broke through to Emperor Realm, the movements didnt seem to be so big” Liu Zisens eyes were wide with shock.

As early as two years ago, the ancient netherspirits had stopped launching assaults on Huang Xiaolongs group.

Hence the Three Skull Ancestors and the others had meditated on the ground.

Soon, fissures split the land, leaving deep cracks as far as the eye could see.

At first, it was only half a meter to a meter deep, but in a few breaths, it had become ten meters, several tens of meters, a hundred meters, even beyond a thousand meters!

Cracks and fissures continued to expand, and chaos qi flowed out from deep underground.

This chaos qi varied in elements, from innate chaos lightning qi, the force of ancient dragons, the luminance of golden Buddha, the power of myriad devils, and Hells nether darkness.

There were also brilliant rays of light seeping out from these openings across the ground.

Fissures grew into an abyss, and they kept expanding as the brilliant lights became stronger as if a ten thousand zhang sun wanted to break out from underground.

Amidst all this, a slow but strong vibration sounded from the deep earth.

This vibration sounded like the howl of a death god, like the long rumble of thunder from ancient times, like the cries of Hells myriad tribes and races.

Though the vibration wasnt loud, it boomed clear in the Three Skull Ancestors ears.

The pulses of the vibration reached deep into ones soul and imprinted on ones heart.

It befuddled ones mind, enhancing the terror and fear within a person.

“What noise is this!” The Three Skull Ancestors were on the edge of panic.

Fear rose from the depths of their souls, a fear that was hard to suppress.

All along, the vibration issued nothing more than a low humming noise, yet it gave them a strong pressure and great unease.

“This is the heart of hell awakening!” The odd beast with a long dragon tail suddenly spoke.

The four odd beasts rarely spoke, almost never.

The Three Skull Ancestors were flabbergasted that one of them had spoken.

However, they were even more astonished at what was said—the heart of hell was awakening.

“The heart of hell!”


“Thats right.

Its awakening, truly awakening!” The odd beast covered in long plumes chimed in.

Truly awakening!

Once Huang Xiaolong broke through to the Emperor Realm, the heart of hells powers would truly awaken.

Only then would Huang Xiaolong, the Nether King, awaken! When that time came, Huang Xiaolongs position as the Nether King would get justified!

The true awakening of the heart of hell meant Hells three worlds were truly connected as one body, supplying Huang Xiaolong with absolute and endless power from these three worlds.

At that point, even Shi Ming would be incapable of destroying the heart of hell and killing Huang Xiaolong.

In truth, the Three Skull Ancestors werent the only ones feeling pressured and unease.

The billions of ancient netherspirits inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield space also heard the heart of hells heartbeat.

Hence, all the ancient netherspirits had fallen into a state of fear as pressure from the origin of pure darkness wrapped around them, rendering them to run as far away as possible.

However, the sounds of the heart of hells throbs filled the entire Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield.

No matter which corner the ancient netherspirits ran to, they couldnt get rid of the heartbeats.

Out of desperation, some ancient netherspirits even resorted to run out of the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield space, arriving at the Heaven Devouring Empire.

Soon, the news of ancient netherspirits fleeing from the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield spread, alarming experts of various forces.

“What A lot of ancient netherspirits are fleeing out from the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefields space tunnel!”

“A lot There are several hundred thousand of them, even millions!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, feeling surreal.

Something like this had never happened before.

The rich devil qi and death qi within the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield were the subsistence of these ancient netherspirits.

Therefore, very rarely would an ancient netherspirit be willing to leave the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield space.

Even if they were to leave, it would only be one or two ancient netherspirits at most.

But there were several hundred thousand, even millions of ancient netherspirits fleeing outside!

“What is happening inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield What is causing these ancient netherspirits to run outside!”

More and more experts rushed to the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefields space tunnel pathway.

Although everyone guessed that something was happening inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield that had caused the ancient netherspirits fleeing out in droves, no one dared to enter inside to investigate the cause.

At a time when thousands and thousands of ancient netherspirits were rushing out from the space tunnel, not even Emperor Realm experts had the guts to venture in recklessly.

Chiyou, Violent Lightning Archdevil, Black Killer Sects Chief Cui Huajie, and others also came to the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefields space tunnel.

“Lord Chiyou, could this be related to the Glaze Devil Stele” Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie took a brave guess.

In the last few years, various forces experts had gathered at the Heaven Devouring Empire.

They had literally searched through every crack and nook of the several countries under the empire for Tan Zhihui.

But they had failed to find Tan Zhihui.

They hadnt even captured a corner of the Glaze Devil Steles shadow.

The only place no one had thought of searching was the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield.

Inevitably, such a sudden change in the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield aroused everyones suspicions.

“Thats right, Lord Chiyou, since these ancient netherspirits are desperately fleeing the space, its just too strange.” The Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie agreed.

Chiyou and Violent Lightning exchanged a glance, both shaking their heads.

“We are very familiar with the Great Six Devil Steles powers.

This matter is unrelated to the Glaze Devil Stele.

It looks more like something terrifying is awakening or resurrecting, which is causing these ancient netherspirits to flee.” Chiyou stated solemnly.

Violent Lightning Archdevil nodded his head.

“Then, should we…” The Hundred Transformation Sects Old Ancestor Chen Xie sought others opinions.

“We will take a look after these ancient netherspirits stop pouring out,” said Chiyou.

The Black Killer Sect and Hundred Transformation Sect had followed Chiyous leadership.

Hence, hearing Chiyous words, Cui Huajie, Chen Xie, and others could only wait until the ancient netherspirits stopped rushing out from the space tunnel before they could enter.

At this time, inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield, the shiny egg enveloping Huang Xiaolong was still spinning.

Dazzling black light shone from his chest where the heart of hell was, passing through space barriers and everything in between.

Nothing could block the black light.

Through the unknown number of space barriers, trillions of miles away, rays of light emerged above Hells three worlds, like a shower of auspicious lights drizzling into Hells three worlds.

Experts of Hells three worlds blanked at the sudden changes happening in the sky over their heads.

Then, the many Sect Chiefs, numerous families patriarchs, and various forces experts sensed something awakening in Hells three worlds.


A thunderous explosion rang, and all the experts in Hells three worlds felt as if their hearts had exploded.

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