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When Sun Man, Wangu Ruochen, and the other elders were making their way to the plaza, Wangu Wudi sneered at Huang Xiaolongs party.

“Your idea of tearing off my head for you to pee in it is commendable, but the problem is that my head is right here.

Which one of you will be tearing it off”

Wangu Wudi pointed at Huang Xiaohai and asked, “Huang Xiaohai, are you going to do it Or will it be Zhao Shu Zhang Fu Could it be Ao Taiyi or whoever Im afraid none of you have the ability to do it.”

“Huang Xiaohai, you seemed to have forgotten how you lost to me in the past.

If I hadnt taken pity on you and allowed you to live, do you really think you would have been here talking to me”

Wangu Wudi burst into laughter.

The family patriarchs behind him didnt keep their mouths idle either, as they also roared with laughter following Wangu Wudis lead.

Huang Xiaohai, Zhao Shu, and everyone else felt their expressions turning gloomy.

Before they could say anything, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward.

“Ill be the one to do it.” Huang Xiaolong said with an indifferent expression.

“However, Ill break all the bones in your body before shattering your heart.

Ill make you suffer the same fate as my master.”


A trace of suspicion flashed through Wangu Wudis eyes.

He stared at the Ascending Moon Old Man and chuckled, “Old man, when did you accept a disciple Who would have thought that this brat is your disciple I thought he was a peak expert.

It seems like hes just a junior.

Hes just a junior who has a mouth full of sh*t.”

Everyone burst into laughter once again.

No one thought profoundly into the matter.

“Wangu Wudi, as long as you can take a single move from me, Ill spare your life.” Huang Xiaolong spoke up all of a sudden.

Everyone felt their jaws dropping in shock.

What did we just hear

After Wangu Wudi recovered from his shock, he doubled over in laughter.

“Hahaha, did all of you hear that This brat says that he will spare my life! He thinks that I wont be able to take a single hit from him!”

The Leng Family Patriarchs laughter became even more exaggerated as he snapped at Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, if you can take a single hit from Lord Wudi, he might be happy enough to spare your life!”

As soon as the words left the Leng Family Patriarchs lips, Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred.

Even though he disappeared, none of them could see how he did it.

The instant Huang Xiaolongs figure disappeared, Wangu Wudi felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

His pupils constricted, and the circulated all the godforce in his body on instinct.

He summoned his divine armor to protect himself.

The moment his divine armor appeared, Huang Xiaolong materialized before him.

“Dragon Gods Fifteenth Move!”

Huang Xiaolongs voice echoed throughout the plaza, and the Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead in his body started to rotate.

Countless dragons emerged from his palm and charged towards Wangu Wudi.

The roars of countless dragons filled the plaza.

In an instant, everyone lost their sense of hearing.

The only sound filling their brains was the deafening dragon roars.

Wangu Wudi looked at the myriad of dragons coming towards him, and he screamed before shooting both his fists out.

“Unrivalled Eternal God Killing Fist!”

It was the fist-style he had created after learning from thousands upon thousands of fist arts, and it possessed endless might.

He had never shown off this move before as no one had been able to push him into a corner.

This was the first time his ultimate technique was unleashed!

He was confident that his fist could even take on a Heavenly God Realm expert.


Wangu Wudis fists collided with Huang Xiaolongs fists.

“Kacha!” The sound of bones breaking resounded through the air, and a heart-wrenching pain traveled up Wangu Wudis fists into his brain.

A miserable shriek left his lips as this was the first time he had ever felt so much pain.

Everyone saw his arms shattering as blood erupted from the pores of his body.

His fist was ground into meat paste and the divine armor on his body crumbled to dust.

Wangu Wudi did several flips in the air before smashing into a stone pillar behind him.

The pillar didnt stop his descent, as he crashed into the ground of the plaza a second later.

The Leng Family Patriarch stared at the scene before him in shock.

As for the other experts who followed Wangu Wudi to the confrontation, they were shocked as well.

The disciples from the Alchemist Grandmaster Union stared at the scene above their heads with barely concealed shocked expressions on their faces.

Even the participants in the competition were stunned.

The pillar that failed to stop Wangu Wudi slammed into the ground, sending dust and debris flying everywhere.

Huang Xiaolong didnt care about the petrified audience as he appeared in the sky above Wangu Wudi.

“The strongest expert” Huang Xiaolong asked as he stared at Wangu Wudis sorry figure below him.

Huang Xiaolongs voice brought everyone back to reality.

The Leng Family Patriarch stared at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of fear.

His arms started to shake as he looked at the monster before him.

The other family patriarchs who were mocking the Huang Family felt their legs going soft.

“Is the person lying on the ground Lord Wangu Wudi” One of the disciples present in the plaza asked.

Even with the truth displayed before him, he didnt dare to believe that Wangu Wudi was defeated.

“I… I think so” Another disciple replied.

However, he hesitated for a moment before adding, “That doesnt seem right…”

Perhaps it was because of Huang Xiaolongs shocking display of power that no one dared to approach him.

Wangu Wudi, who was lying on the ground, struggled to crawl to his feet.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong with shock and fear before yelling in disbelief.

“Im the strongest expert under the heavens! I am Wangu Wudi! I cant lose to you! Its not possible!”

Wangu Wudi was indeed the strongest person under the heavens.

It was the reputation he built up painstakingly, and it was also the reason he could defeat the Ascending Moon Old Man with ease.

Huang Xiaolong had long guessed that Wangu Wudi was a talented individual.

However, that didnt mean anything.

The supreme geniuses who had died at his hands when roaming the Greater Worlds were millions, if not billions of times stronger than Wangu Wudi.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Wangu Wudi, who was raging with all his might.

“Dont worry.

I already said that I wouldnt let you die too quickly.

I will shatter all the bones in your body before smashing your heart.

Ill tear off your head for my master and the rest to pee on.”

This time, no one dared to laugh at Huang Xiaolongs claim.

Wangu Wudi turned silent in an instant before gathering all the godforce in this body.

Darkness qi flowed out from his body, and a new pair of arms grew out from his shoulders.

He turned into a streak of black light as he attacked Huang Xiaolong once again.

“Brat, I dont care who you are! You must be dreaming if you think that you can kill me, Wangu Wudi!”

His fists arrived at Huang Xiaolongs chest in a flash.

Huang Xiaolong blocked Wangu Wudis fists by slowly raising his arm.

Wangu Wudis arms were destroyed once again, but Huang Xiaolong no longer gave him time to mess around.

He punched towards Wangu Wudis chest, dissipating all the godforce around his body.

The sounds of shattering bones resounded through the air once again.

Wangu Wudis howl reverberated through the plaza.

Huang Xiaolongs fist broke through the armor and smashed directly into Wangu Wudis body.

The Leng Family Patriarch and the others felt their hearts shaking.

Huang Xiaolong was as expressionless as ever.

He punched out once again, breaking more bones in Wangu Wudis body.

Fist after fist rained on Wangu Wudi.

Very quickly, Wangu Wudi became nothing more than a pile of flesh.

He suffered the same fate as the Ascending Moon Old Man.

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