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The moment they entered the tunnel, everyone other than Huang Xiaolong felt the skies flipping upside down as their visions went black.

Since it was the first time they were ascending to the Divine World, they couldnt help but feel nervous in their hearts.

However, a light broke through the darkness and illuminated the world before them.

As their bodies became as light as a feather, they slowly descended towards the ground.

Surprised yells ensued, and they broke into a dance.

Just as they were about to slam into the ground, a powerful aura appeared and locked them all in space.

They floated several inches off the ground.

“Is everyone alright” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

“We are fine…” The Ascending Moon Old Man returned to his senses and shook his head.

“Is this the Divine World The spiritual energy is so dense! Its at least several times more concentrated than in the lower realm…” Xie Puti sucked in spiritual energy from all around him and yelled in shock.

The Ascending Moon Old Man felt surprised as he looked all around him.

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips.

“This is just one of the smaller world surfaces in the Divine World.

This concentration of spiritual energy is everywhere.

When you arrive at the super world surfaces, you will be able to feel the difference.

If you manage to enter the headquarters of the various superpowers, you might even be able to feel spiritual energy a thousand times more concentrated than in this place.”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock as they stared at Huang Xiaolong.

A thousand times!

“Alright, lets leave this place.” Huang Xiaolong said as he brought out the Netherking Flying Ship.

When they saw the massive flying ship appearing in mid-air, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“Little brat, is this a flying ship from the Divine World Are all the flying ships this massive here” The Ascending Moon Old Man couldnt help but ask.

They felt the oppressive aura coming from the Netherking Flying Ship, and all of them felt smaller than an ant.

No, they felt like a speck of dust standing in front of it.

When Huang Xiaolong saw how curious the Ascending Moon Old Man was, he chuckled, “This is indeed a flying ship from the Divine World.

However, the flying ships here are split into different grades.

Not all of them are as impressive as this one.”

After explaining the different levels of divine artifacts found in the Divine World, Huang Xiaolong brought all of them aboard the flying ship.

The four odd beasts appeared beside him, and he sent them off to steer the ship.

All of them left the tiny world surface in an instant.

When everyone saw the four odd beasts, they couldnt help but feel a tremor running through their heart.

“Sect Master, didnt You Wuguang say something about his You Family having a hundred thousand Heavenly Gods Since You Wuye and the others escaped to the Divine World, wont they reveal everything about you to their upper echelons What if they give down the order to hunt us down” Worry filled Fei Hous heart as he asked Huang Xiaolong timidly.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had exterminated the Wangu Clan in the lower realm single-handedly, Wangu Yanhui, You Wuye, and the others had managed to escape to the Divine World before Huang Xiaolong could catch them.

An anxious look appeared on the faces of the Ascending Moon Old Man and the others.

Huang Xiaolong laughed as he blinked his eyes.

“Theres nothing to worry about.

Right now, Im a disciple from the Fortune Emperor Palace.

The You Family and the Wangu Clan wont look for trouble by hunting me down.”

“Fortune Emperor Palace” A look of suspicion appeared on the Ascending Moon Old Mans face.

“Is the Fortune Emperor Palace strong Are they related to the Fortune Gate in the lower realm”

Huang Xiaolong explained, “The Heavenly Court controls the Divine World, and under the Heavenly Court lies the various superpowers.

All of them haveEmperor Palace in their name, and there are more of these Emperor Palaces than you can count.

The You Family is a high ranked power, but they still lie below the Emperor Palaces.

As for the Fortune Emperor Palace, its ranked in the top one hundred Emperor Palaces in the Divine World.”

“Of course, the Fortune Emperor Palace is related to the Fortune Gate in the lower realm.”

When the Ascending Moon Old Man heard that Huang Xiaolong was a disciple of the Fortune Emperor Palace, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

He broke into laughter, “Little brat.

It seems like youre getting along just fine in the Divine World! The selection process of the Fortune Emperor Palace should be extremely strict, right I could have never thought that you would be able to pass the selections!”

Huang Xiaolong snickered when he heard what the old man said.

A mischievous glint flashed past his eyes as he said, “Im no ordinary disciple in the Fortune Emperor Palace.

The patriarch of the Fortune Emperor Palace is called the Fortune Emperor, and there are several ancestors under the chief.

Below the ancestors, hall master, grand elders, and elders.”

“I am the personal disciple of the Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei!”

A personal disciple of a Chif of Hall Masters!

Everyone felt a burst of joy when they heard what he said.

“So youre the Fortune Emperor Palaces Chief of Hall Masters personal disciple… Its no wonder you dare to offend the You Family and the Wangu Clan!” Fei Hou chuckled.

Initially, everyone was afraid of the You Familys threat.

They were afraid that the You Family would hunt them down, and the Wangu Clan would cause them some trouble.

But when they heard that Huang Xiaolong was a personal disciple of a hall master of the Fortune Emperor Palace, they sighed in relief.

They felt as though a massive boulder was lifted off their chest.

“Little kid, whats the realm above the Heavenly God Realm” The Ascending Moon Old Man asked curiously.

“The Ancient God Realm comes after that, followed by the Ancestor God Realm.

After breaking through the Ancestor God Realm, one will enter the God King Realm.

After that comes the Heavenly Monarch Realm and then the Emperor Realm!” Huang Xiaolong said.

“Normally, every single ancestor from an Emperor Palace will be an Emperor Realm expert.”

“For families like the You Family, their patriarch will be at the Heavenly Monarch Realm.”

“It must be extremely difficult to break through to the Ancient God Realm, right You have already ascended for so long.

Have you broken through to the Ancient God Realm yet” The Ascending Moon Old Man asked.

Ancient God! Huang Xiaolongs expression became a sight to behold when he thought about the time he was an Ancient God.

After thinking about it, he replied.

“In fact, I broke through Ancient God a long time ago.”

After contemplation, Huang Xiaolong decided against telling them his true strength.

He was afraid they would be struck too heavy of a blow.

After all, they would learn of his strength eventually.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved a transmission symbol, and he contacted the Silver Fox Chamber of Commerce.

He requested for them to look for his parents and Shi Xiaofei.

After that, he contacted the Grandmist Emperor Palace, Martial Demon Emperor Palace, Magic Shaman Emperor Palace, the Netherworld Kings Organization, and all the powers he could reach.

He extended a greeting to all of them.

All he wanted to do was to speed up his search for his parents and Shi Xiaofei.

“Little brat, are we going to the Fortune Emperor Palaces headquarters” The old man asked when he saw Huang Xiaolong contacting the outside world.


We shall head over to the Fortune Emperor Palace.”

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the others were making their way to the Fortune Emperor Palace, several people were buzzing about on a tiny world surface.

They were precisely Wangu Yanhui, You Wuye, and Cheng Zongyi.

You Wuye opened his mouth and suggested, “Ive already contacted my family members with a secret method.

There is a branch of my You Family on this world surface, and the chief of this branch will be sending experts to welcome us.” A chilly light flashed through his eyes all of a sudden.

“There is no way I will forget the matter of my You Familys extermination in the lower realm.

Huang Xiaolong, just wait for my You Familys endless pursuit!”

Wangu Yanhuis voice was heavy as well.

“Ive also contacted experts from my Wangu Clan.

Huang Xiaolong, since you dared to kill all the members from my Wangu Clan in the lower realm, you cant blame me for being ruthless!”

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