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Very quickly, You Wuye, Wangu Yanhui, and Cheng Zongyi met the experts from the You Family.

The You Family had sent an Ancient God Realm expert.

He was extremely respectful towards You Wuye and the others.

If any random disciple from their family had ascended, there would have been absolutely no chance of an Ancient God Realm expert coming to welcome them.

Even Heavenly Gods wouldnt go out of their way to welcome newly ascended disciples.

You Chufei, the expert who had gone to welcome them, pointed towards the city before them and said.

“Thats Gaoyi City.

Its where our branch is located.

Our You Family controls the entire Gaoyi City, and the city lord is an elder of our family.” He couldnt help but show off the achievements of the You Family to the newcomers.

When the three ascenders looked at the boundless city standing before them, they couldnt help but feel a tremor run through their hearts.

With such a massive city under the control of a single family, anyone could tell that the You Family was strong.

As You Chufei looked at the shocked expression on their faces, he couldnt help but laugh.

“The world surface we are standing on is called the Dalu World.

Our family branch located here is called the Dalu Branch.

There are more than three thousand cities under our control on this world surface.

Gaoyi city is merely one of the average-sized ones…”

“What! Over three thousand cities!” You Wuye yelled in surprise.

The other two couldnt hide the shock on their face when they heard what he said.

They were astonished when they learned that Gaoyi City belonged to the You Family.

Never in their wildest imagination would they have thought that Gaoyi City was one out of the three thousand cities controlled by the You Family!

Not to mention, they were controlled by a branch family of the You Family!

“Our You Family is considered one of the three largest factions on the Dalu World.” You Chufei chuckled and continued, “It wont be an exaggeration to say that if our You Family Branch Chief stomps his feet, he would be able to shake Dalu World!”

You Wuye was stunned for a second before he became overwhelmed with joy.

Since the You Family Branch was already such a terrifying existence, wouldnt the main family be even stronger!

The stronger the You Family was, the better it would be for him to hunt Huang Xiaolong down.

He would be able to make Huang Xiaolong feel despair!

You Wuye turned to You Chufei and asked, “Senior Chufei, does that mean that our You Family is a terrifying presence in the Divine World”

A grin appeared on You Chufeis face.

“Our You Family ranks in the top hundred of all the top-ranked families in the Divine World.

Some of the weaker Emperor Palaces wouldnt dare to offend us unnecessarily.”

You Wuye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard what You Chufei said.

He turned to the other two and laughed, “Of course, I know that one cannot look down upon the Cheng Familys strength.

Of course, there is no need for me to mention how strong the Eternal Emperor Palace is.”

It was precisely because Wangu Yanhui was a member of the Eternal Emperor Palace that the You Family had sent an Ancient God Realm expert to welcome them.

“Senior Chufei, is my Eternal Emperor Palace considered one of the superpowers in the Divine World” Wangu Yanhui asked in surprise.

Even though the Wangu Clan had managed to learn about their backers strength in the Divine World, that was merely by word.

None of them had any idea how strong the Eternal Emperor Palace actually was.

You Chufei chuckled.

“Your Eternal Emperor Palace is extremely strong! First rate families like our You Family are ranked way below the Emperor Palaces! Moreover, your Eternal Emperor Palace ranks in the top three hundred Emperor Palaces in the Divine World!”

“Ranked in the top three hundred!” Wangu Yanhui felt a burst of joy in his heart.

Huang Xiaolong! Ah, Huang Xiaolong, Im afraid that you have no idea how strong my Eternal Emperor Palace is in the Divine World…

You might be a powerhouse in the lower realm, but Im afraid that youre nothing more than a small fry up here.

Which tiny world surface did you hide in for the past thousand years! Im afraid you dont even know that there is an Emperor Palace called the Eternal Emperor Palace!

In fact, if Huang Xiaolong had remained on the Vientiane World when he had first ascended, he wouldnt have come in contact with the various Emperor Palaces.

Before long, the three of them met with the You Family Branch Leader, You Chengguang.

After they paid their respects, You Chengguang started to ask about the situation in the lower realm.

“Family Head, our You Family was exterminated by someone in the lower realm!” You Wuye fell to his knees, and a look of despair filled his face.

“You have to take revenge for the various disciples who died in the lower realm!”

“What! My You Family members were killed in the lower realm!” You Chengguang raised his head abruptly and raged.

“Who! Who was the one who did it!” Killing intent burst out from his eyes.

“Which family is he from! Are they from the Divine World! How dare they kill the members of my You Family in the lower realm.

Ill kill everyone related to them in the Divine World!”

You Wuye bowed respectfully and said, “Hes a disciple from the lower realm! Hes called Huang Xiaolong!”

“WHAT! You… What did you just say Huang… Huang Xiaolong!” The furious You Chengguang turned silent in an instant.

He fell from his seat, and his body shook when he stared at the three of them.

The atmosphere in the hall changed as all the experts from the You Family Branch turned fidgety.

When the three of them saw the change around them, a trace of unease and suspicion filled their hearts.

“Family Leader Chengguang, this…” You Wuye widened his mouth in shock.

You Chengguang rushed towards You Wuye and grabbed him by the collar.

The smile had already disappeared, and a look of pure rage replaced it.

Saliva sprayed onto You Wuyes face as he forced the words out of his mouth.

“Repeat what you just said… You… you said that his name was Huang Xiaolong!”

You Wuye and the others saw the vicious look on You Chengguangs face, and they became so frightened that their souls nearly flew out of their bodies.

“Yes… Yes.

Hes called Huang Xiaolong!” You Wuye stammered.

As though the strength in his body left him, You Chengguang dropped You Wuye in shock.

A vacant look appeared in his eyes, and he mumbled to himself.

“Family Head, is there a chance of them having the same name It might not be him…” An elder of the You Family Branch spoke up all of a sudden.

You Wuye, Wangu Yanhui, and Cheng Zongyi stared at each other in shock.

Is there a bigshot in the Divine World called Huang Xiaolong!

You Chengguang snapped back to his senses all of a sudden.

A light flashed through his eyes, and he laughed.

“Thats right! Of course! It has to be! How can Huang Xiaolong return to the lower realm!”

You Chengguang turned to You Wuye and asked, “Speak.

Tell me everything you know about Huang Xiaolong!”

You Wuye didnt know what to say, and he could only spill everything he knew about Huang Xiaolong.

“You… what did you say! Huang Xiaolong ascended to the Divine World several thousand years ago!” The moment the news of Huang Xiaolong ascending in the past reached You Chengguangs ears, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

It seemed like his heart had stopped beating in an instant.

“Yes, according to the difference in time, Huang Xiaolong had already ascended to the Divine World for several hundreds of years now.” You Wuye felt his chest tightening as he continued, “Several days ago, Huang Xiaolong used some unknown method to return to the lower realm.

He exterminated the Wangu Clan, the Cheng Family, the Ancient Demon Race, the Wangu Clan, and the Ghost Refining Gate! He even destroyed several hundred superpowers in the lower realm!”

No matter how well You Wuye described Huang Xiaolongs actions when he had returned to the lower realm, You Chengguang failed to listen to any of it.

He sat on the ground, and he stared into space with his listless eyes.

According to what You Wuye was saying, there was a 99% chance the Huang Xiaolong he was talking about was the same Huang Xiaolong everyone knew.

The You Family is finished!

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