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“Siege and kill” Suddenly, Dun Ei snickered mockingly as he looked at Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi.

“You are capable of besieging and killing Huang Xiaolong Before Huang Xiaolong broke through to Emperor Realm, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming and Chiyou Archdevil joined hands yet they failed to kill Huang Xiaolong in the Devil World.

Even when they failed to kill him, can you”

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi was embarrassed by Dun Eis words and could not find any retort.

“Even if we wont be able to kill him, we could stop him from refining the Radiance Ancestors other half of the inheritance.”

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi went on stubbornly, “As long as Huang Xiaolong cant get the Radiance Ancestors inheritance, we still have a chance.

At the same time, we can delay Huang Xiaolong while waiting for the reinforcements from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes experts!” They had expected Huang Xiaolong to come there, so they had got in touch with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe early on.

Dun Ei shook his head, “Shi Ming is still forging the grandmist treasure artifact Blade of Death.

So, he wont be able to come here personally.

Without Shi Ming, its useless no matter how many Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes experts they send over.”

“Then, are we going to sit and watch Huang Xiaolong get the other half of Radiance Ancestors inheritance!”

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi almost roared out his unwillingness.

His hatred towards Huang Xiaolong had long passed the point of reconciliation.

His Brightness Emperor Palace would not be destroyed if it wasnt for Huang Xiaolong, and he wouldn\'t need to flee and hide in the Radiance World like a beaten-down dog.

“It doesnt matter even if Huang Xiaolong really gets the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance and acknowledged by the Radiance Worlds pure origin energy.” Dun Ei sneered coldly and went on, “I have the Radiance Divine Seal in my hands.

As long as I hold the Radiance Divine Seal, I am the Radiance Worlds Radiance Lord.”

“Huang Xiaolongs dreaming if he thinks he can make me hand over the Radiance Divine Seal! Moreover, the Radiance Divine City is infallible as its built using various divine materials by the Radiance Ancestor.

Its comparable to a grandmist treasure artifact.

Even if Huang Xiaolong steps into Sovereign, he wont be able to break past the Radiance Divine Citys defenses.

As long as I remain in the Radiance Divine City, its not Huang Xiaolongs turn to swagger in this Radiance World!” Dun Eis grim voice echoed through the hall.

That was also his last line of defense.

The Radiance Divine City was also known as the strongest fort in existence, and some even compared it to the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Thus, Dun Ei was confident that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to do anything to him even if he got the other half of the inheritance.

“But its a pity.

The Radiance Ancestor has left a word that whoever obtains his inheritance, that person would be the master of the Radiance Knight Corp.” Dun Ei sighed hopelessly.

In other words, after obtaining the full inheritance, Huang Xiaolong could take over the Radiance Knight Corp, and that meant half of the Radiance Worlds power.


In the meantime, above the Sea of Radiance, Huang Xiaolong had disappeared into the Heavenly Hall through the door in a flicker.

Similar to the first time, the moment Huang Xiaolong passed through the Heavenly Halls door, he was entirely enveloped by a gentle radiant light.

It was so comfortable that his soul wanted to groan in pleasure.

Based on his previous experience, Huang Xiaolong proceeded with more familiarity this time.

He quickly sat down and circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to absorb the sacred lights energy.

This was the Radiance Worlds pure origin energy, and its preciousness was comparable to the grandmist aura.

The moment Huang Xiaolong started absorbing, the radiance origin energy began to rush toward him and entered his body, reaching every part of him.

He was the sacred light itself.

While Huang Xiaolong refined and absorbed the pure radiance origin energy, the one hundred Undead Netherguards removed the one hundred Radiance Divine Stone from the core points per Huang Xiaolongs earlier instruction.

The Array of Origins power stopped circulating when all the Radiance Divine Stones were removed from the core points.

The Heavenly Halls door slowly shut itself, and the Heavenly Hall once again sunk to the hidden space at the bottom of the sea.

Subsequently, the Radiance Angels and four odd beasts executed methods to hide the Array of Origin and then concealed themselves in various corners in the vicinity.

They waited for Huang Xiaolong to come out after obtaining the complete inheritance.

Calmness returned to the surrounding sea.

While Huang Xiaolong was refining the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance, a piece of shocking news spread out from the Radiance World.

“What! The Son of Light has broken through to mid-level Emperor Realm in one fell swoop, advancing to Fourth Order Emperor! Impossible, right The Son of Light hasnt been cultivating for more than thirty thousand years!”

“Realer than gold, when the Son of Light was breaking through, there were many Emperor Realm pontiffs present.

The Son of Light is our Radiance Worlds number one genius.

His talent has superseded the past Radiance Ancestor.

He would definitely be able to control the Radiance Divine Seal and take over His Highness Archbishops position.

He will unify our Radiance World!”

“Also, our Son of Light has put up a battle stage at the Reverence Moon Divine City.

He has invited talented peers of other worlds for a battle.

Anyone below the bone-age of one hundred thousand years can challenge him.

It can be any disciple, who meets the criterion, from the Divine World, hell, Devil World, Buddha World, or even the Demon World!”

“For real Challenging the whole universes same generations geniuses That…! Ive heard the Divine Worlds Heavenly Prince Di Jing has the number one Heavenly Dao Godhead.

There is another terrifying individual called Huang Xiaolong with three king of supreme godheads.

Not to mention, the Buddha Worlds Pu Ti is said to be the reincarnation of a Great Buddha! Could our Son of Light defeat him!”

“Whats Huang Xiaolong considered as He merely got better luck than others, getting hit by the Lord of Hells inheritance.

Although his cultivation speed is shocking, its all piled up by treasures.

His foundation is definitely not stable.

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolong has only advanced to Emperor Realm for a short time.

How is he a worthy opponent for our Son of Light Much less the Heavenly Prince Di Jing and Buddha Worlds Pu Ti!”

“The battle stage will be put up for a decade.

Lets see if that Huang Xiaolong, Heavenly Prince Di Jing, and that Pu Ti would dare to challenge!”

The Son of Light had been cultivating for less than thirty thousand years, yet he had already reached the mid-level Emperor Realm.

He has also issued a challenge to the younger generation of geniuses from the Divine World, Hell, Buddha World, Devil World, and Demon World.

The news caused a big stir.

In a short time, geniuses from various worlds made their way to the Radiance World to challenge the Son of Light.


The Divine Worlds Heavenly Court.

When the Heavenly Prince Di Jing heard the news, he harrumphed coldly, “That Son of Light has merely cultivated for twenty thousand years more than me.

There will be a day where Ill pinch him to death like an ant!”

But at his current strength, Di Jing had to admit he could not defeat the Son of Light unless he too advanced to Fourth Order Emperor Realm.

At that level, he could probably defeat the Son of Light.

Even though he had the first-ranked Heavenly Dao Godhead, he couldnt help but acknowledge that the Son of Light was highly talented as well.

“Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong went to the Radiance World.” A light glimmered in Heavenly Emperor Di Juns eyes as he went on, “If the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance falls in his hand, it will be even harder to suppress him.”

Hearing that, the Heavenly Prince Di Jing suddenly said, “Father, in a few days, Im going to the City of All-Heavens.”

Heavenly Emperor Di Juns eyes widened in astonishment, “What Do you want to go to the City of All-Heavens No, absolutely not! Although youve already broken through to Emperor Realm, its still too dangerous for you to go to the City of All-Heavens! It\'s too risky.

Ninety percent, youre going to lose your life!”

Heavenly Prince Di Jing shook his head, “I know the City of All-Heavens is dangerous, but if I dont go, I will never be able to defeat Huang Xiaolong.

Especially if Huang Xiaolong obtains the other half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance, his strength would far surpass mine.

The City of All-Heavens is my only hope.”

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