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“What is going on exactly” Elan sternly demanded an explanation from Bishop Mo Xifa.

Her thoughts were in a mess.

Mo Xifa reported, “Its the same person who took away the ten-winged pegasus above the Sea of Radiance.

This person injured Bishop Lu Zhaoming at that time and then ran away.

Bishop Lu Zhaoming had issued a two hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones bounty for his capture.

But whod have thought that this person would actually run here to our Myriad Spirits City!”

“When Bishop Lu Zhaoming got the news that this person has entered Myriad Spirits City, he informed Archbishop Abra of the matter.

So, Archbishop Abra led a team to capture this person, but Archbishop Abra was killed by an expert by that persons side!” Mo Xifas voice reverberated in the main hall.

Elan, the archbishops, and bishops got the gist of the matter.

Elan was aware of the conflict related to the ten-winged pegasus above the Sea of Radiance, but that was a small matter in her eyes.

Who knew it would ferment to todays outcome

“Other than Archbishop Abra, Bishop Barnett was killed too.

Also, that person has killed several of our senior captains, captains, and knights!” Bishop Mo Xifa added.

The present archbishops and bishops were outraged and inwardly astonished at the same time.

“Hes mad.

How dare he come to our Myriad Spirits City and kill our Radiance Knight Corps archbishop and bishop!” In the main hall, Archbishop Hilliers outraged voice rang sonorously, “Not even the Radiance Lord Dun Ei would dare to act so wantonly on our territory! I will bring a group and capture this bastard right now! He must not be allowed to run!”

“I agree.

Regardless of this persons identity, he must die today.

On top of that, he is not to have an easy death.

Capture him.

Put him up on the city walls, then flay his flesh piece by piece and behead him for all to see.

Let everyone know the dire consequences of provoking our Radiance Knight Corp!” Another Archbishop, An Si, strongly seconded.

Both Hillier and An Si were late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts.

Among the Radiance Knight Corps archbishops, their strengths could be ranked within the top ten.

Elans blue eyes gleamed a frosty light as she said to Hillier, An Si, and the rest, “This matter might not be so simple.

Order the people below to activate the citys grand formation, and lockdown the whole Myriad Spirits City!”

After Elan ordered for the Myriad Spirits City to be locked down, she turned and asked Bishop Mo Xifa, “You said Archbishop Abra was killed by an expert by that persons side Do you have detailed information about the experts by his side How many experts he has on his side”

Bishop Mo Xifa concisely recounted the event to Elan and everyone else present.

“You mean Abra was killed by the other sides expert in one move!” Elan exclaimed in shock after she finished listening to Mo Xifas recount.

So were Hillier, An Si, and the rest.

Abra was a mid-Ninth Order Emperor Realm expert.

Someone that could kill Abra in one strike would, at the very least, have the strength of a mid, probably even late-Tenth Order Emperor.

“Yes, Abra was killed in one strike.

However, those present at that time merely saw a blurry white figure flicker, and Archbishop Abra was already dead.

That white figure vanished without a trace.” Bishop Mo Xifa answered.

“Whether there are any other hidden experts by his side, we cannot be certain of that for now.”

Elans pale white eyebrows wrinkled as she frowned.

“Corp Commander, we request to take on the capture of this person!” Hillier and An Si stepped out simultaneously.

But Elan shook her head, “No need, I will go myself.”

What! Go personally

Everyone was surprised at Elans decision.

It had been several hundred million years since their Corp Commander had taken action.

But right at this time, an unfamiliar voice rang in the main hall, “No need, Im here.”

Everyone was alarmed and looked towards the door immediately.

They could see a black-haired young man approaching on a ten-winged pegasus.

“Its him.

Its him.

He killed Archbishop Abra!” Bishop Mo Xifa yelled and pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing that, all the outraged archbishops and bishops rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, and encircled him.

Huang Xiaolong continued forward towards the Corp Commander Elan on the ten-winged pegasus as if he could not see the ferocious archbishops and bishops encircling him.

More accurately, he was heading straight to the Radiance Throne at the center of the main hall.

Noticing Huang Xiaolongs intention, the Radiance Knight Corp exchanged doubtful glances.

Is something wrong with this kids brainAfter killing Archbishop Abra and several others, he actually has the guts to show up at the Myriad Spirits Divine Manor.On top of that, he strolled into the main hall leisurely on the ten-winged pegasus as if he is taking a walk through the streets.

Elan too was frowning at this sight.

As Elan did not give any orders, the Radiance Knight Corp merely encircled Huang Xiaolong.

“Who are you” Elan questioned, her icy stare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong did not respond to her question.

He stopped at the front of the main hall, and just as the present archbishops and bishops were about to attack in anger, sixteen pure radiance wings spread out from Huang Xiaolongs back for all to see.

At first, it was two wings, then four wings, six wings, eight wings, ten wings…!

In the beginning, Elan and the others werent concerned at all, but when Huang Xiaolongs twelve-wings spread out, all of them were dumbfounded.

Currently, in the entire Radiance Knight Corp, Elan alone had twelve wings.

And Elan was an existence that had surpassed the Emperor Realm.

When Elan, Hillier, and the rest regained their senses, another pair of wings spread from Huang Xiaolongs back!

“Four-fourteen wings!” Hillier, other archbishops, and bishops trembled, filled with disbelief.

Even Elans eyes were rounded in astonishment.

But that was not the end as two wings extended out from Huang Xiaolongs back.

“Its, its sixteen wings!” Hillier, An Si, and others quivered.


Sixteen wings!

When all sixteen of Huang Xiaolongs wings were spread out, unrestrained holy rays of light shone from his body.

Boundless radiance energy washed over everyone in waves.

Not even the Myriad Spirit Divine Manors array formation could block his brilliance.

The light from his body soared straight to the sky.

It was visible from every corner of the city, and also from every corner of the Myriad Spirit World surface.

A dazzling, warm, and holy light full of vitality.


You are!” A thunderclap sounded in Elans mind as a thought emerged from her memory—Huang Xiaolong had obtained half of the Radiance Ancestors inheritance in Hell.

A crepuscular radiant rune mark emerged between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows.

When this rune mark appeared, everyone in the hall felt a terrifying pressure that came from the core of their souls.

This kind of pressure forced them to kneel on their knees.

Even Elan, who had broken through to the Sovereign Realm, failed to resist this pressure.

“The rune mark of the Radiance Worlds Lord!” Elan exclaimed sharply.

Hillier, An Si, and the others trembled even harder.

The rune mark of the Radiance Worlds Lord! Doesnt that mean…

“Elan greets Your Majesty, Radiance World Lord!”

While still in immense shock, Elan suddenly bowed and respectfully saluted Huang Xiaolong.

“We greet Your Majesty, the World Lord!” Hillier, An Si, and the rest did not dare to hesitate.

All of them hurriedly performed the salutation ceremony towards Huang Xiaolong.

In the main hall, several hundred figures were on their knees.

“Stand up.” Huang Xiaolong said as his gaze swept over the main hall.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Everyone stood up after thanking Huang Xiaolong.

However, due to the pressure caused by the radiant rune mark on Huang Xiaolongs forehead, none of them dared to look directly at Huang Xiaolong.

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