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Chapter 198: Ao Baixue

Huang Xiaolong rubbed his eyes and looked again to the other side of the street.

The white-dressed figure was still thereㅡLi Lu was still standing there!

A wave of ecstasy overcame his heart and Huang Xiaolong practically flew out from the Southern Hill Estate main entrance, skidding off the street to stand before Li Lu, staring at her fixedly.

Li Lu was looking at Huang Xiaolong too.

Her eyes became redder.

Without warning, Huang Xiaolong opened his arms and wrapped Li Lu into his embrace tightly as if she would vanish in the next instant if he did not hold tight enough.

He wanted to melt Li Lu into his soul, into his flesh, blood, and bones, not wanting her to leave.

Li Lu, is it really you Huang Xiaolong\'s voice was shaky as he asked.

It\'s me. In Huang Xiaolong\'s embrace, Li Lu\'s body trembled.

Her voice sounded choked with emotions as she affirmed.

It had been three years.

They were finally reunited!

In these three years, almost every day and night was filled with her thoughts of Huang Xiaolong\'s silhouette in her mind.

Today, she got her wish to see him again.

Being hugged by Huang Xiaolong, feeling his wide muscular chest and the heat from his body, Li Lu never felt so safe and warm.

Three years, Huang Xiaolong had grown much taller too.

Even his facial features changed a lot, more gallant.

Especially his abyssal eyes, they appeared even more unfathomable and enchanting.

In Huang Xiaolong\'s embrace, she could feel his powerful arms.

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath and smelled the scent of the person in his arms, a pure untainted fragrance entered his nose.

Due to his excitement earlier, he ignored an important factㅡLi Lu had grown up.

The girl between his arms was so soft and supple, akin to flowing water.

It was as if there were no bones in her body, and her skin was very smooth… If he gripped her tiny waist a little tighter, perhaps water would burst out everywhere.

Especially so if you included her generous bosom which was pressing against Huang Xiaolong\'s chest.

Three years and this was one of the most obvious developments on Li Lu\'s body.

Huang Xiaolong\'s lower body part gradually reacted.

Sensing Huang Xiaolong\'s reaction below, Li Lu buried her head further into Huang Xiaolong\'s chest not daring to look up at his face, a deep crimson colored her face all the way to her ears.

Feeling embarrassed, Huang Xiaolong released Li Lu and their bodies separated.

You knew I was here in Duanren Imperial CityHuang Xiaolong asked in a gentle voice while looking at Li Lu\'s face.

Perhaps affected by Huang Xiaolong\'s physical reaction, the redness on Li Lu\'s face had yet to recede.

Therefore, she only nodded shyly in reply.

Then, this time you\'re… Huang Xiaolong\'s voice trailed off here.

Li Lu raised her head, looking back at Huang Xiaolong, I broke through to Xiantian, so Master allowed me to leave and exact my revenge. However, there was a latter part she did not mention; after taking her revenge, she needed to return to Deities Templar.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Breaking through Xiantian… With Li Lu\'s twin swords martial spirits, she was definitely capable of avenging her family\'s blood grudge.

After that, you\'ll return to Deities Templar Huang Xiaolong continued, his voice changed and sounded glum.

Although Li Lu didn\'t say it out loud, how could he be ignorant about it

Li Lu quivered at his words.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, her eyes once again became red-rimmed, lightly nodding her answer.

She managed to find the culprit of the Li Family\'s annihilation that year.

After resolving that matter, she made time to see Huang Xiaolong.

Just to catch one glimpse of him.

Can you leave tomorrow Huang Xiaolong tried.

A sudden pain snaked across his heart.

At his pleading voice, tears pooled in Li Lu\'s eyes.

But at this time, a cold harrumph came from the void above.

It sounded just like a harrumph but Huang Xiaolong felt as if he received a powerful blow.

His body shook, feeling the weight of a mountain clobbering him.

Huang Xiaolong\'s body bent in an inverted fashion as he flew back, spurting a mouthful of blood as he landed.

Xiaolong! Li Lu\'s face instantly turned deathly pale as she cried out.

When she wanted to hurry to Huang Xiaolong\'s side, a gentle and graceful looking young man dressed wholly in white emerged from the void.

A slight stretch of his arm, he had blocked Li Lu\'s path.

The young man dressed in white had a golden mark in the center of his brows, his pupils were a striking blue that exuded an exotic and devilish charm.

The young man looked condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong after blocking Li Lu, A measly Xiantian First Order brat, do you think you\'re qualified to be with Junior Sister Li Lu Little punk, if you dare touch even a hair on Junior Sister Li Lu, I will make you wish you were dead! To show his prowess, the young man pointed a finger towards Southern Hill Estate\'s main door across the void.

Instantly, a giant hole opened up.

The power of that one finger punctured a giant hole through the doors, piercing through Southern Hill Estate, creating a black hole in space.

One finger\'s power pierced through space!

This was the strength of the Saint realm! Only a Saint realm master had the ability to do this!

Huang Xiaolong got up from the ground.

His eyes contained a glacial coldness and he looked sharply at the young man, A Saint realm expert

The young man was a little stunned seeing Huang Xiaolong\'s calmness after learning he was a Saint realm master.

His aloof voice sounded, That\'s right, I\'m a Saint realm expert.

If I want to kill you, I don\'t even need to lift a finger, one glance could exterminate you into nothing.

Little punk, you\'re Huang Xiaolong Giving Li Lu face, I will spare your life today.

However, if you try to see Junior Sister Li Lu again, I will skin your flesh off layer by layer and then refine you into a walking corpse!

Senior Brother Ao Baixue, I beg you, let Huang Xiaolong go! Tears stained Li Lu\'s face, It\'s not Xiaolong\'s fault!

Ao Baixue remained indifferent, turning once again to Huang Xiaolong, Let me tell you, Junior Sister Li Lu is already a Deities Templar disciple.

A Deities Templar disciple can only be a dao companion to another Deities Templar disciple.

This is an iron-clad Deities Templar\'s divine rule!

Don\'t say that I didn\'t show you a way.

If you are chosen and become a Deities Templar disciple the next time Deities Templar holds a disciple selection, I will give you a chance.

Throwing this sentence to Huang Xiaolong, Ao Baixue\'s hand pulled Li Lu, wanting to take her away.

Xiaolong! Li Lu cried out anxiously, her hands reaching out to him.

In a haste, Huang Xiaolong reached out with his hand but a terrifying force washed over him, throwing him away.

Ao Baixue looked coldly at Huang Xiaolong, Don\'t overestimate yourself! Holding onto Li Lu, both flew away.

Right at this moment, a voice bellowed, Get your ass back down here! A giant palm materialized in the void above, slamming down on top of Ao Baixue\'s head.

Ao Baixue\'s face turned ashen, immediately releasing Li Lu in order to counter the incoming attack with both of his palms.

Boom! A thunderous explosion resounded in the air, and a silhouette was seen crashing down from the sky.

Blood gushed out from his mouth as Ao Baixue crashed onto the ground.

Another silhouette landed gently on the ground, it was Zhao Shu.

He had just returned from Duanren Imperial Palace and rushed over when he sensed the strong energy fluctuation at Southern Hill Estate.

Ao Baixue looked on with a shocked face at Zhao Shu: High-level Saint realm!

Someone who could heavily injure him in one move… only a high-level Saint realm expert was capable of doing that! There was actually a high-level Saint realm expert at Huang Xiaolong\'s side

Despite his feelings of shock due to Zhao Shu being a high-level Saint realm expert, Ao Baixue\'s face recovered his usual calmness, This friend\'s strength is not bad, but if you dare oppose my Deities Templar, there\'s only one endingㅡabsolute death.

Even if you are a high-level Saint realm expert, there is no exception!

Zhao Shu sneered, Really Then I would like to experience how I would meet with absolute death. Without waiting, Zhao Shu attacked again with another palm towards Ao Baixue.

The palm shot out with no fluctuation, it made no whistling sound as it pierced through the air, nor did it make ripples in the fabric of space.

But, Ao Baixue\'s expression was extremely ugly while watching this.

At this moment, a green glow came piercing through space, colliding with Zhao Shu\'s palm print.


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