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Under the large crowds attention, the four charactersReverence Moon Academy suddenly spun.

The flowing veins of light inside the meteorite rock flew out from them and drilled into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong shuddered slightly as the sacred light from his body intensified further.

The light pillars around him became more solid and real, while the tremors running through the Reverence Divine City became more violent, threatening to collapse the city.

Some of the spectating experts were lifted into the air by the energy vibrations from Huang Xiaolongs sacred light.

When the light veins inside the meteorite rock drilled into Huang Xiaolongs back, within a hidden space somewhere in the depths of the imperial courtyard space, a thin old man suddenly opened his eyes from his meditation.

At that moment, every single inch of land and space within the Reverence Moon Academy appeared in his eyes, especially the changes taking place to the meteorite rocks four charactersReverence Moon Academy.

His gaze penetrated through time and space, falling on Huang Xiaolong.

A pause later, a doting smile spread over his face, “Ive waited for so many years.

Youre finally here!”

The light veins inside the meteorite rock were still entering Huang Xiaolongs body, tempering his physique.

To his delight, the light veins seemed to be pure energy gestated by nature, drastically raising his strength.

Half a day later, when the light veins vanished, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had advanced to mid-Second Order Emperor Realm!

Watching this unbelievable scene, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Half a day ago, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was far from advancing to the peak early Second Order Emperor Realm, yet a few hours later, he had already broken through to mid-Second Order Emperor Realm!

This was unheard of.

Probably, not even a level three origin treasure could bring this degree of benefit!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the meteoric rock that had dimmed, returning to its previous state.

Though elated with the harvest, he couldnt help but feel pity.

If the meteorite rocks light energy could have gone on for a few more days, there was a chance he could have directly broken through to Third Order Emperor Realm.

After the meteoric rock returned to normal, only the four charactersReverence Moon Academy were still shining brilliantly.

Just a while ago, Huang Xiaolong had fully comprehended the dao esoterics within the four characters.

Ao Ping stepped out from the crowd and looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression.

He was naturally happy that Huang Xiaolong had succeeded in comprehending the four characters, yet he was also astounded just like any other person in the crowd.

“Your reputation is louder than me now!” Ao Ping teased in a joking manner.

It was as Ao Ping said, imperial courtyards new student, Ao Lis name was louder than him, the Dragon World rulers son.

Huang Xiaolong grinned.

Honestly, his ability to comprehend the four characters in such a short time was all thanks to the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance he had obtained.

If it wasnt for that, even relying on his three supreme godheads, three archdevils bloodline, and dumbfounding comprehending ability, he wouldnt have comprehended the four characters in such a short time.

He had gained a great harvest in comprehending the four characters this time.

It was not merely an increase in his strength or an improvement in every aspect of his physical body, but he had also gained a deeper understanding of heaven and earths power.

The light veins inside the meteoric rock were kind of heaven and earth power.

After years of nurturing inside the meteoric rock, the amount and quality of this power were unimaginable.

This was also the reason why Huang Xiaolong was able to advance from the early Second Order to the mid-Second Order Emperor Realm in half a day.

Even so, the amount of heaven and earth power he was rewarded from comprehending the four characters was a small portion of its entirety.

If another person were to successfully comprehend the four characters, he too would be rewarded with the same amount of heaven and earth power.

“Lets go to Reverence Moon Peak.

Its time for those four old men to fulfill their promises.” Huang Xiaolong said to Ao Ping.

Both made their way back to the Reverence Moon Academy.

The crowd was still lingering outside, each with their own thoughts, watching Huang Xiaolongs back.

“Have you found out what is this Ao Lis origins” Qin Huangzhong asked the old man by his side.

The old man shook his head, “No clue.

This Ao Li first appeared at the Sea of Radiance out of nowhere.

It was said that he has been cultivating around the Sea of Radiance territory.”

“Continue to check!” Qin Huangzhong ordered.

“Also, see what he needs and form a good bond with him.

Better yet, let him serve our Fengdu City!”

“Yes, Young Lord! But if we take in Ao Li, we might offend Dun Hao!”

“For Ao Li, offending Dun Hao is worth it!”

“I understand!”

From that day onwards, various forces sent people to investigate Huang Xiaolongs origin with the intention of recruiting him.


In the meantime, inside the imperial courtyard spaces Reverence Moon Divine Hall, Bin Ge sat gloomily and fumed, “Ao Li and that Ao Ping are heading here from the main entrance!”

Ban Ke added sternly, “Even he successfully comprehended the four charactersReverence Moon Academy, that does not mean he would be able to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul sealed inside the Jade Angel Wall!”

“What if he really manages to resurrect the fourteen-winged angels soul” Ban Hui asked.

Ban Ke choked, unable to think of a response.

Bin Ge snorted, “Of course, we cannot open the sealed Jade Angel Wall so easily!”

Others looked at Bin Ge in surprise.

“Master intends to…” Dun Hao asked hurriedly.

Bin Ge elaborated, “We have sealed the Jade Angel Wall with the Great Nine Gods Formation.

Every time we want to open the seal, we need nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.” He let his words hang...

But the others eyes lit up, immediately catching on Bin Ges intentions.

Dun Hao grinned and said, “As expected of Master!”

Several days later, Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping once again appeared in the Reverence Moon Divine Hall.

Bin Ge spoke, looking at them, “Ao Li, since you succeeded in comprehending the four characters, we would keep our promise and open the Jade Angel Walls seal.

However, we have sealed the Jade Angel Wall with the Great Nine Gods Formation.

To open the seal, we require nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones, but all our supply of high-grade Radiance Divine Stones was used up years back.

So, you would have to wait until we find nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones before opening the seal!”

“What You guys!” Ao Ping was infuriated, “As respectable deputy deans of Reverence Moon Academy, you all actually go back on your words and give us some lame excuses!” What bullsh*t high-grade Radiance Divine Stones, clearly this is just an excuse.

Bai Lui snapped, “Ao Ping, pay attention to your identity.

Even if youre the son of the Dragon World, you are still our academys student in front of us.

Its not like we are refusing to open the seal, but we merely do not have the required high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

What can we do!”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over Bin Ge, Dun Hao, and the others and said in an icy voice, “In other words, if there are nine pieces of high-grade Radiance Divine Stones, you can open the seal”

Bin Ge nodded, “Thats right, if you can take out nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones, we can open the seal!”

It had never occurred to them that Huang Xiaolong or Ao Ping might have the ability to take out high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

high-grade Radiance Divine Stones were rare and hard to find.

It was not something that could be bought with spirit stones.

Dun Hao laughed and said, “Ao Li, you heard it.

The deputy deans are helpless without high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

Wait until the four deputy deans gather all nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

We will notify you!”

Just as Dun Hao finished, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand.

A light filled the entire hall for a second as nine white, shiny stones appeared on the floor.

Earlier, in order to activate the Array of Origin, he had collected one hundred high-grade Radiance Divine Stones.

He had merely consumed a small portion of energy within them.

Thus all of them could still be used.

“These are nine high-grade Radiance Divine Stones,” Huang Xiaolong stated, “There is no need to wait for any notice.

Just open the seal now.”

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