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Lan Zhi wasnt even able to complete his cry for help when he was turned into a mist of blood by the four odd beasts.

His godhead floated in mid-air, and spider web-like cracks formed on its surface.

If any other peak late-Tenth Order Emperor had been in his place, they would be dead beyond a doubt if they were reduced to that state.

However, that was Lan Zhi they were talking about.

Everyone could feel that there was a trace of life left in his godhead.

A trace of light slowly emerged from the depths of his godhead.

It was too bad that a tiny chaos ax formed in mid-air and slammed down on Lan Zhis broken godhead.

A loud explosion resounded in the air as Lan Zhis godhead exploded into a million tiny pieces.

The Brightness Emperor, Lan Zhi, was dead!

When the bishops and pontiffs of the Radiance Divine City saw what happened to Lan Zhi, they felt a tremor running through their hearts.

That was Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi they were talking about! He was the master of the second-ranked Emperor Palace in the Divine World! His prestige didnt lose out to Feng Chu of the Fiend God Emperor Palace in the slightest, and his name had resounded through the Divine World for countless years!

Not to mention that Lan Zhi was the junior brother of Dun Ei, the self-proclaimed leader of the Radiance World! His reputation in the Radiance World was unshakable! However, he was dead!

His death shocked everyone from the Radiance World.

After the tiny chaos ax smashed Lan Zhis godhead into smithereens, it disappeared.

It was as though it had never appeared in the first place.

Without a doubt, the ax that destroyed Lan Zhis hopes of surviving was the manifestation of Huang Xiaolongs Emperors will.

It was the strongest blow Huang Xiaolong could muster!

“Huang Xiaolong!” Dun Ei glared at Huang Xiaolong with bloodshot eyes.

He threw a massive seal in the air and sent it flying towards Huang Xiaolong with his killing intent piercing the heavens.

The massive seal he threw was comparable in size to a mountain, and it emitted rays of brilliant light.

There were countless arrays lining it, and even the strongest arrays present in the Radiance World could be seen shining on the surface of Dun Eis seal!

The seal was none other than the Radiance Divine Seal!

In the eyes of the pontiffs and significant superpowers, the person who held the Radiance Divine Seal was the leader of the Radiance World!

As the seal appeared in the space above Huang Xiaolongs head, it smashed downwards without the slightest warning.

Lu Kun, who had been forced to retreat by the City of Eternity and the twelve winged angels, transformed into a massive blade that slashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

With the threat of the Radiance Divine Seal smashing him into a paste, a brilliant light emerged from the top of Huang Xiaolongs head.

Sixteen wings appeared behind him, and radiance divine runes swirled around them.

A trace of mysterious energy surged out from the runes without any signs of stopping.

Seemingly able to feel the resonance from Huang Xiaolongs sixteen wings, the Radiance Divine Seal started to slow down.

It eventually came to a stop right before it smashed Huang Xiaolong into a paste.

As for the massive blade Lu Kun had transformed himself into, he was stopped by the City of Eternity and Huang Xiaolongs twelve winged angels along with the one hundred Undead Netherguards.


Blade qi erupted from the point of collision and slashed into all the unlucky troops of the Radiance Divine City who failed to dodge in time.

They couldnt even cry out in pain when Lu Kuns blade qi slashed them to bits as they were completely vaporized the instant they came into contact with it.

When the blade qi landed on Huang Xiaolongs Four Spirits Divine Armor, he stumbled several steps backward.

Despite the tiny setback Huang Xiaolong faced due to Lu Kun, Dun Ei wasnt happy at all.

Instead, a gloomy expression hung on his face as he desperately tried to recall the Radiance Divine Seal.

No matter how hard he tried, it wouldnt listen to his command.

It was as though he had lost all connection with it!

“This… This is not possible!” Dun Ei roared.

He had refined the Radiance Divine Seal for several hundred million years.

It had long turned into his possession.

Losing connection with it wasnt supposed to happen!

Sixteen wings!

Huang Xiaolongs sixteen wings!

He glared at the eight pairs of wings on Huang Xiaolongs back with hatred burning in his eyes.

It was clear that he wanted to tear them off his back before blasting them into nothingness!

“Nothing is impossible,” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Dun Ei, I have already accepted the Radiance Ancestors inheritance.

The sixteen wings are formed with the power of his inheritance.

Its formed from the origin power of the Radiance World.

The Radiance Divine Seal was created by the Radiance Ancestor using the Radiance Worlds origin energy.

As long as the seal enters the area controlled by the aura of my sixteen wings, it will belong to me!”

Huang Xiaolong had thought that he wouldnt be able to force Dun Ei to take the Radiance Divine Seal out.

If Dun Ei refused to take it out, he would never be able to obtain the Radiance Divine Seal.

From the looks of things now, it seemed as though he had thought too much.

However, terrifying shockwaves soon blasted Huang Xiaolong before he could rejoice.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong looked at how the Ascending Moon Old Man suppressed Old Monster Lun Zhuan.

Cang Mutian was locked in a fierce battle with the King of Shadows, and Elan was fighting against Chiyou.

Jiang Hong fought tirelessly against Chu Han of the Massacring Gods Gate, as Cang Zongyuan smashed Lin Chengs face in.

The five massive battles between the ten Sovereigns caused the space around them to collapse as chaos airflow appeared in the fractures of space they caused.

Some of the world surfaces that were located closer to the Sovereigns battlefield started to collapse even though the ten of them didnt target them.

The earth cracked, the mountains shattered, and the seas turned over.

Rivers flowed in reverse, and cities crumbled to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered about the battles between the Sovereigns, and he turned his attention back to Lu Kun.

The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his hand as he swiped it towards Lu Kun with a sudden flick of his wrist.

Radiance Divine Flame that covered an area of several hundreds of thousands of feet around the cane shook the galaxies around them.

Summoning the Heavenly Hall, Huang Xiaolong held nothing back as he controlled the Radiance Divine Seal to smash towards Lu Kun at the same time.

The three most important artifacts of the Radiance World surrounded Lu Kun in an instant.

When the three artifacts formed a perfect triangle, they emitted a horrifying pressure, and a beam of light pierced the heavens.

As though the sun itself was undergoing a supernova, the beam of light illuminated the entire world.

Even the experts who were hiding far away could see the massive pillar of light.

In the next instant, a massive figure made from light emerged from the pillar of light.

Everyone in the Radiance World stared at the figure in shock.

“That… Thats the Radiance Ancestor! Is this the revival of the Radiance Ancestor!”

“No! Thats the soul imprint of the Radiance Ancestor!”

Countless experts saw the massive figure of light, and shock gripped their hearts.

When the three supreme artifacts of the Radiance World resonated with each other, they managed to awaken the trace of the soul the Radiance Ancestor had left behind!

Even though it was only a trace of his soul, it possessed the entire might of the Radiance World.

The experts watching the battle were terrified, and Dun Ei felt his body trembling like a leaf in the wind.

The massive figure flipped his palm as everyone was staring at it in shock.

Radiance energy started to gather in its palm, and it was as though it held the entire might of the Radiance World in its hands.

Without hesitation, it slapped downwards at Lu Kun.

Even though Lu Kun had already entered the Sovereign Realm and had cultivated the Myriad Appearances Devil Art, he couldnt help but stare at the attack in shock.

He knew that if the palm landed on him, he would be dead beyond a doubt.

With his cultivation, there was no way he could avoid the attack! After all, he had broken into the Sovereign Realm not too long ago!

Lu Kun raised his head to the heavens and released a guttural cry.

Blacklight poured out from his body, and a pitch-black armor appeared around him.

A crimson devil scorpion could be seen on the armors chest plate, and the devil scorpion had two heads.

There were violet devil runes that ran around the armor.

“Thats the top-grade grandmist artifact, the Crimson Scorpion Armor!”

Several old monsters recognized the armor, and they gasped in shock.

Lu Kun didnt dare to dally as something else appeared in the space above him.

The object that appeared was like the alms bowl a monk would bring around with them, but countless ghastly creatures roamed around inside it.

“Thats the Ghost Bowl!”

The Ghost Bowl was another high-grade grandmist artifact!

Lu Kun poured his energy into the Crimson Scorpion Armor and the Ghost Bowl as he took on the palm flying towards him.


In an instant the palm landed on him, it was as though the world fell apart.

The Ghost Bowl was sent flying, and it failed to stop the giant palm for even a fraction of a second.

As Lu Kuns last line of defense, a massive crimson scorpion appeared from his armor.

Lu Kun raised both his arms and summoned all the strength he had left in him to resist the palm strike.

With him focused on the giant palm, he failed to notice Huang Xiaolongs actions.

A mirror appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand, and no one knew when it appeared.

The instant it made its appearance, a supreme demonic might enveloped the world, and terror gripped the hearts of everyone present.

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