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Chapter 2028: Locating the Imperial Beast Devil Stele

After burying Lan Chong, Huang Xiaolong resumed his search for the devil steles.

Since Lan Chong was dead, the only people left would be Wu Shaowu and the experts of the Heaven Devouring Empire.

According to what Lan Changruo said, the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor was pretty close by.

With their speed, they would be able to locate Wu Shaowu and the members of the Heaven Devouring Empire within an hour.

As they flew, Huang Xiaolong continued to search for the Imperial Beast Devil Stele and the Divine Artifact Devil Stele.

“Xiaolong, if you refine both the devil steles, you might break into the Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

With your talent, no one under the Sovereign Realm will be your opponent!” The little cow piped up all of a sudden.

She had followed Huang Xiaolong for a long time, and it could be said that she had witnessed his growth.

When she thought about the time when Huang Xiaolong was just a weak little kid, she felt as though she was living in a dream.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Even though the two devil steles can allow me to become stronger, they wont allow me to enter the Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

When I refined the Lotus of Darkness, I only managed to enter the Fifth Order Emperor Realm.

If anyone else were to refine it, they should have already entered the high-level Emperor Realm!”

The King of Darkness thought about it for a moment and said, “The more talented one is, the harder it will be to break through.

Xiaolong, you have three supreme godheads and three archdevil bloodlines.

Its indeed extremely difficult for you to break through.

Looking at your difficulty in breaking through, Im afraid breaking through to the Sovereign Realm will be a hundred times more difficult for you…”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

That was the reason he was leaving the Three Lives Flower for the time he wanted to break through to the Sovereign Realm.

Looking at things now, he felt that a single Three Lives Flower wouldnt be enough.

He had already made up his mind to fight for the Blood of Darkness and the Darkness Gold Fruit.

With the Three Lives Flower and the Darkness Gold Fruit, Huang Xiaolong would feel a little better about his chances.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong also had to rack his brains to look for other level two origin treasures.

Level one origin treasures were no longer useful for him, and the only ones he could look for were those above rank two.

Since locating level three origin treasures was harder than ascending the heavens, Huang Xiaolong could only put his hopes on finding level two origin treasures.

As Huang Xiaolong was thinking about obtaining more origin treasures, Wu Shaowu was staring at a massive cliff in front of them on a world surface not too far away.

Brilliant rays of light shot out from Wu Shaowus eyes as he gathered his energy to shatter the cliff before him.

Rays of devilish light slammed against the cliffs face.

Instead of shattering the cliff, a shocking change happened.

Devil runes appeared on the cliffs face, and they soared into the skies.

Beastial roars that seemed to transcend the river of time rang through the air.

Wu Shaowu stared at the cliffs face in delight.

Imperial Beast Devil Stele!

With the violent reaction, he could feel that the Imperial Beast Devil Stele was hidden somewhere in the cliff!

“Great! I finally found the Imperial Beast Devil Stele!” Wu Shaowu roared with laughter.

“With the Imperial Beast Devil Stele, Ill be able to enter the Third Order Sovereign Realm in a hundred million years!”

His figure blurred as he appeared before the cliffs face.

The experts from the Heaven Devouring Empire hastily followed behind him.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty!”

Wu Shaowu chuckled, and he turned around to give his order, “Well attack at the same time to force the Imperial Beast Devil Stele out!”

When they heard him, all the experts from the Heaven Devouring Empire started circulating their godforce.

Since Wu Shaowu had suspected that something was wrong ever since he had lost the first group, he had long since gathered everyone.

Right now, there were more than a hundred Emperors in his group.

If they combined their strength, the power of the attack would shake the heavens.

As they bombarded the cliffs face, the Imperial Beast Devil Stele soon showed itself.

When the devil stele started to rise from the top of the cliffs face, the earth started to shake.

Divine beasts that came from the desolate era appeared and revolved around the devil stele.

Every single one of them was a top-tier one like the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, Twelve Winged Pegasus, Nine Colored Divine Phoenix, Golden Flame Giant Lion, and Radiance Divine Tiger…

When the Imperial Beast Devil Stele appeared, the devil beasts in the divine plane fell to the ground as they trembled in fear.

Looking at the Imperial Beast Devil Stele, a look of delight appeared in Wu Shaowus eyes.

As long as he refined the stele, his cultivation speed and strength would improve tremendously.

If he subdued the souls of all the top-tiered beasts, he would even be able to form a trillion strong army! With an army full of top-tiered beasts, he wouldnt be afraid even if the Two-headed Devil Dragon Emperor came knocking on his door!

The more he thought about it, the brighter the light in his eyes shone.

When the Imperial Beast Devil Stele finally emerged from the ground, Wu Shaowu released a loud cry as he charged towards it.

He tore it from the ground and held it in front of him.

Even though the souls of the divine beasts released maniacal cries and sent waves after waves of energy to slam against Wu Shaowus body, it failed to free itself from his grasp.

Even though the devil stele could easily escape from the group of Emperor Realm experts from the Heaven Devouring Empire, Wu Shaowu was a Second Order Sovereign! Even First Order Sovereigns would be unable to run away if he got his hands on them, let alone an ownerless Imperial Beast Devil Stele.

Despite its identity as the top-ranked devil stele, it was unable to fight back in the hands of Wu Shaowu.

With a shake of his body, Wu Shaowu transformed into a Heaven Devouring Beast.

Opening his gigantic mouth, Wu Shaowu decided to swallow the devil stele before bringing it back to the Kingdom of Devil Beast.

There, no one would be able to bother him.

With his Second Order Sovereign Realm level of cultivation, he would be able to refine the devil stele as long as he had enough time.

Looking at how Wu Shaowu was about to swallow the Imperial Beast Devil Stele, a massive arm broke through space and slammed down towards him.

The arm covered the skies, and it emitted rays of devilish light.

It was as though the embodiment of the Devil Dao had appeared as devil lightning, devil beasts, and phantoms of Archdevils appeared around it.

Wu Shaowus expression changed when he saw the terrifying arm crashing down on him.

He raised his head to the sky and released a heaven-shaking roar, and he could no longer be bothered with the Imperial Beast Devil Stele.

He transformed into a beast several tens of thousands of feet tall in order to resist the attack from the arm.

As he opened his mouth to swallow everything he could to increase his strength, everything on the divine plane flew into the air and towards his mouth.

That was Wu Shaowus special technique.

At full strength, he would be able to swallow an entire star.

Whatever it was, the arm didnt slow down in the slightest as it landed on him.


When it landed on Wu Shaowus chest, he was sent flying off into the distance as a miserable shriek escaped his lips.

He shattered countless mountain peaks, and he eventually landed in a corner of the divine plane.

The ancestors from the Heaven Devouring Empire were dumbfounded when they saw what happened.

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