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Chapter 2051: The Heavenly Hall Vs.

Godly Mt.


Qin Fan was still in shock when sixteen white radiant wings spread out from Huang Xiaolongs back.

A rush of boundless radiance energy originating from the Radiance World flooded into Huang Xiaolong from the void.

Holding the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand, Huang Xiaolong resembled a giant god of light.

“Dun Ei, die!” Huang Xiaolong bellowed loudly, his voice rumbled like divine thunder, shaking heaven and earth.

With one flap of the sixteen wings on his back, Huang Xiaolong arrived above Dun Ei, and the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand pierce downward at the crown of Dun Eis head.

If the Radiance Divine Scepter were to really pierced into Dun Eis skull, even if Dun Ei was an expert with one foot in the Sovereign Realm, his soul and godhead would suffer a great degree of damage.

At that point, even a high-level Sovereign Realm expert would be powerless to rescue Dun Ei.

Dun Ei paled slightly, and radiance godforce gushed out vigorously from his body as he bellowed and thrust the weapon in his hand up, attempting to parry off Huang Xiaolongs attack.

But now, even Chiyou could not withstand the power of Huang Xiaolongs palm strike, much less Dun Ei, who was only a half-step Sovereign.


A sharp noise of colliding metal cut across the air, and the weapon in Dun Eis hand shattered into countless pieces.

The Radiance Divine Scepter continued to pierce down.


Dun Ei screamed, his pupils dilated in horror and despair.

Right at this time, a fire spear shot out from the void, straight at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, your rampage stops here!” The giant fire spear in Fire World Lord Lin Chengs hand rose a tsunami of flames as it went straight for Huang Xiaolongs heart.

“Youre courting death!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes turned icy in an instant, and the Radiance Divine Scepter changed direction with a flick of his wrist, targeting Lin Cheng instead.

The Radiance Divine Scepter collided with the giant spear.

Blinding white light and fiery sparks ricocheted in various directions, and the giant fire spear exploded.

In the same instant, as the explosion happened, the Radiance Divine Scepter pierced forward without any resistance.

Zii—! The Radiance Divine Scepter easily pierced through the protective layer of fire around Lin Cheng, and shot at his forehead, and came out from the back of his head.

The Fire World Lord Lin Chengs body stiffened, and his gaze gradually turned blank as the light in his eyes scattered.

He stared in disbelief at the Radiance Divine Scepter that had pierced through his forehead.

It had never occurred to him that death was so close to him that it would descend faster than lightning.

“My Lord!” Experts of the Fire World shouted in agitation and anger.

Some of them were already attacking Huang Xiaolong.

Several of the attacks hit Huang Xiaolong, and a few of these attacks came from late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts.

Yet Huang Xiaolong didnt budge an inch when these Fire Worlds experts attacks fell on him.

Based on the toughness of his current True Dragon Physique, Ascending Devil Physique, and Radiance Divine Physique, even a peak late-Tenth Order Emperors full force attack could not break his skin; now, only Sovereign Realm experts were capable of injuring him.

The Radiance Divine Scepter turned with a flick of Huang Xiaolongs wrist.

Overwhelming destructive power spun, grinding Lin Chengs godheads within his soul sea into pieces, and Huang Xiaolong pulled out the Radiance Divine Scepter a second before Lin Chengs head exploded.

The lord and ruler of the Fire World, Lin Cheng, was dead!

“Lord!” The Fire Worlds experts screamed hoarsely, full of anguish.

“Huang Xiaolong, lets go to hell together!” Several of the Fire Worlds experts dashed towards Huang Xiaolong in desperation.

Their eyes were scarlet, filled with agony and fury.

Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly.

His body flickered in and out amongst the Fire Worlds experts.

With every flicker, he was bound to leave behind a pillar of blood shooting into the air.

More and more Fire Worlds Emperor Realm Ancestors were slaughtered in the battle in the blink of an eye.

In the meantime, inside the Complete Heaven Palace, two Sovereign Realm experts, the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Shaowu and the Six-Winged Green Mosquito Races Patriarch Du Chen, were in command.

Experts of the Heaven Devouring Empire, Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, and Six-Winged Green Mosquito Race were controlling the Ancient Heavenly Court, ramming straight into the midst of Radiance Divine Citys army.

Every time Ancient Heavenly Hall bombarded the Radiance Divine Citys army, the Radiance Divine City lost several hundred million soldiers, exploding into pieces.

As long as they were within a certain range from the Ancient Heavenly Court, all the soldiers ranking from Heavenly Monarchs to high-level Emperor Realm bishops exploded into a mist of blood; even their souls were annihilated on the spot.

Numerous Radiance Divine Citys bishops and archbishops urged the soldiers to get into positions, forming several layers of greater interconnecting formations that launched attacks at the Ancient Heavenly Court.

But no matter how they attacked, their effort was futile.

All forms of attacks were repelled by the ring of complete heaven starlight that formed a sturdy protective barrier over the Ancient Heavenly Court.

After watching the invincible and unstoppable Ancient Heavenly Court massacring through the army battalions, the experts aiding the Radiance Divine City paled as despair reared its head in their hearts.

Suddenly, the deep rumbles of mantra chanting sounded from the horizon.

A colossal golden mountain was approaching at the speed of light.

It was enshrouded by a ring of sacred Buddha luminance and shadows of various Buddhas, exuding boundless Buddhist energy.

This was the Buddha Worlds most recognizable treasure, the Godly Mt.


The Godly Mt.

Xumi arrived amid the battlefield in the blink of an eye, emitting a bright luminous halo that colored the space golden as it rammed into the Ancient Heavenly Court.

R-rum-rumble! The world shook due to the collision.

The Godly Mt.

Xumi was thrown back slightly over ten thousand li from the collision, whereas the Ancient Heavenly Court was merely thrown over a hundred thousand li.

The Radiance Divine Citys army rejoiced at the arrival of reinforcement.

“Hahaha, the Ancient Heavenly Court is not that great either!” From within the Godly Mt.

Xumi came Ancient Buddha Wu Liangs complacent laughter.

In the distance, the King of Grandmist, who was battling Shi Ming, quickly ordered Jiang Hong and Elan, “Both of you go and help Wu Shaowu and the Six-winged Green Mosquito Race in the Complete Heaven Palace now.”

Although the Ancient Heavenly Court was hailed as the most powerful grandmist treasure artifact, there were only Wu Shaowu and Du Chen, two Sovereign Realm experts, and several hundred experts from both forces driving it.

On the other hand, the Godly Mt.

Xumi had five Sovereign Realm experts, including Ancient Buddha Wu Liang, and half the Buddha Worlds experts inside.

That was why the Ancient Heavenly Court fell downwind in that collision.

“Yes!” Jiang Hong and Elan acknowledged the order.

Both quickly led a group of Grandmist Emperor Palace and Radiance Knight Corps experts into the Complete Heaven Palace.

Immediately, the layer of starlight enshrouding the Ancient Heavenly Court shone brighter than ever as if it carried the boundless starry space with it.

The three hundred and sixty-five stars regained new lives, bursting with radiance.


The Godly Mt.

Xumi and Ancient Heavenly Court collided again.

This time, the Godly Mt.

Xumi was sent tumbling into the far distance, the luminance halo around it dimmed completely.

The shadows of numerous Buddhas around it had all disappeared, and inside the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Ancient Buddha Nan Ran, Wu Liang, and the others wobble unsteadily from the impact.

Their blood flowed reverse from the violent impact.

The Emperor Realm Bodhisattvas and Arhats were coughing blood nonstop.

Ancient Buddha Wu Liang, who was feeling complacent moments ago, looked dumbfounded.

To their horror, the Ancient Heavenly Court was flying towards them once again.

The intense battle continued.

Huang Xiaolong had lost count of how many Emperor Realm Ancestors he had killed, much less those Heavenly Monarch Realm and God King Realm cultivators.

Every time the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand swung out, it was certain to kill a dozen or more Emperor Realm Ancestors.

The Reverence Moon Old Man had kept Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, the King of Shadows, Shi Ming, and Buddhist Ancestor entangled.

Hence, they were unable to extricate themselves to help others.

Therefore, no one on the Radiance Divine Citys side could stop Huang Xiaolongs rampage.

Even with Qin Fan, Yang Gang, Chiyou, Lu Kun, and Chu Han joining hands, they were not Huang Xiaolongs opponents.

At the end of the day, Huang Xiaolong possessed a handful of grandmist treasure artifacts like the Radiance Divine Scepter, City of Eternity, the Nine Yin Magic Mirror, and not forgetting the heart of hell.

Huang Xiaolong divided his concentration into several grandmist treasure artifacts simultaneously, slaughtering through the Radiance Divine Citys army rapidly, giving Qin Fan, Yang Gang, Lu Kun, and Chu Han immense pressure and chill.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had several opportunities to kill Dun Ei amidst the battle, but every time, in the last crucial moments, his attack was blocked by one or the other experts from the Radiance Divine City.

Although Dun Ei had yet to advance to the Sovereign Realm, everyone understood that his presence was essential.

Needless to say, those Emperor Realm Ancestors that blocked Huang Xiaolong from taking Dun Eis life paid for it with their own lives.

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