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Chapter 2059: Enlightenment at the Ksana Divine Temple

The little cow observed Chen Tingfei with curiosity and commented a second later, “There really are this kind of honest-foolish people.”

Huang Xiaolong was also watching Chen Tingfei with interest, “You are really not afraid that I kill you, and flatten your Ksana Divine Sect”

Sensing the murderous aura that suddenly erupted from Huang Xiaolongs body, Chen Tingfeis jaw tightened nervously, but he still determinedly shook his head and said, “My decision remains the same, I wont betray my friends.

Moreover, my Ksana Divine Sects purpose of existence is to protect the Ksana Divine Temple.

We would only recognize the person who successfully obtains the Ksana Divine Temples inheritance.”

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed softly in surprise.

The little cow nodded at Huang Xiaolong, “That is not fake.

Ksana Divine Sect was founded by one of the first generation Fire World Lords guards.

Every generation of Ksana Divine Sect must swear an oath to protect and recognize the person who successfully passes the Ksana Divine Temples restrictions as their master.”

Huang Xiaolong slightly nodded his head at the little cow then turned to face Chen Tingfei again, “In that case, wait for me to pass the Ksana Divine Temples restrictions., You can recognize me as your master then.”

But his tone became stern as he went on, “However, the Punishment Sword Church and the other three churches are spy forces laid down by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe in the Radiance World.

All of them must die!” Huang Xiaolong signaled Elan and the radiance knights to act.

The four super churches pontiffs were powerful, but in front of Elan, a Sovereign Realm expert, the four churches pontiffs and other experts were powerless to resist.

With a backhanded strike, Elan killed several of the four super churches experts.

The Ksana Divine Sect Chief Chen Tingfeis expression changed again, but he did not stop Elan.

In truth, he understood it was futile trying to stop Elan.

However, he had not expected the Earth Pole Church Pontiff Li Yan and the others to be spies placed by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

Seeing the four super churches experts killed off, Huang Xiaolong stopped making things difficult for the Ksana Divine Sect.

He, the little cow, and the others flew towards the Ksana Divine Temple.

The Ksana Divine Temple was built on top of the Ksana Sacred Mountain.

It was a grand and otherworldly building.

The fire seemed to flow through its translucent walls.

It looked as if the entire temple was built with fire, resembling a giant fireball from afar.

Huang Xiaolongs group had already felt scorching hot waves from afar.

The average Tenth Order Heavenly Monarchs would have a hard time bracing through this degree of extremely high heat.

Huang Xiaolong had the Radiance Knight Corps guard at the mountain foot while he, the little cow, King of Darkness, Du Hai, and Elan flew to the top of Ksana Sacred Mountain.

When Huang Xiaolongs group descended on the open space in front of the Ksana Divine Temples main entrance, an abrupt buzzing noise rang in the air as violent waves of divine flames burst out from the temple doors.

“Watch out.

These are the Ksana Divine Flames! Its one of the most powerful divine fires in the Fire World!” The King of Darkness shouted a reminder to everyone.

Huang Xiaolong did not dare to proceed carelessly.

In a flash, his body was enshrouded by a protective barrier of resplendent lights.

The group stood in front of the majestic temple doors after braving through the wall of Ksana Divine Flames.

Looking at the Ksana Divine Temples majestic doors, Huang Xiaolong solemnly said to the little cow, “Its enough.

I will go in alone.

If I dont come out in half a years time, you guys head to Hell first.”

The little cow understood that Huang Xiaolong was referring to the Hells ancient clans alliance.

“Dont worry about it.” The little cow smacked her lips and added, “Although Hells ancient clans alliance is not weak, the only troublesome character is the Ghost Worlds Scorpio Clans old ancestor.

Other forces patriarchs and old ancestors are just the matter of this cows one kick.”

The Ghost Worlds Scorpion Clans old ancestor was the sole person who could be considered as an overlord.

In fact, Fengdu City Lord Qin Fans title as the strongest person of Ghost World was an exaggeration at most.

It was similar to Jiang Hongs reputation as the strongest person in the Divine World.

As an afterthought, Huang Xiaolong added to the King of Darkness, Du Hai, and Elan, “If I still have not returned after youve dealt with Hells ancient clans alliance, you guys accompany Xiaoniu to the Demon World first.

After you guys have unified the Demon World, send troops to help my Senior Brother to take over the Divine World!”

Currently, the Old Crow Ancestor was absent from the Demon World.

This was an opportune time for the little cow to sweep the Old Crow Ancestors forces and unify the Demon World.

After roping the Demon World, it would be the Divine Worlds turn.

As for the Buddha World, Huang Xiaolong wanted to settle it himself.

“Yes!” Elan and the others responded while nodding their heads.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong pooled his godforce to his palms and pushed open the Ksana Divine Temples doors, and stepped inside.

The Ksana Divine Temple doors closed by themselves as Huang Xiaolong disappeared into the hall within.

In the instant Huang Xiaolong stepped into the Ksana Divine Temple, what appeared before his eyes was not some sort of a temple hall, but an endless stretch of divine fire.

Huang Xiaolong circulated the supreme fire element godforce from his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, cloaking himself entirely in dancing flames, and walked through the endless stretch of divine fire.

With every step he took, the surrounding divine fires temperature seemed to rise a degree.

Still standing in front of the Ksana Divine Temples doors, the King of Darkness looked at the tightly shut doors with a concerned expression as asked, “Xiaolong wont have any problems, right”

The little cow stared at the King of Darkness with a strange gaze, then chuckled naughtily, “After following that kid for a few years, you wont ask this kind of question anymore.

You will realize that none of the miracles in the world are special when compared to him.

What Im worried about is not whether he can successfully pass the Ksana Divine Temples test, but how much time he is going to take to complete it.”

“It took that fire element king of supreme godhead genius three months just to pass the first restriction and more than a hundred years to pass the ten restrictions on the outer level.

Almost ten thousand years had passed by the time he had reached the twentieth restriction.” The Six-Winged Green Mosquito Races Old Ancestor Du Hai went on in a solemn voice, “As for His Majesty, the King of Hell, it would probably take at least a dozen years, wont he”

A dozen years was Du Hais optimistic opinion.

It might take Huang Xiaolong a hundred years, even a thousand years and more.

While the little cow and the rest waited outside, five months passed by in the blink of an eye.

“Looks like the kid wont be coming out within half a year.” The little cow got up from the ground from her lazy posture.

“Come on.

Were going to Hell first!”

The rest nodded in agreement.

Thus, the overlords left with a group of Radiance Knight Corp in two.

However, considering Huang Xiaolongs safety, the little cow had the King of Darkness stay behind.

She, Du Hai, the King of Grandmist, and Cang Mutian were enough to deal with the Hells ancient clans alliance and sweep the Old Crow Ancestors forces in the Demon World.

When the little cows group left, Huang Xiaolong had stepped into the space of Ksana Divine Temples tenth restriction.

Each restriction had its individualspace, and within each space was a different kind of divine fire.

Every time Huang Xiaolong successfully passed a restriction, the flames around his body would burn brighter and more intense as he absorbed all the rules of fire and power into his body.

By the time Huang Xiaolong stepped into the tenth restrictions space, the flames around his body were shining like fire jades, exuding a fiery ember luster.

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had risen to the peak of early Eighth Order Emperor Realm.

While Huang Xiaolong continued to comprehend and break through the Ksana Divine Temples restrictions, at the end of the myriad of worlds stood an imposing city among the turbulent chaos qi.

One could barely imagine how high the city walls were as no one could not see the top of it.

In fact, the whole city resembled a massive world surface, and this was the City of All-Heavens.

The number one city of the myriad realms, the pilgrimage land of the myriad worlds cultivators.

In the center of the City of All-Heavens was a grand and luxurious divine palace.

This was the All-Heavens Divine Palace.

In the divine palaces main hall sat a stalwart, square-faced middle-aged man.

He also had a pair of gigantic palms as if he held the myriad worlds in his palms.

This was Lord Wan Shis son, Wan Yue.

Further down on the left of the dais sat the City of All-Heavens experts, and the previous All-Heavens Envoy Yang Gang was amongst them.

On the right row sat the Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, King of Shadows, Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen, and Shi Ming.

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