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Chapter 2068: Wanshis Grandson

“Ive got a word that Huang Xiaolong has been in seclusion inside the Complete Heaven Palace for the last few decades.” The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming stated in a serious tone, “With Huang Xiaolongs terrifying potential and cultivation speed, Im afraid he has already advanced to early Tenth Order Emperor Realm!”

“So true, there are only eighteen years left until the Darkness Golden Fruit and Blood of Darkness ripen By that time, Huang Xiaolong probably would have broken through to the peak mid-Tenth Order, maybe even late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm!” Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen said with a sullen face.

“Huang Xiaolong could kill a First Order Sovereign when he was an Eighth Order Emperor with his heaven-defying prowess.

If Huang Xiaolong really broke through to late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, Im afraid that even a late-Third Order Sovereign, facing him, wont be safe!”

Old Monster Lun Zhuan felt the words profoundly and agreed, “At that time, there is hardly anyone who can suppress Huang Xiaolong.

People like Qin Fan and Yang Gang probably wont be able to take one hit from him!”

Qin Fan and Yang Gang looked awkward, being mentioned.

But they understood that Old Monster Lun Zhuan was stating a fact.

Both of them had battled Huang Xiaolong.

Thus they had experienced first-hand how terrifying Huang Xiaolong was.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun sat at the end of the row and kept silent.

The young man seated opposite Di Jun laughed nonchalantly and interjected, “Is Huang Xiaolong really that terrifying Im really interested in exchanging some moves with him and have a little fun.”

This young man was born with thick, sword-shaped brows and spirited eyes.

He was enshrouded by a mesmerizing prism of lights.

He was at the pinnacle of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor.

He was the only Emperor Realm cultivator in the hall, all others present were all Sovereign experts.

Yet, this young man was calm and composed while facing so many Sovereign Realm experts.

“Hehe, although that Huang Xiaolongs battle prowess is amazing, he cannot be counted as something compared with good nephew Wan Zhuo.” The King of Shadows chuckled in a fawning manner as he added, “Who isnt aware of Nephew Wan Zhuos outstanding talent in the myriad worlds”

This young man was none other than Wan Yues son, Wan Zhuoyuan!

Lord Wan Shis grandson!

It was said that Wan Zhuoyuans cultivation talent was many times higher than Lord Wan Shi himself.

From the time Wan Zhuoyuan was born, he had already reached the pinnacle of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm in less than ten thousand years of cultivation.

One could imagine Wan Zhuoyuans amazing talent.

However, no one knew how monstrous Wan Zhuoyuans talent was exactly.

Some days back, Wan Zhuoyuan had suppressed his cultivation down to mid-Third Order Emperor Realm and fought with Di Jing.

Di Jing couldnt even take one move from Wan Zhuoyuan.

Wan Zhuoyuan smiled silently, receiving the King of Shadows flattery, “When the Darkness Gold Fruit and Blood of Darkness ripes, leave that Huang Xiaolong to me.

I want to capture him personally.

I want to show everyone in the myriad worlds who really is the number one genius of the younger generation!”

Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, Shi Ming, King of Shadows, and Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen exchanged a doubtful look.

Although it was rumored that Wan Zhuoyuans talent was heaven-defying, it still remained a rumor.

On the other hand, it was a fact that Huang Xiaolong possessed three king of supreme godheads and three archdevils bloodline.

Was this Wan Zhuoyuan strong enough to be Huang Xiaolongs opponent

The fleeting doubt in Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the others eyes did not escape Wan Zhouyuans eyes.

Wan Zhouyuan glanced at his father, Wan Yue, and saw Wan Yue lightly nodding his head.

Then, Wan Zhouyuan stood up from his seat and released his aura, startling the heavens and shaking the entire City of All-Heavens.

Whether it was Shi Ming, King of Shadows, or the Scorpion Clans Old Ancestor Chen Fushan, none of them could conceal the shock in their hearts.

“This!” Qin Fan, Yang Gang, and Di Jun actually felt suffocated under the overwhelming pressure from Wan Zhouyuan.

Low-level Sovereign Realm experts like them actually felt that there was an enormous chaos mountain pressing down on their chests, rendering them immobile.

Qin Fan, Yang Gang, and Heavenly Emperor Di Jun were astounded.

They could not move at all.

If they were in a battle, they were no different than a fish on a chopping board.

Seeing the shock on Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the others faces, Wan Yue finally spoke, “Frankly, even I and my father are continuously astonished by this kid Zhouyuans talent.

My father once said that this kid would still be able to step into high-level Sovereign Realm with his own efforts even without any mid-rank origin treasures!”

Step into high-level Sovereign Realm!

Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the others hearts quickened hearing that.

Lord Wan Shi is so certain! This means Wan Zhuoyuans talent has exceeded their imagination.

Wan Zhuoyuan added, “In truth, I can successfully break through to Sovereign Realm even without the Darkness Gold Fruit.

I can break through anytime and anywhere at my current realm, given my talent.

The reason I want to get the Darkness Gold Fruit and employ the City of All-Heavens resources is to reach the mid-First Order Sovereign Realm in one go!”

Able to break through anytime, anywhere!

It was as if, to Wan Zhuoyuan, breaking through to the Sovereign Realm was as easy as drinking water.

However, this time, Old Monster Lun Zhuan, Old Crow Ancestor, and the rest did not doubt Wan Zhuoyuans words.

Because, judging from the overwhelming aura coming from Wan Zhouyuan, he did have this ability.

Moreover, they had never heard of anyone capable of breaking through to mid-First Order Sovereign Realm in one go in the myriad worlds, yet Wan Zhuoyuan dared to say this out confidently.


After Huang Xiaolong entered the Radiance Flame Volcano, he reached the bottom of the volcano.

He immediately saw the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels he had sent inside many years ago.

The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels fourteen wings were completely unfurled.

Layers of radiance energy enveloped both of them, forming a large sphere-shaped boundary around them.

Streams of radiance flames flowed continuously from underground, entering the radiance boundary, and then, it was absorbed by the two Radiance Angels.

Huang Xiaolong could see that their one foot was in Sovereign Realm, but it would still take them some years and effort to successfully break through.

Huang Xiaolong chose a spot not far away from the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels and sat down cross-legged.

He took out the Three Lives Flower, adjusted his condition to the peak, and then began circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to refine the Three Lives Flower.

In an instant, streams of origin energy flowed into Huang Xiaolongs body from the Three Lives Flower.

He was immediately enshrouded in a flickering halo.

Three Lives Flower represents ones past life, present life, and future.

The meaning of three lives contained profound mysteries of the universe, which was why the Three Lives Flower could increase the chances of Huang Xiaolong breaking through to the Sovereign Realm.

As Huang Xiaolong absorbed the Three Lives Flowers origin energy and comprehended the mysteries of origin within, the fire qi from the Radiance Flame Volcanos underground rushed madly towards Huang Xiaolong.

This radiance fire qi was several hundred times stronger than the fire qi being absorbed by the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels.


A year later.

The temperature at the Radiance Flame Volcanos bottom spiked up.

The halo enshrouding Huang Xiaolong had reached ten thousand radius.

All sixteen wings were completely unfurled.

His three archdevils bloodline phantoms stood high in the air.

At the same time, his three avatars sat in a circle around him, forming a four-statues formation.

These three avatars were also absorbing the radiance fire qi from the Radiance Flame Volcano at a shocking speed.

As time flowed by, four years went by in the blink of an eye.

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