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Chapter 2090: Four Spirit Jade Zoysia

Chen Xie, the Hundred Transformation Sects old ancestor, laughed and nodded his head, “Thats true.

An origin treasure like the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia will definitely fall into the hands of those fated to obtain it.

We have already been stuck at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm for such a long time, and we will be able to break through to the Sovereign Realm with a little push! Right now, we are the most fated ones to obtain the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia!”

However, Chen Xies expression soon fell.

“Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong appeared in Saint Devil City.”

When they heard his name, both of them felt a sense of fear and hatred blooming in their hearts.

Huang Xiaolong had killed their disciples and experts loyal to them.

They were the only ones who had managed to escape.

Of course, they had only managed to escape due to a stroke of luck.

Otherwise, they would have long since died at Huang Xiaolongs hands.

The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor sneered, “Huang Xiaolong is nothing more than a crazed dog.

He bites everyone he sees.

However, he wont be able to run around for much longer.

Ive received news that Lord Wan Shi is about to leave seclusion.

With his strength, he will be able to crush Huang Xiaolong easily! Huang Xiaolong will die a miserable death at his hands!”

“At that time, the Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Grandmist, Old Ancestor Azure Cow, Cang Mutian, and the others will definitely be punished by Lord Wan Shi!”

“Everyone related to Huang Xiaolong will perish!”

“Now, as long as we obtain the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia, we will be able to enter the Sovereign Realm.

After we submit to Lord Wan Shi, we will be able to take control of the Devil World after Lord Wan Shi kills that brat!”

Chen Xies eyes lit up, and he chuckled, “Thats right! As long as we manage to enter the Sovereign Realm, well submit to the City of All-Heavens! With good performance, Lord Wan Shi might just allow us to do so!”

The two of them increased their speed as they sped towards the Twin Devil Mountain Range.

An hour passed in a flash, and after a massive battle, Huang Xiaolong finally took the Flying Devil Python down.

When he finally subdued the Flying Devil Python, Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

When the fight had just started, Huang Xiaolong had felt that it was extremely difficult to suppress the beast.

Only when he summoned the five great devil steles did he manage to gain the upper hand slowly.

With the Imperial Beast Devil Stele, he finally managed to subdue it.

After seeing Huang Xiaolongs successful attempt, the little cow and Cang Mutian heaved a sigh of relief.

Riding on the head of the massive Flying Devil Python, Huang Xiaolong returned.

“Hehe, big guy, we meet again.” The little cow stared at the giant python, and a smile appeared on her face.

In the past, the little cow had fought with the Flying Devil Python several times, so they could be considered old acquaintances.

Despite herwarm greeting, the Flying Devil Python responded with a heaven-shaking roar.

It glared at the little cow with a look of hatred, and there was no doubt it hated the little cow with a passion.

“Big guy, now that Heavenless is no longer around, you better behave yourself.

Ill skin you alive if you mess with me!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at Cang Mutian, and the both of them nearly burst out laughing.

“According to the Flying Devil Python, the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia is located in the valley ahead.

The two of us shall head over to look for it!” Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow and Cang Mutian as he said.

The little cow nodded, “Alright.

Mutian and I will remain here.”

With the two of them, no one in the Devil World would be able to snatch the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

Huang Xiaolong was extremely clear about the strength the two of them possessed.

With the two of them protecting the lotus, he knew that there wouldnt be a problem.

As such, he rode on the head of the Flying Devil Python and headed straight towards the valley.

With their speed, the two of them would be able to arrive in the valley in less than half an hour.

As they went looking for the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia, the group of experts slowly started to make their way towards the Twin Devil Mountain Range after noticing that the fluctuations in the air had disappeared.

Twenty minutes later… Huang Xiaolong and the Flying Devil Python finally arrived in the air above the valley.

“Are we here” Huang Xiaolong stared at the valley beneath him and asked.

The valley below them was extremely large, and it was filled with rolling devil qi.

Bursts of light occasionally appeared from inside the valley, but no matter how hard Huang Xiaolong tried, he failed to locate the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The Flying Devil Python replied.

It could see the suspicion in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and it quickly explained itself, “The Heavenless Archdevil Lord was the one who planted the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia.

Its located in a jade cave at the bottom of the valley, and Lord Heavenless placed tons of restrictions at the entrance of the cave.

Master has to personally break the restrictions before him to be able to feel them.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up after hearing the pythons explanation.

In the next instant, the Flying Devil Python brought Huang Xiaolong as they shot towards the jade cave at the bottom of the valley.

With less than ten breaths of time, Huang Xiaolong stood at the entrance of the cave.

The entrance wasnt big as it was located in the middle of a cliff face.

Other than a hole in the cliff face, there was nothing else in the surroundings.

If not for the fact that the Flying Devil Python was the Heavenless Archdevil Lords mount, Huang Xiaolong would have spent a huge amount of time locating the entrance.

When he looked at the entrance of the jade cave, Huang Xiaolongs Sovereigns will formed the tiny chaos axe as he slammed it against the restrictions.

With a massive explosion, the valley started to shake, and the earth trembled.

“Whats going on!”

“Hurry up and head over there!”

There was a group of experts from the Hundred Transformation Devil Sect and the Lightning Beast Valley in the area.

As soon as they heard the commotion, they shot towards the valley.

“Huh” Huang Xiaolong stared at the restrictions around the cave, and he sucked in a cold breath.

He didnt expect the Heavenless Archdevil Lord to be able to set up such strong restrictions.

Without any other choice, Huang Xiaolong slammed the tiny chaos axe towards the entrance once again.

After several tries, a crisp shattering sound reverberated through the air as brilliant light filled the space around the cave.

Four different colored lights shot towards the skies, and origin energy filled the valley.

The experts stared at the four pillars of light before them, and a look of delight appeared on their faces.

“There are four pillars of light! With the amount of origin energy pouring out from the valley, the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia is definitely there! Hurry up and report this!” One of the experts from the Hundred Transformation Devil Sect exclaimed in joy.

“Report this to Lord Archdevil Ancestor!” The experts of the Lightning Beast Valley reacted quickly as well.

When Chen Xie and the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor received the news, they couldnt help but go wild with joy.

“I knew it! We were the fated ones! The Four Spirit Jade Zoysia belongs to us for sure!” The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor roared with laughter, “Our chance has come!”

A smile appeared on Chen Xies face, and he failed to hide the excitement he was feeling.

“Quick! We have to head over there immediately! As soon as we obtain the Four Spirit Jade Zoysia, we shall look for a hidden location to break through to the Sovereign Realm!”

The Sovereign Realm was something they had worked towards for several hundreds of millions of years.

They had dreamed of breaking through many times in the past, and right now, their dreams were about to come true!

The two of them increased their speed as they charged towards the valley.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he looked at the two stalks of Four Spirit Jade Zoysia that slowly floated out from the jade cave before him.

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