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Chapter 2097: Refining the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus

When Zhao Rou heard what Cang Mutian said, she shot him a look of appreciation.

All the experts from the Two-headed Devil Dragon Empire looked at Huang Xiaolong apprehensively.

Even though Cang Mutian had already pleaded for mercy, everyone knew that Huang Xiaolong would be the one to make the final decision.

Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a moment, and he eventually nodded his head.

“Since Senior Mutian is pleading on Zhao Yuans behalf, Ill let Zhao Yuan off if he submits to me!”

A smile slowly appeared on Zhao Rous face when she heard Huang Xiaolongs intentions.

It was too bad a cold sneer resounded through the air at that very moment.

“Huang Xiaolong, how dare you show off in front of us If youre really strong enough, go flaunt your strength in front of Lord Wan Shi!”

“Lord Wan Shi is about to leave seclusion at any moment.

As soon as he completes his seclusion, it will be your doomsday! Huang Xiaolong, in front of Lord Wan Shi, you can only tuck your tail between your legs and run! Zhao Yuan, if you submit to Huang Xiaolong right now, do you know what will happen to your emperor country!”

“Submitting to Huang Xiaolong is akin to going against the City of All-Heavens! If that happens, you will never be able to raise your head ever again!”

“Zhao Yuan, if that happens, your end will be a hundred times worse than what it is now!”

The voice seemed to originate from the void itself.

No one managed to pinpoint the origin of the voice.

A cold light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

It seemed as though the person stirring the pot was one of the Sovereigns he had sent flying previously.

He had never thought that even after sustaining such serious injuries, the two Sovereigns would continue to remain in the mountain range.

Before the voice threatened them with Lord Wan Shis might, there were tons of powers who were thinking about submitting to Huang Xiaolong in order to worm their way out of this.

However, they changed their minds when they heard the stakes.

It was true.

Huang Xiaolong had already sowed a huge enmity with the City of All-Heavens.

He had killed tons of Sovereign Realm experts from the other side during the battle in the World of Darkness, and there was no way the City of All-Heavens would allow Huang Xiaolong to run free.

Regardless of how terrifying Huang Xiaolongs reputation was, it was still a far cry from the high-level Sovereign, Wan Shi.

After all, Wan Shi had already entered the high-level Sovereign Realm several billion years ago.

He was the strongest man under the heavens! Not to mention the fact that he had entered seclusion in order to comprehend a secret art.

No one knew how strong he would be when he finally left seclusion.

If they were to submit to Huang Xiaolong right now, they would be going against the City of All-Heavens.

Their end would be several times more miserable than dying to Huang Xiaolong!

Cang Mutians gaze arrived in one of the spots in the distance as he sneered, “Old Monster Snow, there is no need to hide yourself.

Do you really think that I wont be able to sniff you out if you conceal your aura”

“What do you have to gain from doing all of this Did you receive some benefits from the City of All-Heavens Even if you manage to run away today, well trample on your Heavenly Snow Mountain in the near future!”

Everyone who heard what Cang Mutian said jumped in shock.

“Heavenly Snow Mountain!

“Heavenly Snow Old Monster!”

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was a terrifying existence in the Devil World.

The Heavenly Snow Old Monster was an expert who lived in the same generation as Cang Mutian and the Heavenless Archdevil Lord, and he was a monstrous existence.

When Cang Mutian had disappeared in the past, the Heavenly Snow Old Monster and his faction, the Heavenly Snow Mountain, had gone into hiding.

No one had thought that they would appear after so many years.

Several ancestor-level figures in the Emperor Realm who were born in the later generation had no idea who the Heavenly Snow Old Monster was.

However, the same couldnt be said for the other old ancestors and experts.

When they heard his title, their expressions changed.

“Hehe, Cang Mutian, stop trying to scare me here.

You had an illustrious reputation in the past, but now, youre nothing more than Huang Xiaolongs dog! A dog like you has no right to bark at me!” The Heavenly Snow Old Monsters mocking voice resounded through the air.

It was too bad the words barely left his mouth when Cang Mutian transformed back into his true form.

A massive Dragon Bear soared through the air as a palm slammed into the void.

A miserable cry entered the ears of everyone present as flurries of snow descended to the ground.

Upon closer inspection, everyone realized that the snow was a faint red in color.

There was no doubt it was the blood of the Heavenly Snow Old Monster!

“Cang Mutian, just you wait! As long as Lord Wan Shi leaves seclusion, youll die a horrible death along with Huang Xiaolong!” The Heavenly Snow Old Monsters voice became softer and softer as he flew away into the distance.

It was clear that Cang Mutians attack had heavily injured him.

After the Heavenly Snow Old Monsters departure, Zhao Yuan eventually nodded his head, and agreed to submit to Huang Xiaolong.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong sent his grandmist worm into Zhao Yuans godhead.

When everyone saw how Zhao Yuan had already submitted to Huang Xiaolong, they knew there was no chance of obtaining the origin treasure.

All of them led their troops as they beat a hasty retreat.

Just like that, half an hour passed, and the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus completed its transformation.

When it completed its ascension to a high-level four origin treasure, blinding rays of green light filled the entire Twin Devil Mountain Range.

In the instant it completed its transformation, Huang Xiaolong circulated the power of the Ancient Heavenly Court to the fullest and absorbed it back into the Complete Heaven Palace.

Countless rays of starlight fell, and the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus appeared in the space above the palace.

Several experts who were reluctant to leave wanted to properly determine the level of origin treasure before Huang Xiaolong kept it away.

Too bad for them, Huang Xiaolong moved too quickly, and they couldnt even catch a glimpse of the green lotus.

“Were leaving.” After retrieving the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus, Huang Xiaolong didnt plan on staying around.

He jumped on the little cow as his entire group left the mountain range.

The three Skull Ancestors had long since received the order from Huang Xiaolong as they returned to Saint Devil City in order to wait for him.

After he left, Huang Xiaolong and the others charged through the Devil Holy Ground in order to reach a deserted land.

“What do you think about this place” Huang Xiaolong turned and asked the Little Cow and Cang Mutian.

They nodded their heads.

The location he had chosen was a pretty good place for seclusion.

It was a desolate area with spiritual veins hidden deep in the earth.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong and the others sank deep into the ground and arrived several dozen thousand feet beneath the surface.

They opened a space around them and quickly set up tons of formations around them.

If anything were to happen in the outside world, they would be able to learn about it instantly.

“Ill leave six petals for the Reverence Moon Dean…” Huang Xiaolong retrieved the lotus, and he spoke of his plans to the little cow and Cang Mutian.

After all, the Reverence Moon Old Man had already been stuck at the peak of the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm for a long time.

The little cow naturally knew what Huang Xiaolong was thinking about, and she shook her head.

“Its not that easy to enter the high-level Sovereign Realm.

Even if you give him six petals, he might not be able to break through! You should refine it completely.

You should be able to break into the mid-level Sovereign Realm after refining the lotus, and with your combat strength, you will be able to fight against high-level Sovereigns!”

Cang Mutian nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

Xiaolong, right now, our hopes are all on you.

The only thing you need to do now is the enter the mid-level Sovereign Realm as quickly as possible!”

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath, and he nodded his head solemnly.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the Flying Devil Python entered the space they had carved out on their own, and Huang Xiaolong quickly summoned the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Inside the Complete Heaven Palace, Huang Xiaolong sat with his legs crossed as he slowly rose into the air.

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