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Chapter 2128: Divine Burial Grand Art

Seeing as Di Jing had already surrounded the area, Li Jun took a step forward and volunteered to take Huang Xiaolong down.

“Lord Di Jing, should I go bring them to you”

Di Jing smiled and refused.

“There is no need for that.

Even if they plan on hiding in there, they wont be able to do so for long.

Even though defensive restrictions protect this courtyard, our law enforcement faction has a secret technique to open up the formation.

They wont be able to hide forever.”

Li Jun finally relaxed when he heard what Di Jing said.

Since Huang Xiaolong and the others took their time, Di Jing failed to capture any signs of movement even after a full minute.

A frown formed on his face, and he instructed the disciples under him, “Get ready.

If they dont emerge after ten seconds, well open the restriction and kill our way in!”

“Yes, Lord Di Jing!”

The defensive barrier around the courtyard flickered before they could make their move, and it slowly closed.

Watching the defensive barrier disappear, Li Jun chuckled, “It seems like they know whats good for them.

Even if they hide in there, nothing good will come out of it.” The next thing he saw was Huang Xiaolong and the others leaving the manor.

When Di Jing and the others saw that several figures were emerging from the manor, they charged downwards in order to apprehend them.

When Di Jing finally saw Huang Xiaolongs appearance, his body jerked to a stop, and he froze in mid-air.

His expression changed.

Before the Battle of the Heavenly Court had started, he had felt that Huang Xiaolong wasnt a match for him.

When it had ended, his hatred for Huang Xiaolong had seeped deep into his bones.

He had sworn that there would come a day when he crushed Huang Xiaolong under his feet.

When the day came, he would finally be able to wash off the humiliation Huang Xiaolong had bestowed upon him!

As time passed, Huang Xiaolongs accomplishments had spread through the lands, and Di Jing had become ever more depressed.

He understood that there was no longer a way for him to surpass Huang Xiaolong.

He couldnt do anything to Huang Xiaolong, and there was nothing he could do about it!

Ever since then, Di Jing could no longer get a good night\'s sleep.

Every time he closed his eyes, nightmares of Huang Xiaolong would fill his mind.

Li Jun didnt notice Di Jings abnormality and quickly approached Huang Xiaolong and the others.

A sinister look appeared on his face as he snapped, “Brat, now that Lord Di Jing and the law enforcers are here, why are you not on your knees Hurry up and surrender!”

“Kneel and surrender” A brilliant smile appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Raising his arm, he pointed towards Di Jing, “Are you relying on him to throw your weight around”

Li Jun and the other disciples of the Dark Curses Sect stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

They never expected him to ignore the authority of the Heavenly Worlds law enforcement faction!

Is he planning to go against the Heavenly World!

How could that be possible! Even the All-Heavens City didnt dare to challenge the Heavenly Worlds authority!

Feeling at a loss, Li Jing turned around to look for Di Jing.

When he saw the look of fear on Di Jings face, a sense of unease filled his heart.

The words became stuck in his throat, and he quickly closed his mouth.

“Huang… Huang Xiaolong!” Di Jing stuttered as he broke the awkward silence.

Huang Xiaolong!

His Majesty, the King of Hell!

Li Jun and the other disciples of the Dark Curses Sect felt a bomb going off in their heads.

Turning his head stiffly, Li Jun turned to look at Huang Xiaolong as the blood drained from his face.

His body started to tremble non-stop.

Huang Xiaolong ignored all of them as he stared at Di Jing.

“As it turns out, Heavenly Prince Di Jing is here! It has been so many years since we last met, and Ive always been thinking of you! It seems as though youve been living quite comfortably.”

“Should I kill you now Or should I do it after my battle with the Heavenly Master”

It was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to wipe out their past grievances with a single smile when it came to someone like Di Jing.

After all, no one knew if Di Jing would obtain a Complete Dao Saint Godhead, saint physique, and saint bloodline when he entered the Sovereign Realm.

If that were to happen, he might be able to threaten Huang Xiaolongs loved ones!

That would really be a problem.

As such, Di Jing had no choice but to die!

When Di Jing heard what Huang Xiaolong said, his expression sank.

Desperately trying to suppress the fear and shock in his heart, Di Jing said in a calm voice, “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that you will be able to defeat Senior Heavenly Master! Senior Heavenly Masters strength isnt something the likes of you can imagine.

You should surrender now and admit your defeat.

Senior Heavenly Master might spare you and allow you to work under him after taking your incredible talent into account.”

Di Jing was right.

With Huang Xiaolongs talent and strength, the Heavenly Master might really accept Huang Xiaolong as a subordinate if he planned on surrendering.

Of course, that could only happen if Huang Xiaolong handed the lightning bead over to him.

Huang Xiaolong nearly burst into laughter when he heard what Di Jing said.

“Not a bad suggestion.

Its too bad I never had the habit of working for anyone.

Im not even going to consider your suggestion.”

A cold light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he continued, “I was planning to deal with you after the battle.

Too bad I just made up my mind.

Lets not wait for the end of the battle!”

As soon as the words left Huang Xiaolongs lips, a look of horror appeared on Di Jings face.

Before he could escape, Huang Xiaolong casually raised his arm and pointed at the space between Di Jings eyebrows.

Darkness energy pierced through Di Jings glabella before devouring him whole.

In the blink of an eye, Di Jing turned into a pile of black ash.

When Li Jun and the others saw Di Jings miserable state, a terrified look appeared in their eyes.

It was too bad the Flying Devil Python wasnt going to allow them to escape as it swept its tail across and turned everyone into a mist of blood.

Ten seconds later, the news of Huang Xiaolongs appearance in the Heavenly World started to sweep through the world.

All the experts who had rushed over to watch the battle could no longer keep their calm, and it was especially so when they heard about Di Jings death.

It hadnt been long since Huang Xiaolong entered the Heavenly World.

However, he had already hunted one of his old enemies down!

One had to know that Di Jing was a captain in the Heavenly Worlds law enforcement faction.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong arrived, he killed Di Jing.

It was clear that he was challenging the Heavenly Worlds authority! Everyone could see that Huang Xiaolong held no respect for the Heavenly Master!

“Huang Xiaolong is too arrogant! He doesnt know how to restrain himself even in the Heavenly World! Hes definitely going to die during the battle with Senior Heavenly Master!”

“Ive heard that Senior Heavenly Master managed to master the Divine Burial Grand Art.

When cultivated to the highest level, the Divine Burial Grand Art will be able to bury greater worlds with ease!”

Everyone couldnt help but suck in a cold breath when they heard about the horrors of the Divine Burial Grand Art.

A massive palace hovered in the air in the Heavenly Worlds core region, and it went without a doubt that it belonged to the most important person in the Heavenly World.

Thats right.

It was the Heavenly Masters divine palace.

In the palace, there were more than ten supreme experts.

Wan Shi, the Dark Curses Old Ancestor, the senior commanders of the law enforcement faction, Xu Yang, Liu Yunyun, and several others were present.

None of them were existences weaker than overlords.

When Wan Shi had battled with Huang Xiaolong in the City of All-Heavens, Xu Yang and Liu Yunyun had managed to detect the anomaly and escape before Wan Shi had unleashed the Great Purity Secret Art.

If the two of them hadnt escaped, there was no way Wan Shi would have dared to go all out and wipe everything from the face of existence.

In the main seat of the hall sat a handsome young man.

His dark blue hair extended past his shoulders, and his eyes were like miniature suns that blazed with a brilliant light.

The aura around his body was no weaker than Wan Shi.

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