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Chapter 2133: Take My Blade!

Of course, the energy contained in Huang Xiaolongs body couldnt stand up to the source energy of the Heavenly World.

Even peak late-Tenth Order Sovereigns wouldnt be able to stand up to it, much less Huang Xiaolong.

In Tian Chens eyes, there was no way he could lose now that he had fused with the Heavenly Worlds origin energy.

As long as the Heavenly World was around, the amount of energy it could provide him would be unlimited!

No matter how strong Huang Xiaolong was, there would come a time when his energy would run dry.

“Die!” Tian Chen roared as he slashed the blade in his arm towards Huang Xiaolong.


Blade light covered a billion-mile radius, and the airflow in the Heavenly World was affected by his terrifying blow.

When they looked at the blade light covering half the sky, a sense of fear gripped the hearts of everyone present.

Tian Chens attack was more than sufficient to cleave the Heavenly World in half, and everyone felt a chill run down their spine.

Even though that was merely what they thought, it was true.

The blade light sliced straight down towards Huang Xiaolongs head, threatening to chop him into two.

Tian Chens previous attack was comparable to Wan Shis first strike when they had fought in the past, but with the assistance of the Heavenly Worlds source energy, his power increased by more than ten times!

After looking at the horrifying blade light crashing down towards him, light poured out of Huang Xiaolongs body as the sixteen wings unfurled behind him.

Radiance energy formed worlds of radiance behind him as the Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his hand.

All three Complete Dao Saint Godheads started to move and appeared in the air above him.

Everyone saw a massive river formed with radiance energy appearing in the sky as it turned into a massive radiance dragon, ready to devour the Heavenly World.


The radiance river slammed into the giant blade light.

An explosion loud enough to cover the Heavenly World took away everyones sense of hearing.


A terrifying shockwave started to spread out when the two attacks collided with each other.

The massive blade light eventually took the upper hand as it slashed a perfect arc through the radiance river.

It continued to slash at Huang Xiaolong.

In the distance, the King of Grandmist, the little cow, and the others cried out in horror, “Xiaolong!”

When the blade light eventually landed on Huang Xiaolong, the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand seemed to turn into an unmovable mountain range as he raised it above his head.

Despite his effort, the unmovable mountain range formed with the energy contained in the Radiance Divine Scepter was slashed into two as Huang Xiaolong was smashed deep underground.

The earth exploded and a terrifyingly deep chasm formed.

A single blade mark cleaved through lands and a deep valley formed.

The world seemed to turn silent in that instant.

Everyone felt their hearts trembling when they witnessed Tian Chens terrifying power.

How can there be someone as strong as this! This doesnt make sense!

There was only a single reason the world was still in one piece.

Huang Xiaolong had blocked off most of the energy contained in Tian Chens strike.

“Xiaolong!” The little cow and the others snapped back to reality and rushed towards the bottomless chasm.

Tian Chen finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his handiwork.

A smile broke out on Wan Shis face.

If Wan Shi had to take that attack head-on, he was afraid he would suffer from serious injuries.

In fact, he had no idea if the attack was strong enough to take his life.

Since that was the case, Huang Xiaolong shouldnt fare any better.

A smile broke out on their faces when they realized that Huang Xiaolong hadnt managed to take out the lightning bead in time to save his life.

If he had taken it out, killing him wouldn\'t have been so easy.

Whatever the case, he had to be seriously injured.

Even if he had taken out the lightning bead in the face of death, he wouldnt have been able to unleash all of its strength.

As the little cow and the others rushed over, Tian Chen snorted, “Azure Cow, Grandmist, all of you never expected this to happen when you raided my treasury, right Ill torture all of you before killing Huang Xiaolong.

Ill let him witness the death of his loved ones before sending him to eternal damnation!” Tian Chen sent a slap towards the little cow and the others as a massive palm formed from light crashed downwards.

Facing a casual slap from Tian Chen, the little cow and the rest couldnt help but turn somber.

Even high-level Sovereigns wouldnt dare to take a slap from Tian Chen in his current state, much less, people like them!

Seeing as the palm was about to land on the group of them, countless strands of sword qi surged out of the chasm and slammed into the palm made from light.

The radiance sword qi pierced holes through the palm, and it dissipated into the wind.

The sudden change caused Tian Chen, Wan Shi, and the rest to suck in a cold breath.

Everyone turned their gaze towards the bottomless chasm, and pillars of golden light greeted them.

Huang Xiaolong slowly rose out from the ground as he swept his gaze across Tian Chens group.

Golden light covered Huang Xiaolongs body as though he was a buddha with a golden paint coat.

Dark light gathered around his body, along with rays of resplendent light of all the other colors.


Tian Chens pupils shrank as the expression on his face changed.

Huang Xiaolong looks completely unaffected by my previous attack!

The only thing I managed to do was to send Huang Xiaolong several thousand feet into the ground after scratching the surface of his skin!

What the f*ck!

Wan Shis expression was ugly as well.

A look of astonishment flashed through his eyes when he realized that Huang Xiaolongs fleshy body had become stronger since their fight three years ago! If Huang Xiaolong had taken on Tian Chens attack in the past, he couldnt have escaped unscathed!

“Xiaolong!” The little cow and the others rejoiced when they realized that Huang Xiaolong was fine.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but glare at Tian Chen.

If not for the tempering from the lightning energy contained within the lightning bead, his Complete Dao Saint Godheads and his saint bloodlines wouldnt have improved.

If that had been the case, he might have suffered several serious injuries from Tian Chens previous strike.

He knew that he had been too careless.

Never in his wildest imagination had he expected Tian Chen to become so strong after fusing with the Heavenly Worlds source energy.

It was no wonder he was so strong.

He still had the peak grade supreme spiritual treasure blade in his hand!

“Very good…” Tian Chen sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, I didnt expect you to block that.

I was merely warming up just now.

Lets see if you can take my next attack!” The blade in his hands fell once again.

The energy contained in the blade was nothing like the first attack as it possessed the power to cleave the heavens in two!

When Tian Chen made his move, Huang Xiaolong didnt remain idle.

His body shook, and he appeared behind Tian Chan and Wan Shi.

A punch came flying out, but instead of aiming for Tian Chen, Huang Xiaolong targeted Wan Shi.

He had long seen through the fact that Tian Chen was only able to call upon the source energy of the Heavenly World after receiving Wan Shis help!

As he twisting his body around, Wan Shis expression changed when he saw Huang Xiaolongs punch flying towards his head.

A roar escaped his lips as dark green light surrounded his body.

The Myriad Worlds Bamboo formed a layer of armor over him, and he sent out a punch of his own to meet Huang Xiaolongs attack.

Great Purity qi surged out from his body.


Huang Xiaolongs punch blew through the Great Purity qi instantly and landed on Wan Shis chest.

The armor formed by the Myriad World\'s Bamboo exploded, and his fist emerged from Wan Shis back.

A figure shot through the air as he smashed through mountain peaks after mountain peaks.

After flying for a long while, Wan Shi slammed into one of the distant mountain ranges.

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