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Chapter 2136: God Burying Coffin

The tiny coffin was dark gray in color, and it was made from an unknown material.

Furthermore, the top of the coffin was covered in eerie looking runes, and they gave off sinister vibes that caused ones heart to palpitate.

Even though the entire coffin was only the size of a palm, the aura that came from it was extremely horrifying.

Even the little cow, the Dark Curses Old Ancestor, and the others were affected by it.

They were assaulted by an excruciating headache as though their souls were struck by something which threw their life into eternal darkness.

Even Huang Xiaolongs soul was slightly affected.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback when he stared at the tiny coffin in the Heavenly Masters hand.


“High-grade supreme spiritual treasure!” Huang Xiaolong stared at the tiny coffin in the old mans hands as his eyes sparkled.

This is definitely a high-grade supreme spiritual treasure!

There was no way for an ordinary supreme spiritual treasure to be so powerful.

Moreover, it could affect the life and death of various living creatures!

A high-grade supreme spiritual treasure was already terrifying.

Adding on to the fact that it could affect the cycle of life and death, there was no way Huang Xiaolong could underestimate its might.

“Thats right!” The Heaven Master sneered when he saw the astonished expression on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“My God Burying Coffin is the strongest supreme spiritual treasure that affects life and death itself.

As soon as I open my coffin, even Gods and Buddhas wont be able to escape! Huang Xiaolong, I will sacrifice you to my God Burying Coffin right now! Dont you have a saint Physique and saint bloodlines! Ill finally be able to improve on my Divine Burial Grand Art after devouring you!”

Huang Xiaolongs heart shook.

God Burying Coffin!

Did the Heavenly Masters Divine Burial Grand Art come from the God Burying Coffin

He had to cultivate the Divine Burial Grand Art in order to use the God Burying Coffin, right

Dark rays of light shot out from the Heavenly Masters hand as boundless energy poured into the coffin.

As he circulated the Divine Burial Grand Art, a dark green light illuminated the Heavenly World.

Any living creature standing in the green light withered and died.

Only a disgusting pool of smelly liquid was left after they died to the Heavenly Masters Divine Burial Grand Art.

After absorbing the vitality from the various living creatures around the Heavenly World, the gray coffin started to emit an eerie green glow.

When the entire coffin was covered in the green light, the lid creaked open.

Strands of qi containing terrifying amounts of energy poured out from inside the coffin.

“Rise!” The Heavenly Master yelled as he clapped his hands together.

The God Burying Coffin shot towards the sky as it started to enlarge.

A hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, a million… The coffin expanded up to a few hundred million times and blotted out the sky.

When the spectators saw the palm-sized coffins terrifying speed of expansion, they became a little dizzy.

Moreover, along with the growth in size, the aura emitted by the God Burying Coffin increased.Everyone experienced an intense bone-chilling feeling.

Upon facing the overwhelming pressure coming from the coffin, even overlords like the little cow, the King of Grandmist, and several others felt like yin and yang were reversed, and they were dragged into the underworld.

Desperately circulating the energy in their bodies, they tried their hardest to resist the aura of death coming from the God Burying Coffin.

Of course, they didnt forget to retreat.

However, no matter how far they ran, they failed to leave the range of the God Burying Coffin.

When they had heard legends about how Heavenly Master could bury everything in the Divine World, or even Hell, the little cow, and the others had thought that they were merely exaggerating.

When they finally witnessed the might of the God Burying Coffin, all their doubts disappeared.

If the God Burying Coffin itself was so strong, how terrifying would the Heavenly Masters Divine Burial Grand Art be!

“Burying the Heavens and Earth!”

The Heavenly Masters voice rang out coldy as he pressed his hands into the void.

Endless gray light spilled out from the massive coffin floating above their heads, and it charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

In the next instant, the world dimmed as all living creatures lost their vitality.

Several old ancestor-level figures who failed to escape withered as their bodies dried up.

The endless power of the departed spirits buried everything in its way!

Even the worlds of radiance around Huang Xiaolong started to shake as the light they emitted scattered under the astounding might of the gray aura of the God Burying Coffin.

There was no room for hesitation.

The lightning bead emerged from the top of Huang Xiaolongs head as it challenged the indestructible gray light around him.

As soon as it appeared, lightning qi filled the space around Huang Xiaolong as it continued to spread out.

As a sea of lightning formed around him, cycles of destruction and restoration played out.

“Go!” Huang Xiaolong put his hands together and yelled with his head raised towards the sky.

A buzzing sound started to come from the lightning bead as it shot towards the God Burying Coffin at an astounding speed.


When the two treasures collided with each other, a blast that shook the heavens and earth entered the ears of everyone in the Heavenly World.

It was as though the sound was sharp enough to cut into the souls of everyone present as no one managed to escape from the sound wave produced by the blast.

Everyone in the Heavenly World coughed out a mouthful of blood, and weaker Emperors hiding trillions of miles away exploded into a mist of blood.

The sea of lightning slammed into the gray light produced by the God Burying Coffin, and the Heavenly World shook.

As the lightning churned, ancient lighting beasts and lightning gods appeared to form a massive army.

As for the God Burying Coffin, the gray light it produced gave birth to countless undead beasts and death gods.

No matter how violent the collision was, neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

With the lightning bead on Huang Xiaolongs side and the God Burying Coffin on the Heavenly Masters, a stalemate formed.

Even though the lighting bead was a saint artifact, it was too bad it was a damaged one.

Adding on to the fact that Huang Xiaolong had yet to completely refine it, he was unable to control its power.

With no choice, Huang Xiaolong could only brute-force his way into the fight with the most basic abilities the bead possessed.

Seeing as his God Burying Coffin was stopped by Huang Xiaolongs lightning bead, his expression started to sink.

Reaching out with his right hand, he sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong, “Grand Shattering Fist!”

The Grand Shattering Fist contained the strength to destroy anything in its path, and it seemed to pierce through space as it appeared before Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

A cold snort left Huang Xiaolongs lips as he activated his saint bloodlines.

He met the Heavenly Masters punch with one of his own.


The space surrounding the two of them shattered, but it wasnt enough to stop either of them.

Piercing through space, Huang Xiaolong shot towards the old man in an attempt to blow a hole through his chest.


Half an hour later.

A loud explosion rang through the skies, and the two of them finally separated from their melee combat.

The Heavenly Master gasped for breath as his face was unsightly.

He swept his gaze over the once breathtaking Heavenly World.

It had long since been riddled with holes from the aftermath of their battle, and in the short half an hour, they had managed to destroy a huge part of it.

The beautiful scenery was nowhere to be seen as death and destruction replaced it.

Killing intent filled the Heavenly Masters heart.

He had spent countless years of effort on the Heavenly World, only for it to be destroyed by Huang Xiaolong!

“Huang Xiaolong, die!” The Heavenly Master roared as gray light exploded from his body.

The rays of light transformed into arrows as they shot towards Huang Xiaolong at an alarming speed.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

With a wave of his hand, radiance swords shot out to meet the gray arrows.

Another half a day passed...

Two massive holes formed in the Heavenly World as Huang Xiaolong, and the Heavenly Master charged out from one of them.

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