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Chapter 2138: Golden Pig Treasure Whereabouts

When they heard that the Heavenly Master was acquainted with the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler, they couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler had a terrifying reputation.

Fear would grip the hearts of whoever heard the name of the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler was one of the top ten experts in the Heavens Path, and his notorious reputation was built on the mountains of corpses from the slaughter of countless lives.

The blood that was on his hands could fill an entire sea, and it was because of his reputation and strength that the Heavenly Terror Country could become one of the five greatest heavenly countries in the Heavenly Path!

With the Heavenly Masters strength, even though he was one of the ten strongest individuals in the Heavens Path, he was much weaker than the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler.

The difference in their ranks wasnt even close.

As for the strength of the entire Heavenly Country, the Heavenly Terror Country ranked third out of all the powers that converged in the Heavens Path.

“Big Brother, since when were you acquainted with the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler” Tian Chen couldnt help but ask.

This was the first time he had heard of the connection between the Heavenly World and the Heavenly Terror Country.

“It was a long time ago.

When I first broke through to the high-level Sovereign Realm, I saved the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler from certain death.

He acknowledged me as his brother, and in the past, he was still much weaker than me.

Who would have thought that his strength would rise dramatically in the past several million years to surpass mine”

“As for why you guys didnt know… Its normal considering that Ive never brought it up.”

The Heavenly Master felt a sense of nostalgia as he thought about his past.

When they smashed had through numerous ancient arrays back then to escape, the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler was only a Sixth Order Sovereign! The Heavenly Master had saved him several times during their journey together.

Even though they had rarely met after returning, they were still in contact with each other.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised that the Heavenly Master had rescued the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler in the past and that they were sworn brothers.

“Big Brother, if the Heavenly Terror Country decides to assist us, Huang Xiaolong will be nothing more than a speck of dust we can wipe off the face of existence!” Tian Chen exclaimed joyfully.

The Heavenly Master nodded his head.

If the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler were to make a move, taking care of Huang Xiaolong would be as easy as lifting a hand.

However, the Heavenly Master eventually shook his head.

“There is no need for the ruler to make a move personally.

Huang Xiaolong is merely a brat from the younger generation.

He cant rely on anything else other than the lightning bead, and as long as he cant use it, Ill be able to crush him!”

“No lightning bead...” Tian Chen, Wan Shi, Wan Xiaorong, and the others couldnt help but feel their minds wandering.

The Heavenly Master said unhurriedly, “Golden Pig Treasure!”

“What Golden Pig Treasure!” Everyone exclaimed uncontrollably.

Wan Shi stuttered as he forced the words out of his mouth, “Are you talking about the Golden Pig Treasure that is said to be able to subdue all treasures and spiritual artifacts”

The Heavenly Master nodded his head, “Thats right!”

“Big Brother, do you know where the Golden Pig Treasure is!” Tian Chens eyes widened in shock.

“Its in the hand of the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler!” He then nodded his head, “However, not many people know about this.

I hope you will not spread this information now that you know about it.”

Everyone nodded quickly in agreement.

“Once I reach the great completion stage of my Divine Burial Grand Art, I will borrow the Golden Pig Treasure.

Huang Xiaolong will no longer be able to escape death!” The Heavenly Master laughed maniacally.

With his relationship with the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler, it wouldnt be too much of a problem if he wanted to borrow the Golden Pig Treasure for a short while.

“But, Senior Heavenly Master,” Wan Shi said, “Even though the Golden Pig Treasure is able to subdue all types of treasures and spiritual artifacts, its only a grandmist artifact! Will it be able to stop Huang Xiaolongs lightning bead”

After all, all of them suspected Huang Xiaolongs lightning bead to be a Saint artifact.

No matter how strong the Golden Pig Treasure was, Wan Shi felt that it was impossible for a grandmist artifact to stop a Saint artifact based on the level difference alone.

The Heavenly Master shook his head and smiled, “Who said that the Golden Pig Treasure is a grandmist artifact Thats just what the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler wants you to think.”

His sudden revelation startled everyone.

Could it be that the Golden Pig Treasure was more than just a grandmist artifact

“Could the Golden Pig Treasure be a supreme spiritual treasure! Is it a Saint artifact!” Tian Chens heart started palpitating when he asked the question.

A smile slowly formed on the Heavenly Masters face, “Its not a Saint artifact, but something that surpasses it!”

“No one has been able to determine the specific grade of the Golden Pig Treasure.”

Its not a Saint artifact but something that surpasses it!

It only went to show how shockingly powerful the Golden Pig Treasure was!

“Who would have thought that the Golden Pig Treasure was in the hands of the Terrifying Heavenly Master.

His overwhelming strength is enough to suppress most experts, and with the Golden Pig Treasure, he will be unstoppable!” Tian Chen exclaimed in admiration.

“Lets head to the Terrifying Heaven Country.

Ive already contacted the ruler, and he has prepared a banquet to receive us!” The Heavenly Master spoke as he shot into the skies.

Tian Chen and the others followed closely behind him.

A day later...

Huang Xiaolong and the others finally arrived at the edge of a cliff that was located outside Heavens Path.

After scanning his surroundings, Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell to the bottom of the cliff.

“Shall we go into seclusion here” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The little cow and the others had no objections.

As soon as they arrived at the bottom of the cliff, everyone started laying down defensive arrays.

Retrieving the Ancient Heavenly Court, Huang Xiaolong sent everyone in before choosing to cultivate in the main palace.

Instead of devouring the lightning energy stored in the bead, Huang Xiaolong decided to refine the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool first.

Now that Huang Xiaolong possessed six of the nine chaos lightning pools, refining the Black Sea Lightning Pool was a piece of cake.

In just a few months, Huang Xiaolong completely refined the Black Sea Lightning Pool.

When he was done with that, his cultivation reached infinitely close to the peak of the late-Firth Order Sovereign Realm.

The time finally came for him to devour the lightning energy contained in the bead as it shot out and hovered in the air before him.

When Huang Xiaolong was busy refining the lightning pool, the world outside erupted into a frenzy.

“The Heavenly Master escaped from Huang Xiaolong!”

“Even someone like the Heavenly Master cant do anything to Huang Xiaolong… If thats the case, will there be anyone in the world who can stand up to him Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong killed Heavenly Prince Di Jing, who had become a captain in the Heavenly Worlds law enforcement faction the moment he arrived in the Heavenly World! Who would have thought that the glorious Heavenly Prince of the Divine World would end up in such a sorry state After killing Di Jing, Huang Xiaolong barged into Tian Chens cultivation palace to kill hundreds of thousands of guards to plunder Tian Chens treasury!”

“When Tian Chen joined hands with Wan Shi to deal with Huang Xiaolong, they didnt just lose to him, but they nearly lost their lives!”

The explosive news shocked endless experts around the myriad of worlds.

Tian Chen and Wan Shi joined hands and were still almost killed by Huang Xiaolong! Even when the Heavenly Master showed up, he was defeated!

Before long, more rumors started to spread.

“Senior Heavenly Master has entered the Heavenly Terror Country.

He should be striving to achieve great completion of his Divine Burial Grand Art.

Moreover, the Heavenly Terror Countrys ruler offered to help deal with Huang Xiaolong, but Senior Heavenly Master declined his offer.

He plans to kill Huang Xiaolong personally!”

The myriad of worlds shook when the news got out.

In a blink of an eye, two years and eight months passed.

Rays of light emerged from under the cliff where Huang Xiaolong had entered seclusion as rumbling lightning reverberated through the skies.

The mountain ranges surrounding them turned into dust before restoring themselves back to their original state.

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