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Chapter 2148: The Whereabouts of the Chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool

On that night itself, Huang Xiaolong released the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

However, before Huang Xiaolong began refining the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, Huang Xiaolong activated the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palaces spiritual energy gathering formation.

The instant the formation was activated, endless streams of steady origin energy floated out from the Heavenly Saint Mountain, gathering inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

The lush divine trees on the Heavenly Saint Mountain had a similar role to the divine trees Huang Xiaolong had collected from the City of All-Heavens Encompassing Space.

However, the divine trees here had a bigger capacity to fulfill the role.

The origin energy produced by the divine trees inside the Encompassing Heaven Space was paltry compared to the origin energy produced by the divine trees on the Heavenly Saint Mountain.

It was akin to a sewing thread next to a thick rope.

After the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palaces spiritual energy gathering formation was activated, Huang Xiaolong summoned the seven chaos lightning pools.

The seven chaos lightning pools turned into seven chaos lightning seas.

Streaks of lightning sizzled everywhere around the palace as deep thunder rumbled.

As the seven chaos lightning pools powers merged, roaring blasts reverberated in the sky above.

Terrifying lighting power sent cold shivers down the many Heavenly Saint Countrys experts hearts.

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium as he began to refine the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

With the support from the seven chaos lightning pools, the process of refining the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool was almost effortless for Huang Xiaolong.

In less than a month, he had fully refined the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool and absorbed the chaos lightning pools lightning into his body in its entirety.

After successfully refining the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, eight chaos lightning pools hovered inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace in a roiling sea of colorful lighting, on the verge of higher transformation.

Now, all Huang Xiaolong needed to do was find and refine the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, then let the nine chaos lightning pools integrate, transforming into Grandmist Lightning Pool.

Huang Xiaolong did not stop after refining the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

He took out one of the three origin pills.

An enthralling glow wrapped around the origin pill that was sitting quietly on Huang Xiaolongs palm.

There were different layers of light, almost like a rainbow, that lit up the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

Even the eight chaos lightning pools lightning could not overshadow the origin pills resplendent glow.

The origin pill was brimming with vitality as if it was alive.

Moreover, the origin pills appearance actually stimulated the surroundings origin energy, and streams of origin energy gathered towards the palace from all directions.

This phenomenon resembled a Sovereign Realm expert who was cultivating by absorbing the surroundings origin energy.

It was a wondrous sight.

The three origin pills the Heavenly Saint Ruler had given to Huang Xiaolong were called Imperial Sage Pill.

Origin pills were graded into low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade.

Within each of these ranges were different levels of rankings.

In the Heavens Path, low-rank, high-grade origin pills were the most precious.

Mid-rank and high-rank origin pills only existed in old legends.

This was because origin pills of mid and high rank required mid-level-four and above origin items to refine—for example, the Myriad Worlds Bamboo and the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

But origin treasures like the Myriad Worlds Bamboo were rarer than rare, even in the Heavens Path.

The Imperial Sage Pills in Huang Xiaolongs hand were low-rank, mid-grade origin pills.

Even so, this grade of origin pill was extremely valuable in the Heavens Path.

The Imperial Sage Pill was refined from more than a dozen level-one, level-two, and level three origin treasures.

Looking at the Imperial Sage Pill in front of him, Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the pill.

The origin pill immediately melted into a sea of origin energy the instant it entered Huang Xiaolongs mouth, origin energy coursed through his divine sea and meridians.

Bright lights burst out from Huang Xiaolongs body, and he quivered.

As Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, origin energy that rushed through his body in great waves was quickly absorbed.

His body resembled a great desert, greedily absorbing the waves of origin energy.

Three months soon went by.

Huang Xiaolong fully absorbed the origin energy sea from the Imperial Sage Pill.

After refining the first Imperial Sage Pill, Huang Xiaolong took out the second pellet.

Roughly three months later, Huang Xiaolong took out the last pellet.

When Huang Xiaolong was refining his third Imperial Sage Pill, the light enshrouding him intensified as he stepped into the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.

Simultaneously, dazzling purple-colored lights burst out from his body, turning into grandmist dragons that fluttered around him.

All these years, Huang Xiaolongs Grandmist Parasitic Medium had been stuck at the peak of the late-fourth stage.

Now, he had finally taken a big leap and advanced to the fifth stage.


When Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, a year had gone by.

Although the seclusion had only lasted for a year, Huang Xiaolong had reaped great benefits from it.

Not only had he refined the Chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, but also broken through to the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.

On top of that, his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had advanced to the fifth stage.

However, the Grandmist Parasitic Medium was a source of headache for Huang Xiaolong at times.

He had spent more than a thousand years for his Grandmist Parasitic Medium practice to reach the fifth stage, which was already many times faster than his Master and Senior Brother.

Still, the power of the Grandmist Parasitic Mediums fifth stage was a little lacking for his taste.

His Master, the King of Grandmist, who had already reached the peak late-ninth stage, could more or less deal with other overlords.

His Master had once said, the Grandmist Parasitic Medium can only truly show its true power at the tenth stage.

But, how long would that take to practice it until the tenth stage

‘Is there any purple grandmist aura in Heavens Path Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

In order to speed up his Grandmist Parasitic Medium practice, his biggest reliance would be the purple grandmist aura.

Despite the difficulty in advancing, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt give up on it now, even if someone told him to do so.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

“Your Majesty, you, already broke through to the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm”

Since Huang Xiaolong did not hide his cultivation, the Heavenly Saint Ruler discovered Huang Xiaolongs changes the moment he arrived.

He was genuinely astounded by his progress.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, “Broke through by fluke.

Go and make arrangements.

Im going to the Heaven Valley tomorrow.”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler stiffened for a split second.

Earlier, Huang Xiaolong had inquired about the Heaven Valley.

He knew that Huang Xiaolongs purpose in going to the Heaven Valley was to get origin pills, but didnt he give Huang Xiaolong three origin pills already

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Saint Ruler shuddered as he spoke with a little difficulty, “Your Majesty, you, that three Imperial Sage Pills...

Youve already refined them!”

Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt need to make a trip to the Heaven Valley.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Thats right.

Ive already refined them.

Even though the Imperial Sage Pills are not bad, three pellets is still a small amount.

I hope to get a few more at the Heaven Valley.”

The Heavenly Saint Rulers jaw dropped to his chest as he looked beyond shock.

Really, all refined!

A long time later, a wry smile flashed across his face.

Three pellets was a small amount Those three Imperial Sage Pills were all the stock he had.

Though shocked, the Heavenly Saint Ruler did not ask any questions.

He summoned General Zhu Xinyi over.

The Heavenly Saint Country also had a branch at the Heaven Valley called the Heaven Valley Branch, and that branch was under Zhu Xinyis management.

Huang Xiaolong went on to ask the Heavenly Saint Ruler if there was any news about the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pools whereabouts.

Before entering seclusion, Huang Xiaolong had exhorted the Heavenly Saint Ruler to employ all the resources available to look for information related to the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler replied, “Replying to Your Majesty, according to my investigation, the chaos Spatial Domain Lightning Pool might very well be in the outer heavens space.

Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in surprise, “What The outer heavens”

If that was the case, it was going to be very troublesome.

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