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Chapter 2161: 33 Heavens Race

One of the Heavenly Terror Countrys captains reassured Sun Po, “Lord Sun Po can rest assured.

After stepping into the Mighty God Heavenly Country, there is no way he could have come out again.

Although there hasnt been news for the past few days, that kid has certainly died at the hands of the Mighty God Ruler!”

A Heavenly Terror Countrys general chimed in, “That kid killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, and captured the Mighty God Prince.

The Mighty God Ruler couldnt have let him off that easily.

That kid is probably deader than dead and reduced to dregs.

Brother Sun Po need not worry too much about it.” He understood why Sun Po was worried.

At the Heaven Valleys marketplace, Huang Xiaolong had said that he would head to the Heavenly Terror Country and hang Sun Pos head on the roof of the Heavenly Terror Divine Palace.

Sun Po nodded.

Perhaps, his worry was superfluous.

Since that kid had dared to step into the Mighty God Heavenly Country, there was absolutely no chance of him coming out again.

“Have you found out that kids background” Sun Po asked the guard captain.

Although there was no hope of Huang Xiaolong leaving the Mighty God Heavenly Country alive, he was still curious about Huang Xiaolongs origins.

After all, in Sun Pos opinion, the strength Huang Xiaolong had displayed earlier rivaled the mid-Seventh Order Sovereign Realm Giant Kun Prince.

Thus he had surmised that Huang Xiaolong was not an unknown character.

The guard captain shook his head, “We have not found anything yet despite our effort during this time.

No matter how we are tempted, those Heavenly Saint Countrys guards wouldnt spit a word about that kids origins.

Even the Heavenly Saint Countrys General Qin Bo is just as tight-lipped.

Its as if the whole Heavenly Saint Countrys people, from top to bottom, revere that kid.”

Sun Pos brows scrunched together as he repeated, “They revere that kid It looks like that kids relationship with the Heavenly Saint Country really runs deep.”

From what he had learned, Zhu Xinyi had claimed that Huang Xiaolong was the Heavenly Saint Countrys esteemed guest in front of the Mighty God Prince.

Suddenly, one of the Heavenly Terror Countrys generals face changed, as if he had thought of something important, “That kid, could he be someone from the 33 Heavens Race”

The 33 Heavens Race!

Faces ashened hearing that, including Sun Pos.

In the Heavens Path, the 33 Heavens Race and Giant Kun Heavenly Country were definitely taboo existences.

In the vicinity of the 33 Heavenly Gates lived a very old race, and there were many legends circulating about this race.

Some said that this race was the side-branch of a big clan in the Heavenly World that was sent to the lower realm for unknown reasons; others said that this race was sent down by the Heavenly World to guard the 33 Heavenly Gates.

Some also said that 33 Heavenly Gates was actually a saint artifact, and the 33 Heavens Races patriarch was the saint artifacts spirit.

Regardless of whether these rumors were true or false, one point was certain that the 33 Heavens Race was very strong.

They were stronger than the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.

However, disciples of the 33 Heavens Race rarely stepped out from the 33 Heavenly Gates.

But every hundred million years, there would be someone who claimed to be a disciple of the 33 Heavens Race and appeared in the Heavens Path.

Every time the disciple appeared, he possessed incredible battle strength.

“Roughly calculating, the last time the 33 Heavens Races disciple appeared was almost a hundred million years ago.” The general added.

His words turned the atmosphere heavy as several people exchanged silent glances.

“If that kid is really a disciple of the 33 Heavens Race, and dies in the Mighty God Heavenly Country, the Mighty God Heavenly County has poked the hornets nest!” The general exclaimed.


Ten days passed.

After staying at the Mighty God Divine Palace for ten days, Huang Xiaolong finally received news from the Black Dragon Heavenly Countrys Battle Emperor Hong Ming.

Huang Xiaolong smiled brightly as he looked at the transmission symbol in his palm.

In his message, Hong Ming had mentioned that the Black Dragon Ruler wanted to meet him.

He intended to sell the Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

However, he wanted to negotiate the price face to face.

Huang Xiaolong relaxed upon getting the message.

As long as the Black Dragon Ruler intended to sell that Great Treasure Dragon Pill, all was fine.

The price was not a problem at all.

What Huang Xiaolong did not lack most were spirit stones.

After hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to go to the Black Dragon Heavenly Country, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Ruler both expressed their willingness to accompany Huang Xiaolong on the trip.

Huang Xiaolong smilingly shook his head as he said, “Im just going to the Black Dragon Heavenly Country to buy the Black Dragon Rulers Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

I am not going to fight, so the two of you dont need to come along.”

If these two were to accompany him, it could stir a small storm among the Heavens Paths many heavenly countries.

At the moment, Huang Xiaolong did not want to let the Heavenly Terror Ruler, Heavenly Master, Tian Chen, Wan Shi, and the others know that he was there.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Ruler exchanged a glance and nodded their heads in agreement.

Huang Xiaolong set off from the Mighty God Heavenly Country on that day itself.

However, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong exhorted the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Ruler to find a few kinds of origin treasures.

Huang Xiaolong planned to refine the Buddha Devil Divine Pill, which was a low-grade, high-rank origin pill.

This origin pill was better than the Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had already bought a lot of origin treasures while he was at the Heaven Valleys marketplace.

Still, those materials were far from complete to refine the Buddha Devil Divine Pills.

“Rest assured, Lord.

We will surely find these few origin treasures.” The Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Ruler guaranteed sonorously.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “As long as these origin treasures are found, I wont mistreat you.”

“We thank the Lord!”

Before the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Rulers respectful send-off, Huang Xiaolong left the Mighty God Heavenly Country and disappeared on the horizon.

After leaving the Mighty God Heavenly Country, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the Black Dragon Heavenly Country, but in an unhurried manner.

He traveled during the day, stopping to rest at night.

Roughly estimating, it would take him half a month to reach his destination.

As Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his movements at all, the news of Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts soon reached many forces ears, bewildering them.

“What That kid is not dead yet!” The Heavenly Terror Countrys General Sun Pos expression changed for the worst when he heard the news.

“Why is that kid still alive”

The guard captain spoke, “I heard that the Heavenly Saint Ruler led a large group of experts to the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

I guess the Heavenly Saint Ruler might have pleaded for that kid and promised the Mighty God Ruler some conditions.

Hence the Mighty God Ruler was willing to spare that kid!”

“Im afraid so.” A general of the Heavenly Terror Country, Zhou Haotian, agreed.

“It seems like that kid got an invitation from Senior Battle Emperor.

So he is heading to the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

The Black Dragon Ruler might sell the Great treasure Dragon Pill to him…” Sun Pos voice trailed off as a sinister light gleamed in his eyes.

“Dont worry too much about it, Brother Sun Po.

Frankly speaking, this might even be an opportunity for us.” Zhou Haotian went on, “Ive heard that the Giant Kun Prince once wanted to buy the Great Treasure Dragon Pill from the Black Dragon Ruler, but because of the price, the transaction fell apart.”

Sun Pos eyes lit up, “You mean…”

Zhou Haotian smiled meaningfully, “If that kid successfully buys the Great Treasure Dragon Pill from the Black Dragon Ruler, what do you think will happen when the Giant Kun Prince learns about it”

Sun Po laughed heartily, “After listening to you, I hope that kid quickly gets that Great Treasure Dragon Pill faster.”

Others also laughed in anticipation.


Half a month later...

According to the route the Heavenly Saint Ruler had mentioned, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived at the Black Dragon Heavenly Country.

Upon arriving at the destination, Huang Xiaolong heard Battle Emperor Hong Mings sonorous laughter from afar.

“Younger Brother, youre finally here! Ive been gazing at the sun and moon, counting the days of your arrival.”

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