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Chapter 217: Duanren Emperor Rushes Over

The gigantic palm print overshadowed the bright sky, instantaneously reaching Guo Chen.

In a panic, Guo Chen struck his palm out to counter the sudden attack.

“Boundless Heaven’s Hand of Tyranny!”    

A palm print pierced through space, trailing in a diagram of darkness and light as a tyrannical atmosphere ruled over the square’s space.

Two giant palm prints collided and terrifying shockwaves rebounded, sweeping out like a hurricane.

But in no more than a second, Guo Chen’s Boundless Heaven’s Hand of Tyranny was shattered by Zhao Shu’s palm print and it continued to crash down on Guo Chen, slamming against his chest.

Guo Chen screamed as he was sent flying back to a corner of the square.

The crowd scattered like a flock of frightened birds.

Silence drowned the entire Heartless Hall’s square.

It was as if the loudest noise the people in the crowd could hear was their own heartbeats.

The shockwave dispersed in all directions within Heartless Hall, milling away the structures at incredible speed.

Seeing Heartless Hall turned to ruins and Guo Chen who was slumped in a corner, the people present inhaled sharply.

Guo Chen, the Guo Family’s Ancestor that had just come out from closed-door practice after successfully stepping into the Saint realm, actually failed to take even one palm from Zhao Shu! Not even one palm!   

Shocked faces turned towards Zhao Shu.

What was this Zhao Shu’s strength! What was his real strength!

Even Yao Fei was shocked as he stared at Zhao Shu.

Whereas Guo Zhi who clamored for Huang Xiaolong to kneel down and apologize to his Grandfather before it was too late stood on the same spot, his face twitching unnaturally.

Gradually, the spasms traveled throughout his body.

Watching Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu, only fear and terror showed on Guo Zhi’s face.

Ignoring all, Huang Xiaolong slowly approached Guo Shiwen and stopped in front of him, questioning in a cold voice, “It was you that told Guo Shiyuan to announce breaking the engagement between my younger sister and Guo Tai”

Guo Shiwen’s face twitched, his feet moved backward as he waved his hands in denial, enforced with an ugly smile, “No, there’s no such thing! Absolutely no such thing!”

“No such thing” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Then the rumor spreading outside was groundless”

“Yes, yes, that’s right! It was groundless and a mistake!” Guo Shiwen beamed a smile, “It must have been some of the other families creating such rumors on purpose because they’re jealous of our Guo Family and Huang Family coming together through marriage.

So they deliberately released a false rumor!”

At this time Guo Chen, who had been hit by Zhao Shu earlier, tried to get up from the pavement.

Noticing Guo Chen’s movements, Guo Shiwen, Guo Zhi, and the rest of the Guo members finally reacted and hurried over to Guo Chen’s side.

“Father, are you alright!” Guo Shiwen blurted out anxiously.

Just as Guo Shiwen’s question came out, Guo Chen spurted blood from his mouth with a ‘waw’, dying the square area around him bright red.

The members of the Guo Family turned ashen.

Guo Chen was the Guo Family’s pillar.

If something were to happen to Guo Chen then the ramifications to the Guo Family would be severe.

‘Excited’ by his emotions, Guo Fei insisted loudly without thinking, “Grandfather, you mustn’t die~!”

Guo Fei’s words made Guo Chen spew another mouthful of blood.

Guo Shiwen glowered at his son angrily and a palm struck Guo Fei’s face without a word, sending Guo Fei rolling out of the square’s immediate area.

None of the Guo Family disciples dared to help him up.

“I’m okay.” Guo Chen’s feeble voice sounded.

In truth, whether he was okay or not, only he knew.

That attack from Zhao Shu had injured his Saint realm foundation.

Just a little bit more damage and his cultivation would’ve regressed back to peak late-Tenth Order Xiantian.

Guo Chen had just broken through to the Saint realm, thus his foundation wasn’t stable yet.

“My gratitude to Senior for showing mercy!” Guo Chen said to Zhao Shu, his face filled with respect and reverence.

He was well aware that if it weren’t for Zhao Shu being lenient, that palm strike would have been enough to kick him back to the Xiantian realm.

Zhao Shu’s expression remained aloof, “For Young Miss Huang’s sake I held back a little just now, otherwise, hmph!”

“Miss Huang” Guo Chen looked at Guo Shiwen with doubt and confusion.

Although he heard Guo Shiwen and Huang Xiaolong’s dialogue, something about breaking an engagement, he wasn’t aware of all the details.

Guo Shiwen hastened to explain, “When Father was in seclusion, Guo Tai got engaged to Young Noble Huang’s little sister, Huang Min.”

Guo Chen was furious hearing this, “Why didn’t you mention this to me before!”

Guo Shiwen lowered his head, not daring to meet his father’s eyes nor utter a word.

Guo Chen turned towards Huang Xiaolong saying, “Young Noble Huang, rest assured, I will give you an explanation in this matter.

In the future, we will be in-laws after all, it’s our Guo Family’s fortune to marry above our status!”

Huang Xiaolong swept a cold glance at Guo Chen and his focus once again fell on Yao Fei, “Speak, where are my parents and everyone else”

All eyes shifted to Yao Fei.

Yao Fei also looked at Huang Xiaolong coldly with a complacent smile, “Huang Xiaolong, I admit I underestimated you.

I never thought you’d have such an expert at your side.” His eyes risked a quick glance at Zhao Shu, “However, you brought an outsider into Duanren Institute, wounding Institute students.

Duanren Emperor will arrive with the others Saint Masters very soon.

Strong as he is, Zhao Shu will still die!”

At the exact moment when Yao Fei spoke, sounds of whistling wind came from off in the distance.

One powerful blast of pressure after another emanated over in their direction.

Leading at the front was a majestic figure wearing a golden yellow dragon robe with a shrunken broken blade runic pattern in the middle of his eyebrows.

This was of course, Duanren Emperor.

Five old men in golden battle gear followed behind him, the five Saint Masters of Duanren Institute.

In the back row was Duan Wuhen and the many experts of Duanren Institute.

Seeing Duanren Emperor, the five Saint Masters, and all the Duanren Institute’s top experts, joy swept across Yao Fei’s face.

Next, his face was twisted with vengeance, “Huang Xiaolong, your end is here! Haha, let me see how you’re going to escape from this!”

The Guo Family, Yao Fei, along with the surrounding teachers and students, waited for Duanren Emperor, the five Saint Masters, and the many Institute’s experts to arrive at the Heartless Hall’s square.

“Greetings to Duanren Emperor and the several Saint Masters!” All of the teachers and students, including Yao Fei, knelt in salute.

On the square, only Guo Chen, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Yu Ming remained standing.

Duanren Emperor nodded as he scanned the crowd, and spoke: “Rise.”

“Much obliged Emperor!” Only then did everyone stand up.

Watched by everyone, Duanren Emperor walked towards Zhao Shu and Huang Xiaolong.

The anticipative smile on Yao Fei’s face gradually bloomed wider when he saw Duanren Emperor move straight to Zhao Shu and Huang Xiaolong.

A brutal gleam shone brightly in his eyes; Huang Xiaolong, you’re so dead!

Stopping in front of Zhao Shu and Huang Xiaolong, Duanren Emperor showed great respect as he said, “Mister Zhao, Duan Ren is late!”

Everyone’s faces stiffened, they became stupefied where they stood.

Yao Fei, Guo Chen, Guo Shiwen, and the rest had eyes the size of a fist.

“Zhao, Mister Zhao!” Yao Fei repeated in astonishment.

Duanren Emperor actually greeted Zhao Shu as Mister Zhao Furthermore, that respectful demeanor!

Then, Duanren Emperor turned towards Huang Xiaolong:  “Young Noble Huang.”

Young Noble Huang!

All eyes were protruding out of their sockets!

Duan Wuhen and Cheng Jian walked up, following Duanren Emperor: “Mister Zhao, Young Noble Huang!”

The gathered crowd’s minds turned to mush, no one was able to react to the shock.

Suddenly, someone thought of a vital point; the Golden Token in Huang Xiaolong’s hand… it likely did not belong to Duan Wuhen, but rather Duanren Emperor!


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