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Chapter 2171: Huang Xiaolong Leaves Seclusion!

Wan Shi didnt believe that he would die like this! He was the Lord of the City of All-Heavens, hailed as the strongest person in the myriad worlds!

How could he die like this But no matter how strongly he denied what was happening, the vitality in his body was scattering away.

When Wan Shi fell from the air, he managed to glance in the direction of the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.


He wanted to scream the name, but he no longer had the energy to do so.

As they saw Wan Shis corpse falling from high in the air, the King of Grandmist, King of Darkness, Cang Mutian, and Xumi Old Man blanked for a moment.

Wan Shi died just like that

The turn of events happened so fast that the Heavenly Master, Heavenly Terror Marshal, and the others couldnt stop any attacks or rescue Wan Shi in time.

They saw Tian Chen smashed through the mountains, then Wan Xiaorong and Wan Shi were killed one after another.

“Second Brother!” The Heavenly Master reacted and cried out.

He immediately gave up on killing the Heavenly Saint Countrys generals and rushed to Tian Chens side in a flicker.

While the Heavenly Master went to rescue his brother Tian Chen, streaks after streaks of light flew out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

With every passing streak of light was the corpse of Heavenly Terror Countrys general plummeting from the air.

On top of that, most of these generals were overlords of Fourth Order Sovereign Realm and above.

“Its Huang Xiaolong!” When the Heavenly Terror Marshal saw the generals on his side die, he bellowed in shock and anger.

In the next moment, his hands held two enormous tomahawks as he bellowed, “Kill!”

He raised the two enormous tomahawks in his hand and threw them into the air.

The tomahawks transformed into two great mountains, spinning with great force towards the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

The Heavenly Terror Marshal was a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm expert.

Although his cultivation realm was the same as Heavenly Saint Countrys Marshal Lan Shifan, his battle prowess was much higher than Lan Shifan.

He threw the tomahawks with his full force, and they gathered a greater force as they spun onwards.

Even the Heavenly Saint Ruler would not dare to take them on carelessly.

As the two tomahawks that were about to split the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, boundless radiance suddenly erupted from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

This radiance seemed so sacred!




Between heaven and earth, there was only this radiance and all darkness was swept away.

This vigorous and boundless energy was like a tsunami falling from the sky, and it impeded the tomahawks.

The tomahawks attacks fell on an empty void, and they were pinned in the air silently.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Heavenly Terror Marshals face turned ugly as he quickly employed every shred of energy in his body to control the tomahawks, trying to break free from constraint.

But he discovered his two tomahawks were stuck dead, unable to move an inch.

He subsequently realized when he tried to retrieve the tomahawks that they were actually out of his control.

Neither of the tomahawks moved according to his thoughts.

On the Heavenly Terror Marshals face, rage was intertwined with apprehension.

With a roar, power erupted from his body, condensing around his fists as he punched the air in the direction of the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

“Thousand Evil Fists!”

As his fists punched out, two colossal fist imprints, resembling two fallen dusty-gray suns, slammed down on the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

Streams of nefarious energy roiled endlessly around the two colossal fists, and they grew increasingly thicker.


The Thousand Evil Fists slammed into the boundless radiance, successfully dispersing the boundless radiance rays with pure power.

Yet, the radiance rays were continuously purifying the nefarious energy from the Thousand Evil Fists simultaneously.

The colossal fists shrunk and finally disappeared.

The Thousand Evil Fists, with world-destroying momentum, failed to crush the radiance around Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace in the end.

Then, two streaks of light shot out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, knocking the tomahawks back towards the Heavenly Terror Marshal and other Heavenly Terror Countrys generals at a horrifying speed.

The Heavenly Terror Marshal and Heavenly Terror Countrys generals panicked for a moment.

“Sky Raising Hand!” The Heavenly Terror Marshal roared as his palms struck in the front.

Two giant palm prints appeared high in the air, trying to prop up the tomahawks as if they were lifting up the sky.

But the Heavenly Terror Marshal and generals saw the two tomahawks went straight through the Sky Raising Hand, and continued to fly towards them.

The Heavenly Terror Marshal truly paled this time, but he took out another giant sword and swung at the incoming tomahawks.

DANGG-G! The tomahawk collided with the giant sword.

The Heavenly Terror Marshal felt a great impact hammering onto his chest.

His body quivered, and he was thrown very far away, as he violently coughed up blood.

There was horror on this face for the first time.

The next thing he heard was undulating screams for the other tomahawk fell on the group of Heavenly Terror Countrys generals.

Several generals dodged half a step too slow and got pounded into meat paste.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng who had cornered the Heavenly Saint Ruler became sullen in an instant.

The black bone spur in his hand changed direction and went piercing towards the Heavenly Saint Celestial palace instead of the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

All the white bone archdevils within the black fog changed their targets and swarmed towards the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.

However, before these white bone archdevils reached the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace, a hand emerged from the palace, enshrouded with sacred radiance.

The hand lightly pressed down in the air, easily sweeping the white bone archdevils and burying them deep into the earth.

The white bone archdevils exploded into streams of devil qi.

The devil flames that were burning high from the Bone Spur of the Crow in the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs hand instantly diminished by half.

While the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng was still dazed in surprise, the hand enshrouded in radiance light turned and came swatting down on him.

“Hmph, insignificant tricks!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng harrumphed disdainfully.

Devilish light surged from his body as he raised his right palm and struck towards the radiance palm.


Terrifying turbulent airflow exploded, shattering mountain peaks and causing violent earthquakes.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng grunted as an overpowering impact knocked him back.

He staggered for several thousand miles.

“What!” The Heavenly Terror Countrys generals and disciples exclaimed in shock, watching this scene.

Dong Cheng regained his balance, but his expression was extremely ugly.

There was a shock, surprise, and a degree of denial in his eyes.

How is this possible

A figure flew out from the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace while everyone was still immersed in their shock.

This figure did not exude any majestic aura, nor was he enshrouded in resplendent lights.

Still, when he appeared, the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly Worlds experts hearts palpitate.

There was an inexplicable and overwhelming pressure squeezing them till it was hard to breathe.

“Huang-Xiaolong!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs eyes narrowed.

The person who had flown out of the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace was none other than Huang Xiaolong, who was in seclusion, refining the Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pills and Great Treasure Dragon Pill.

Huang Xiaolong didnt respond to Dong Chengs reaction.

His gaze swept over the battlefield.

He saw the corpses of women and children in every corner of the Heavenly Saint Country.

His gaze then fell on the Heavenly Saint Countrys disciples and guards corpses.

The air around Huang Xiaolong fell sharply.

Lastly, he fixed his gaze on the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng and uttered each word with conviction, “ Today, you, everyone from the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly World, have to die!”

Huang Xiaolongs stern and cold voice was like a frigid tempest blowing over the hearts of the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly Worlds experts.

Dong Cheng didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to say that.

He was stunned for a second.

Then, he burst out laughing.

His laughter was wanton and arrogant, but his face was distorted.

When he stopped laughing, he mocked, “Kill me Huang Xiaolong, you want to kill me based on your peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign strength Thats ludicrous.

Do you think that youre the Giant Kun Ruler If you were the Giant Kun Ruler, you could qualify, but too bad youre not!”

Although the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown surprised him, he didnt put it in his eyes because he still had a lot of trump cards he had not used.

He was merely being careless just now.

How strong would a mere peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign be!

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