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Chapter 2173: Unbreakable Divine Shield

Pierced by Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs black bone spur, Huang Xiaolong staggered back uncontrollably from the impact and finally regained his balance several hundred miles away.

A layer of white bone spread rapidly over Huang Xiaolongs body where the black bone spur stabbed his chest!

This white bone was like a parasite stuck on Huang Xiaolong as it spread and became harder.

Dong Cheng laughed triumphantly and explained in detail, “Huang Xiaolong, you got pierced by my Bone Spur of the Crows frigid qi.

Ill let you know that my black bone spurs frigid qi is the worlds most toxic cold poison.

Even a Tenth Order Sovereign Realm cant detoxify it.

The frigid cold attacks and devours the soul, making you feel the most excruciating pain!”

“How do you feel now Not very good, right!” But Dong Chengs laughter came to an abrupt halt.

Radiant rays of light burst out of Huang Xiaolongs entire body.

These radiant rays actually shone through his black bone spurs white bones, melting away the frigid qi.

In a few breaths, the frigid qi white bone spreading over Huang Xiaolongs chest was completely dispersed.

“This… No, its impossible!” Dong Chengs eyeballs protruded in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong patted his chest, dusting away the white bone particles off his robe, and said indifferently, “The worlds most toxic cold poison Aint that amazing!”

Although Huang Xiaolong had not advanced to the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm during the seclusion this time, his saint physique had grown stronger once again under the tempering of Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pills and Great treasure Dragon Pills energy.

Whether it was the black bone spurs frigid qi, or even a more terrifying poison, it wouldnt break past his saint physiques defenses.

Dong Chengs face was darker than murky water, hearing Huang Xiaolongs ironic words.

At this time, the Heavenly Master, who was buried under rubbles, broke out and flew into the air.

The armor on him was already chipped and cracked, and there was a bloody fist-sized hole that went through his chest.

Destructive force continuously ground his flesh, disrupting his injuries from healing.

Upon seeing the Heavenly Masters tragic condition, the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng and Heavenly Worlds experts were filled with dread.

The Heavenly Master was one of the Heavens Paths top ten experts!

Even though the Heavenly Master ranked tenth, he was still one of the top ten experts, ah.

Not to mention the armor on him was a supreme spiritual artifact.

Although it was only a low-grade supreme spiritual artifact, it was still unbelievable that Huang Xiaolong almost shattered it with just one punch!

What monstrous strength was this

The Heavenly Master was shocked and furious, his deathly gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, blood came spurting out.

“Your Majesty!”

“Senior Heavenly Master!” The Heavenly World and Heavenly Terror Countys experts cried out anxiously.

The Heavenly Master waved his hand.

His voice had turned hoarse, “Im fine!”

Then he took out a divine pill.

The divine pill was enshrouded in colorful flowing lights, and its inside seemed like it was impregnated with life.

“Origin Boundary Pill!” Whether it was the Heavenly Saint Ruler, or the Heavenly Terror Ruler, both of them were astonished.

The legendary Origin Boundary Pill was said to be refined from forty-nine kinds of origin treasures.

Every kind of origin pill contained shocking vitality and recovery ability.

This pill could heal a Sovereign Realm experts life that was hanging by a thread rapidly.

However, the Origin Boundary Pill had not appeared for a long time.

God knows where the Heavenly Master got his hands on one.

Before many shocked gazes, the Heavenly Master opened his mouth and swallowed the Origin Boundary Pill.

The bloody hole in his chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The Heavenly Masters godforce and injuries swiftly recovered, and his momentum rose.

He raised his palm and the suction force pulled the God Burying Coffin back to his side.

“Huang Xiaolong!”

The Heavenly Master held the God Burying Coffin with his hand, resembling a death monarch rising from hells abyss of death, as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

His killing intent reached the highest point, surging wildly as he mocked, “You didnt expect for me to have the Origin Boundary Pill, did you”

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed, “Indeed, I didnt expect that.

Then again, how many Origin Boundary Pills do you have You can recover one time, can you do it for a second time The third time Or the fourth time”

Huang Xiaolong didnt believe that the Heavenly Master had an endless supply of Origin Boundary Pill.

The Heavenly Master choked on his own smugness by Huang Xiaolongs series of questions.

“Brother Dong Cheng, lets join hands and kill Huang Xiaolong!” The Heavenly Master turned to the side and said to the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

Obscuring lights flickered across the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs eyes, “Alright, we, brothers, have killed countless lightning beasts from outside together.

Today, we will kill this child!” With that said, his Sovereigns godforce flooded into the black bone spur in his hands.

The black bone spur emitted a dangerous aura as its length increased.

At the same time, a blue shield appeared in Dong Chengs other hand.

This blue shield had numerous ancient runes flowing around, forming interlinking barriers.

“Could that be the Unbreakable Divine Shield!” Upon seeing the blue shield that appeared in the Heavenly Terror Rulers hand, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Marshal Lan Shifans expressions seemed to turn bad.

“Thats right, this is the Unbreakable Divine Shield!” Dong Cheng snickered smugly in affirmation.

The Unbreakable Divine Shield was hailed as the shield against all things.

It was said to be unbreakable, and the number one defensive treasure ever known.

After hearing Dong Cheng admit that the blue shield was the Unbreakable Divine Shield, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others couldnt hide their shock.

With the Unbreakable Divine Shield in Dong Chengs hands, who could defeat him

Probably even the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and the 33 Heavens Races Patriarch wouldn\'t have a hundred percent confidence to defeat the current Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

Huang Xiaolong was frowning.

It was unexpected that Dong Cheng had the Unbreakable Divine Shield in his hand.

He knew a little about the Unbreakable Divine Shield from Wan Yues memories.

Thus he was aware of the heaven-defying attributes of the Unbreakable Divine Shield.

Noticing the deepening frown on Huang Xiaolongs face, Dong Cheng broke out in laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, from the time I got this Unbreakable Divine Shield, I havent used it once.

You can die under this Unbreakable Divine Shield today.

It will be your lifes greatest honor!”

“The winner is yet to be determined!” Huang Xiaolong responded coldly, his momentum erupted.

Radiance light shone glaring from his body and soared to the ninth heavens as streams of origin energy from various corners of the Heavenly Saint Country entered his body.

Huang Xiaolongs peak late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm cultivation broke through to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm at this time!

That was not all.

After Huang Xiaolongs cultivation rose to Seventh Order Sovereign Realm, his momentum continued to soar, and finally stopped at the peak early Seventh Order Sovereign Realm.

But Dong Cheng snickered in contempt and said, “Huang Xiaolong, even if you advanced to the peak early Seventh Order Sovereign Realm by borrowing the Heavenly Saint Countrys origin energy, so what My Unbreakable Divine Shield cannot be broken by anything.

Even if youre an Eighth Order Sovereign Realm, you still have to die today!”

“Kill!” Dong Cheng bellowed, and the Bone Spur of the Crow in his hand thrusted towards Huang Xiaolong, while the Heavenly Master threw out his God Burying Coffin to smash him.

Huang Xiaolong snorted and leaped forward instead of retreating.

In a flicker, he avoided Dong Chengs attack, and his palm shot out at the Heavenly Masters God Burying Coffin.

Loud cracking noises came from the God Burying Coffin as it flew back towards the Heavenly Master.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolongs other palm was printed onto the Heavenly Masters chest and exited from the back.

The Heavenly Master screamed in pain as Huang Xiaolong landed another palm strike on his body and sent him flying.

Before Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had risen to the Seventh Order Sovereign, he could already punch a hole through the Heavenly Masters chest without difficulty.

But now that Huang Xiaolongs strength had reached the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm, how could the Heavenly Master withstand his attacks

While Huang Xiaolong sent the Heavenly Master flying with one palm strike, a terrifying energy targeted him from behind.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng had arrived with the black bone spur in his hand.

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