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Chapter 2178: This Time, Huang Xiaolong Absolutely Can\'t Escape

On the day itself, Huang Xiaolong and Heavenly Saint Countrys experts flew towards the 33 Heavenly Gates.

Upon considering this trips high risks, the little cow, King of Grandmist, Xumi Old Man, and the others did not follow Huang Xiaolong.

Apart from the Heavenly Saint Ruler, the ones following Huang Xiaolong to the 33 Heavenly Gates were Marshal Lan Shifan and more than a dozen overlord Sovereigns.

Ironically, most of these overlord Sovereigns were experts from the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly World who had surrendered.

Huang Xiaolong had branded their souls with his grandmist worms.

Hence Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid they would have any thoughts of betrayal.

Huang Xiaolongs group was sent off by the little cow, King of Grandmist, and the others staying behind.

Leaving the Heavenly Saint Country, the Heavenly Saint Ruler tore the fabric of space and disappeared into the void.

“Do you think Xiaolong would be able to get the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool this time” The little cow asked no one in particular, still looking in the direction Huang Xiaolong had disappeared.

There was worry in the King of Grandmists eyes as he spoke, “I heard that the Giant Kun Ruler is going to heaven beyond heavens space, and the 33 Heavens Race experts are also heading there.

I hope Xiaolong wont have any conflict with them!”

Since they understood the risks of going to the 33 Heavenly Gates, the King of Grandmist, the little cow, and the others had nipped the desire of following Huang Xiaolong to the 33 Heavenly Gates in the bud.

“The Giant Kun Ruler!” Xumi Old Man exclaimed with a solemn expression, “I wonder if the 33 Heavens Races Patriarch would appear there.”

Everyone was silent as no one knew the answer.

The Giant Kun Ruler and 33 Heavens Races Patriarch were akin to two heavy mountains pressing down on their chests.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenly Saint Ruler, and the others were riding on a massive golden pig.

The golden pig zoomed forward while carrying Huang Xiaolong and the others through the chaotic void, heading straight towards the 33 Heavenly Gates.

This massive golden pig was none other than the Golden Pig Treasure.

The Golden Pig Treasure could forcefully take away others treasure, and it could also be used as a flying artifact.

Huang Xiaolong discovered that the golden pigs speed was quite fast, many times faster than the Ancient Heavenly Court.

With the Golden Pig Treasures speed, it would take them two weeks, at most, to reach the 33 Heavenly Gates from the Heavenly Saint Country.

If they had taken the Ancient Heavenly Court instead, it would have probably taken as much as half a year to travel the same distance.

Moreover, the deeper they were in the Heavens Path, the chaos qi was ever more turbulent, which hampered their speed.

The Golden Pig Treasure had also put up several layers of golden light barriers.

Under these golden light barriers, no matter how turbulent the chaos qi around them was, it couldnt affect the people inside it.

Originally, the Golden Pig Treasure was merely the size of an average pig.

But now, it had grown over more than ten meters in length.

It was spacious and comfortable enough for Huang Xiaolongs group of a dozen plus people riding on it.

One thing that made Huang Xiaolong slightly uncomfortable was the fact that there were a dozen people riding on a pig, which seemed strange when he pictured it in his head.

It was fortunate that one seldom came across others in the Heavens Paths void.

After some time of flying, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the Golden Pig Treasures golden light barrier had started to weaken.

Hence he threw a top-grade chaos spirit stone into its mouth.

The Golden Pig Treasures golden light barrier returned at full force after swallowing it.

“Little guy, youre quite the glutton!” Huang Xiaolong laughed.

The golden pig shook its head in protest.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the golden pigs protest, and asked the Heavenly Saint Ruler information related to the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler.

“Replying to Lord, from the information weve gathered, the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler are actually travelling together.”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler went on, “The two heavenly countries are in a temporary alliance, and their transport was a giant kun which has astonishing speed.

It would only take them twelve days to reach the destination.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The Giant Kun Heavenly Country had an ancient giant kun that was known for its speed.

Therefore, it was not out of the ordinary for them to reach the destination in twelve days.

Then again, it was also because the Giant Kun Heavenly Country was closer to the 33 Heavenly Gates that they could reach in twelve days.

According to Huang Xiaolongs estimation, the Golden Pig Treasures speed was no less than the ancient giant kun.

Although the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler would arrive at the destination in twelve days, Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried at all.

Though 33 Heavenly Gates restrictions were beginning to weaken, according to previous records, it would take half a month for the restrictions power to stabilize.

Therefore, they could only pass through half a month later.

Despite arriving early, the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler could only wait outside.

“The Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler formed an alliance” Huang Xiaolongs smile was full of sarcasm.

Of course he knew why the Heavenly Terror Ruler and Giant Kun Ruler had formed a temporary alliance.

“Yes.” The Heavenly Saint Ruler hesitated before adding, “The Heavenly Terror Ruler let out the word that if Lord dares to show up at heaven beyond heavens space, he would personally trample you to death!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed nonchalantly, hearing that, “It looks like that Dong Cheng is brimming with confidence this time.”

“I heard that the Heavenly Terror Ruler specifically took out the Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts from the Heavenly Terror Countrys treasury to restrain Lords four divine fires!”

“Oh, Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts!” An obscured light flitted across Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

From the Heavenly Masters memories, Huang Xiaolong had found out some information about the Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts.

The Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts was a set of six pieces of earth divine artifacts consisting of the Ice Earth Divine Spear, Ice Earth Divine Armor, Ice Earth Cloak, Ice Earth Helmet, Ice Earth Boots, and Ice Earth Shield.

Each piece of artifact was a mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact, but once all six parts combined, its overall power was higher than any high-grade supreme spiritual artifacts.

The complete set of Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts was specifically forged to restrain creatures of fire elements.

It was said when the Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts powers were pushed to the extreme, it could seal a whole heavenly country in ice in one attack.

This set of Ice Earth Six Divine Artifacts was not something the Heavenly Terror Ruler had obtained from heaven beyond heavens space.

It was something he got after annihilating an entire ancient race at the depths of Heavens Path.

At this time, Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng too was inquiring about Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Saint Rulers movements.

When he heard Huang Xiaolong and the Heavenly Saint Rulers group was making their way to the 33 Heavenly Gates, palpitating killing intent roiled in his eyes, “That dog Huang Xiaolong.

Ill have you come but never return!”

When Huang Xiaolong had entered seclusion, the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chengs injuries had healed completely, moreover, he had made a lot of preparations for going to the heaven beyond heavens space.

He needed to kill Huang Xiaolong!

Beside Dong Cheng was a tall middle-aged man who gave a feeling of burliness.

His arms, legs, and waist was twice the size of the average adult.

He exuded an overwhelming pressure just standing there, like there was endless energy inside him.

This middle-aged man was the Giant Kun Heavenly Countrys ruler!

He was the Heavens Paths strongest person!

“Younger Brother Dong Cheng, dont worry.

Huang Xiaolong absolutely wont escape this time.” The Giant Kun Rulers deep voice rumbled like thunder.

A faint smile spread over Dong Chengs face as he said, “That is certain with Brother Giant Kun around.

That Haung Xiaolong wont even have the chance to escape.”

The Giant Kun Ruler nodded, “However, our main enemy this time is not Huang Xiaolong, but the 33 Heavens Race.

I have news that the 33 Heavens Race has sent a large group of experts out this time.

They are aiming for the Lightning Origin Divine Tree as well.”

The Giant Kun Ruler, who was the strongest person in the Heavens Path, actually showed a solemn expression as he spoke of the 33 Heavens Race.

Dong Cheng responded, “Rest assured, Brother Giant Kun.

Although the 33 Heavens Race is also aiming for the Lightning Origin Divine Tree, the Lightning Origin Divine Tree is destined to belong to us.”

Dong Cheng and the Giant Kun Ruler had the Lightning Manipulating Bead.

They had also prepared many treasures to suppress the Lightning Origin Divine Trees lightning qi.

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