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Chapter 2187: Challenging the Giant Kun Heavenly Ruler

As soon as the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip formed a complete circle, boundless lightning energy poured out from within it.

Gigantic divine lightning bolts slammed into the ground and struck fear into the hearts of everyone present.

Even Tenth Order Sovereigns would fail to take on a single bolt of lightning!

With the numerous bolts of lightning crashing down to the earth, who would be able to stand against them

As he watched the bolts of lightning fall, Huang Xiaolong wore a face of indifference.

He raised his fist and sent a punch towards Yang Tianchen.


The heavens shook as the earth beneath them shattered.

A buzzing sound rang out in the heads of everyone present, and they couldnt help but take a few steps back.

At the same time, a brilliant streak of light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body.

It was none other than the Golden Pig Treasure!

As soon as it appeared, Yang Tianchens expression changed.

He was about to retrieve the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip, but it was too late.

The Golden Pig Treasure shot towards the whip the instant it appeared, and it attracted all the divine lightning in the air.

As the bolts of lightning that were capable of destroying Tenth Order Sovereigns landed on the back of the Golden Pig Treasure, a golden glow appeared around its body.

The divine lightning couldnt stop the pig for even a second as it charged straight towards the whip.

It opened its mouth, and a frightening suction force pulled the whip towards the Golden Pig Treasure.

No matter how hard Yang Tianchen tried, he couldnt retrieve the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip.

Seeing as it was about to enter the pigs mouth, he roared in rage, “D*mn pig! F*ck off!” A massive blade appeared in his other hand

Flashes of lightning covered the blade as it emitted an eerily black glow.

“Dark Lightning Blade!”

Many experts couldnt help but exclaim when they laid eyes on the blade.

The Dark Lightning Blade was the divine artifact that had risen to fame along with Yang Tianchen! In the past, Yang Tianchen had used the Dark Lightning Blade to kill two early-Tenth Order Sovereigns who had joined hands to kill him.

Even though the Dark Lightning Blade couldnt be compared to the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip, it was still a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact!


Golden Treasures Pig Yang Tianchen slashed at the Golden Pig Treasure, who was about to swallow the whip.

Waves of blade qi swept through the lands as the lightning qi in the space outside the 33 heavens started churning.

Lightning qi gathered to congeal a giant blade in the air as it chopped at the Golden Pig Treasure.

It was clear that Yang Tianchen planned to kill the pig with a single strike!

Even though the Golden Pig Treasure was able to subdue any type of treasure, it wasnt omnipotent.

There were ways of killing it! Despite its horrifyingly strong defense, its head was one of its weak points!

As long as Yang Tianchens blade landed on the correct spot, he could decapitate the pig with a single slash!

As he saw the blade formed from lightning qi was about to land on the pig, Huang Xiaolong finally made his move.

The lightning bead emerged from his body and appeared in the space beside the Golden Pig Treasure.

The moment it appeared, resplendent rays of light emerged to block the blade qi from Yang Tianchens Dark Lightning Blade.

The instant Huang Xiaolongs lightning bead stopped Yang Tianchens blade qi, the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip entered the Golden Pig Treasures mouth.

Biting down onto it without hesitation, the Golden Pig Treasure shook its little pigtail as it returned triumphantly to Huang Xiaolong.

Rage boiled in Yang Tianchens heart when he saw the little pig wagging its tail.

A loud roar left his lips as the Dark Lightning Blade in his hand shot out once again.

“Go to h*ll!”

The Giant Kun Ruler didnt remain idle either.

His fists flew towards Huang Xiaolong and the only difference this time was that he managed to summon four Kuns instead of two!

The four Kuns split up and covered all four directions.

When they formed a complete formation surrounding Huang Xiaolong, the aura they emitted increased by several times.

Huang Xiaolong grunted as light poured out of his body.

The Heart of Hell thumped loudly as a pillar of black light pierced through the skies.

Sixteen wings unfurled behind him as he stood against the attack.

“Break!” Huang Xiaolong shattered Yang Tianchens blade qi once again with another punch as four divine flames welcomed the four Kuns flying towards him.

Explosions sounded in the air when the four Kuns slammed into the four divine flames.

The four divine flames shrunk to a fraction of their original size as they weakened by more than half.

As for the four Kuns, they had long since turned into ashes.

Everyone couldnt help but stare at the scene in shock.

The Giant Kun Ruler was a late-Tenth Order Sovereign! Yang Tianchen might not be as strong as him, but he was still a peak mid-Tenth Order Sovereign! The two of them were peak existences in the Heavens Path! Despite that, they were easily stopped by Huang Xiaolong even after unleashing their strongest moves!

He was taking them both on, alone!

How impressive was that!

Even Jian Qintian stared at Huang Xiaolong with a dumbfounded expression.

He could duel with Yang Tianchen if he gave it his all, but there was no way he could stand against the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country! If Yang Tianchen were to join hands with the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, even a super expert like him couldnt do anything but escape!

Despite it being impossible for him to challenge the two of them, Huang Xiaolong completed the task with ease!

Wouldnt that mean…

Jian Xiaofus tiny little hands started to tremble as her gaze was fixed onto Huang Xiaolong.

Dong Cheng, who was screaming and yelling for the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country to save him, felt the words getting caught in his throat.

His breaths were becoming shallower and his body had already shrank by half.

His eyes were sunken, and the majestic aura he emitted in the past had ceased to exist.

His body was slowly withering as his skin started to sag.

“Huang Xiaolong, return my All Extinguishing Lightning Whip!” Yang Tianchen glared at Huang Xiaolong and raged, “If you refuse, you shall become the eternal enemy of my 33 Heavens Race! No matter who it is, as long as they are related to you, they wont be able to show their faces in the Heavens Path!”

By this time, the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country had already stopped his offensive as the storm around his body had started to shrink.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yang Tianchen as though he was looking at a retard.

“If I return the All Extinguishing Lightning Whip back to you, are you going to overlook everything that happened”

He had killed more than forty experts of the 33 Heavens Race! They were already irreconcilable enemies!

Yang Tianchen couldnt help but blank when faced with Huang Xiaolongs question.

“You got one thing wrong.

The ones who wont be able to live in the Heavens Path wont be me.

Your 33 Heavens Race should watch yourselves!”

Yang Tianchen could no longer hold back his rage after Huang Xiaolongs blatant disrespect.

“No one has ever threatened my 33 Heavens Race.

Huang Xiaolong do you really think that you can take on my entire race by yourself”

Everyone watching the battle shook their head in silence.

Huang Xiaolongs strength was indeed terrifying.

He could take on both Yang Tianchen and the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country by himself.

However, he was far too lacking if he wanted to challenge the 33 Heavens Race.

The Heavens Path had existed since time immemorial.

No matter which race went extinct, the Heavens Path remained unaffected.

As for the 33 Heavens Race, they have been in existence since the appearance of the Heavens Path.

Their race was unshakable and now, Huang Xiaolong was threatening to kick the members of the 33 Heavens Race off the Heavens Path! How was that possible

Even though no one dared to openly mock Huang Xiaolong, they felt that he was being a little too arrogant.

Whatever the case, a smile slowly appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

He swept his gaze across the battlefield and continued, “So what if youre from the Giant Kun Heavenly Country Who cares if youre from the 33 Heavens Race”

By this time, Dong Cheng had already turned into a corpse as Huang Xiaolong had devoured him whole.

Shaking his left hand, Huang Xiaolong sent a stream of energy into the dried up corpse and turned him into a pile of dust.

Soaring into the skies, he sent a punch towards the ruler of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and Yang Tianchen, respectively.

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