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Chapter 219: Crashing Yao Manor

Yu Ming leaped out into the air.

A coruscating light shrouded his body as a gigantic stone golem appeared!

The giant stone golem was a mass of carmine green and had eyes of golden ember.

This was Yu Ming’s martial spirit, a Giant Green Stone Golem.

Giant Green Stone Golem was an ancient race martial spirit, known for their terrifying defense and power.

Summoning his martial spirit, Yu Ming soul transformed in an instant.

A layer of carmine green earth armor wrapped around him entirely as he sent a punch in Yao Fei’s direction.

Sensing danger from Yu Ming’s attack, a frigid dark black flame bloomed from Yao Fei’s body and a giant black humanoid emerged, hovering in midair behind Yao Fei.

This giant humanoid burned with the same dark black flame as what was around Yao Fei, exuding an eerie coldness, an evil tyranny and supremacy.

This was Yao Fei’s martial spirit.

And just like Yu Ming’s martial spirit, it was also of an ancient race and was called Dark Malevolent Sovereign, a top grade twelve martial spirit!

Yao Fei also soul transformed without wasting time after summoning his martial spirit.

His body covered with a dark armor that had black flames dancing on the surface.

He leaped out in a flash, leaving two blurry images behind him in midair as he met Yu Ming’s attack.

Boom! A deafening blast resounded as two figures were thrown back at the same time.

Although Yao Fei was injured by Zhao Shu’s Saint power before, his strength was marginally higher than Yu Ming’s and on top of that, Yu Ming’s martial spirit was innately suppressed by the difference in grade.

Therefore, even though Yao Fei was injured, it would be difficult for Yu Ming to reap Yao Fei’s life in a quick battle.

Pushed back in the first contact, Yu Ming’s eyes sank.

Waving both of his fists, the two people once again engaged in a melee.

Below, on the ruined square, the crowd watched wide-eyed at the battle up in the sky between Zhao Shu, Li Molin, and Duanren Emperor, as well as the rest of the Saint experts.

Since they were capable of breaking into the Saint realm, all of their martial spirits were guaranteed to be superb talent martial spirits.

At this point in the battle, Zhao Shu and Duanren Emperor had already summoned their martial spirits.

About a dozen Saint realm experts revealed their superb talent martial spirits before the crowd’s eyes… this was an unforgettable scene that shook one’s core!

“Second Imperial Prince, should we go up…” Below, because he was one of the palace experts, Cheng Jian inquired of Duan Wuhen as he watched Yu Ming and Yao Fei’s battle, wondering if they should assist Yu Ming.

Just when Duan Wuhen wanted to nod, an immense pressure descended onto the square.

The moment it arrived, the person bearing this horrifying pressure struck a punch out at Li Molin who was battling Zhao Shu.

Startled, a nine colored resplendent light burst out from Li Molin’s body as she countered with a palm in the last moment.

Fist and palm collided! Li Molin trembled from the rebounding energy, pushing her back and causing her to stagger unsteadily in the air.

“Haha, Zhang Fu, you’re finally here!” Zhao Shu exclaimed in a hearty laughter.

In midair, a brawny looking middle-aged man with a head full of black locks but a face covered with a thick white beard came into view.

Zhang Fu!

The latest addition to the battle was the Asura’s Gate Right Custodian, Zhang Fu!

When Zhao Shu and Huang Xiaolong first arrived in Duanren Imperial City, they had sent word for Zhang Fu to rush over as a precautionary measure as well.

And now, at this critical time, Zhang Fu made it!

Zhang Fu laughed at Zhao Shu, “Such a lively scene, how can I, Zhang Fu, miss it It has been a long time since I let loose with my old bones.

It seems I didn’t rush over for nothing!”

“Haha, then I leave this old hag to you!” Zhao Shu relinquished his opponent.

“No problem!” Zhang Fu flew up, summoning his martial spirit一a black and white lion the size of a small hill appeared.

Zhang Fu fused with his martial spirit and attacked Li Molin in an excited stance.

Fury erupted in Li Molin’s heart when listening to these smelly old men dividing her up as if she was prey.

She snapped! Veering to the side, nine flurry tails fanned out behind her, spiralling towards Zhang Fu.

The nine colors swirling around her body grew brighter.

As for Zhao Shu, he returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

But Huang Xiaolong had a different thought: “You go kill Yao Fei!”

“Yes Young Lord!” Zhao Shu leaped out again, cutting in between Yu Ming and Yao Fei’s battle.

The destructive power seemed to vanish like a drop of water in the ocean when it came near Zhao Shu.

Zhao Shu sneered, raising his hand and was about to strike Yao Fei when a ruthless sword intent came piercing through space at Zhao Shu.

Alarmed, Zhao Shu’s palm turned and shot out in the direction of the incoming sword intent instead.

A powerful force swept out.

In the next moment, a figure appeared next to Yao Fei and took Yao Fei away unhindered, leaving behind his voice which echoed in the void, “Junior-Apprentice Sister, first return to the temple!”

When Li Molin who was fighting with Zhang Fu heard this, she exerted full force to push Zhang Fu back, and left a sentence: “Zhang Fu right I’ll reap your doglife the next time I see you!” With a sway, her body disappeared into the void.

Ao Baixue, Yao Family’s Ancestor Yao Shan, and the remaining Deities Templar Saint realm experts also flew to the sky, disappearing into the void in an instant.

Zhang Fu wrinkled his brows as he watched Li Molin flee.

But, rather than chase after her, he appeared down on the square before Huang Xiaolong in the next moment, saluting with respect: “Subordinate Zhang Fu greets Young Lord!”


“Subordinate thanks Young Lord!”

Duanren Emperor and the others saw that the newly arrived Zhang Fu had also referred to Huang Xiaolong as Young Lord.

Their hearts were astounded.

Judging from what they saw earlier, Zhang Fu’s strength was no weaker than Zhao Shu, perhaps even slightly stronger!

What could Huang Xiaolong’s identity be to cause two high-level Saint realm warriors to willingly call him Young Lord!

Although Zhao Shu was a good friend of Duan Ren’s Master, saved and took care of Duan Ren in the early days, and could be considered as half of Duan Ren’s mentor, he had no inclination that Zhao Shu was the Asura’s Gate Left Custodian.

“Sovereign, what do we do now” Zhao Shu stepped forward to ask.

A strong killing intent soared in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as his icy voice sounded, “To Yao Manor!”

He hadn’t imagined that Yao Fei would be able to escape!

He dearly hoped that his parents and siblings were locked up in Yao Manor.

If not, he was afraid that… !

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to head to Yao Manor, the rest were stumped.

“Yes Young Lord!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu agreed respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong flew out from Duanren Institute, followed by Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Yu Ming, and Fei Hou.

“Father, should we… ” Duan Wuhen stepped closer to Duanren Emperor, asking in a cautious whisper.

Duanren Emperor nodded, “En, let’s go and have a look.”.

They trailed behind Huang Xiaolong’s group, all the way until they reached Yao Manor.

It was a grand parade.

At this time, in a secret chamber somewhere inside Yao Manor.

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Min, and Huang Xiaohai were tied up with thick golden rope, glowering with anger at the several Yao Manor guards outside the chamber.

One of the Yao Manor guards thieving eyes were ogling Su Yan and Huang Min.

Bound with the thick golden ropes, their clothes were stretched, highlighting the contour of their curves, especially the area around their breasts.

The Yao Manor guard complemented generously, “This Huang Xiaolong’s mother and sister are such foxy vixens, it’s just like looking at a pair of sisters seeing them side by side like this.

If it wasn’t because of Young Noble’s instructions, I wouldn’t be able to bear it any longer.”

A thin tall comrade next to him snickered, “Don’t worry, after our Young Noble kills Huang Xiaolong, they won’t be useful any longer.

You can play to your heart’s content at that time!”

The initial licentious guard said, “Just a measly Huang Xiaolong… just cause he has Duan Wuhen backing him, he thinks he’s so great.

I really don’t understand why Young Noble is being so cautious when dealing with him.

With Young Noble and our Yao Manor’s power, to squash a measly Huang Xiaolong… isn’t it as easy as snapping our fingers”

“I think so too, it’s just a pathetic little Huang Xiaolong.

There was no need to put him in our eyes!”

However, when that guard’s voice fell, a loud blast rang out so loudly that it was as if heaven and earth were shaking.


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