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Chapter 2214: Holy Bills

The currency used in the Holy World was holy bills, and all of them were made from the supreme holy force of True Saint Realm experts.

In addition to their supreme holy force, the experts who made the bills laid down supreme arrays on them to prevent Venerable Realm experts from making fake bills.

With so many precautions in place, there was practically no way to forge them.

Of course, the holy bills were valuable in their own right.

The supreme array was formed with the spiritual qi contained in the world, and they held the heavenly laws the True Saint Realm experts comprehended.

The value of the holy bill was equivalent to the strength of the world spiritual qi and heavenly law.

Therefore the value of the holy bill increased with the strength of the world spiritual qi and heavenly law.

If the array was formed with a single strand of spiritual qi and one strand of heavenly law, it would be a bill with a single denomination.

Bills with ten strands of spiritual qi and heavenly laws would be in the denominations of the tens.

The highest denomination of a single bill was ten thousand.

Due to the properties of the holy bills, cultivators could only use them to purchase items.

The spiritual qi and heavenly laws contained in the bills could be refined, but that would render the bill worthless.

Since the bills were extremely hard to come by, smaller kingdoms like the Jinyuan Kingdom were reluctant to use holy bills as tools for cultivation.

After all, it could only increase their cultivation level to a certain extent.

Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain several bills from the spatial artifacts of the incense masters of the Black Devil Sect.

Huang Xiaolong tossed all of them into one of the spatial artifacts and threw rest of the spatial artifacts away.

As for the Eight Desolate Supernatural Pill, Fiery Bear Pill, and Prison Sea Divine Pill, he separated them from the rest and tossed everything into his mouth.

He swallowed a total of three hundred pills with different attributes in an instant.

Even though there were pills with different attributes that would cause an Emperor Realm expert to exercise caution when ingesting them, he refined them all at once!

Streams of medicinal qi rushed towards every part of his body in an instant!

Sitting down on the ground, Huang Xiaolong hastily circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and activated the three complete dao saint godheads to absorb the streams of medicinal qi.

When the tree complete dao saint godheads were done with the refinement process, the medicinal qi turned into pure sovereign energy that nourished his meridians and organs.

The surface of his body glowed brightly as the scars on his face started to fade even further.

Soon, the faint scars around his body disappeared completely.

His skin that had been burnt beyond recognition started to peel and the appearance everyone was familiar with was finally restored.

His new-formed skin was white and pinkish in color.

It was soft and tender, like that of a newborn baby.

There was also a soft glow surrounding his body, forming some sort of holy luster around him.

Strands of green, black, and red gasses streamed out from the pores of his body as he cleansed himself.

Every single strand of gas that he expelled was made of impurities contained in the pills he had swallowed.

No matter how impure they were, nothing could get past the three complete dao saint godheads.

As the last strand of qi was expelled from his body, the night passed and the rain stopped.

Rays of sunlight fell on the temple and the glow around Huang Xiaolongs body disappeared.

In the span of a night, Huang Xiaolong refined all the pills he had obtained from the members of the Black Devil Sect.

If the four incense masters had survived to learn that Huang Xiaolong had refined all the pills they had hoarded in the span of a single night, they would have ended up dying from shock.

Huang Xiaolong got up and loosened his muscles.

A comfortable feeling spread through his body and this was the first time he felt anything close to relaxation since arriving in the Holy World.

He checked his body with his divine sense and noticed that his organs were finally recovered.

The scars around his body were also gone, restoring his originally handsome face.

“Im no longer an ugly b*stard!” Huang Xiaolong sighed in relief.

Since the time he had left the manor, he had received disgusted looks no matter where he went.

Of course, there was still the matter with his meridians.

Without them, he wouldnt be able to activate his saint bloodlines and that was a problem.

After shooting a final glance at the four corpses, Huang Xiaolong stepped out of the temple before soaring into the sky.

“Gujiao City!”

That was where he would settle down for the next couple of days.

That would also be where an elder of the Black Devil Sect would be buried forever!

Inside a certain luxurious residence in Gujiao City, a tall Qin Yuan was sitting in the main hall of his residence as he savored the delicacies that the servants were serving up.

Since he wasnt able to publicize his status as an elder of the Black Devil Sect, he was disguised as a president of a middle-level chamber of commerce in the Jinyuan Kingdom.

No one other than the internal members of the sect knew of his secret identity!

“Based on my calculations, Incense Master Tuo and the others should be back by noon the day after tomorrow,” Qin Yuan thought to himself as he leaned on his chair.

“How can he injure a God King Realm expert with shattered meridians and a destroyed spirit sea” Qin Yuans eyes flickered, “He dealt with Prince Qian with a single blow the day before… It seems like hes hiding something impressive! The only other reason will be some unknown divine spiritual medicine he has on him… How can someone recover so quickly without external help!”

“If I am able to obtain the divine spiritual pills he used, Ill be able to increase my strength by a single realm! I might even be able to reach the high-level Emperor Realm with it! Once that happens, Ill be promoted, and my position in the sect as an enforcer will bring me tons of benefits!”


Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong stood before the gates of Gujiao City and prepared to enter the city.

After devouring holy spiritual qi for the past two days, his injuries had recovered by quite a bit.

A light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes when he looked at the city before him.

After his soul search on the incense master, Huang Xiaolong had learned that not only was Qin Yuan an elder in the Black Devil Sect, but he was also the president of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce.

Radiance Chamber of Commerce What a joke for a member of the Black Devil Sect...

Of course, the only thing Huang Xiaolong cared about was the amount of resources he could obtain after killing Qin Yuan.

As the president of a chamber of commerce, he should have stashed away quite a fortune, right

Huang Xiaolong followed the crowd into the city.

As Gujiao City was one of the major cities in the Jinyuan Kingdom, the streets were extremely lively.

Even though it was only a city in a small kingdom, it was comparable to some of the heavenly countries in the Heavens Path back in the lower realm.

Moreover, there were many experts of different races strolling along the streets, and there were even some with six horns growing on their heads.

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong had no plans to stay in Gujiao City for long.

After learning about the location of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce, he headed there directly.

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