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Chapter 2217: Apprehending The Killer

It took them a little while to respond to the situation as they were unable to get over their shock.

When they finally did, they screamed in horror.

Very soon, news of the trio\'s death in the inner hall of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce began to spread around the Jingyuan Kingdom, causing an uproar.

It was nothing noteworthy if Qin Yuan and Qin Shaolong were the only ones who had died.

However, an elder of the Big Dipper Sword Sect, Weng Siqi, was dragged into the matter.

When the king heard of the matter, he leaped up from his throne in fright.

It was earth-shaking news if a disciple of the Big Dipper Sword Sect had died in the Jinyuan Kingdom.

Right now, an elder had died in his territory! Weng Siqi wasnt any ordinary custodian.

His master was Elder Xu Cang, a law enforcement elder of the Big Dipper Sword Sect!

Soon, everyone in Prince Qian Manor learned of the massacre.

Prince Qian, Zhang Wenyue, and Zhang Haochen were flabbergasted when they heard the news.

“I wonder who had the guts to do something like that! Someone actually killed Custodian Weng Siqi! I heard that after the king got news of this, he was so afraid that he immediately passed down an imperial decree to order the various departments to apprehend the killer!” Zhang Haochen exclaimed.

Prince Qian retorted, “Custodian Weng Siqi was a Seventh-Order Emperor Realm expert.

If the killer could kill him without alarming the other experts in the Radiance Chamber of Commerce, then hes probably a Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert.

How can anyone hope to capture him”

Zhang Wenyue chimed in as well, “The various experts from the Radiance Chamber of Commerce couldnt find any evidence of the murder.

How are we supposed to apprehend the killer when we dont even know what he looks like”


Half a day after Huang Xiaolong left Gujiao City, he stopped at a deserted mine and chose a secluded cave hidden deep in the ground to take refuge.

Placing several restrictions at the entrance, he sat in the middle of the cave and reviewed his gains.

Even though the cave was relatively small, it emitted a special type of warmth that made it the perfect place to stay in.

Huang Xiaolong quickly retrieved the spatial artifacts and treasures he had plundered.

Before killing Qin Yuan and Weng Siqi, he had searched through their memories and found out the existence and whereabouts of the treasury of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce.

He hadnt bothered looking through the treasury as he had chucked the entire thing into his spatial artifact.

As he was in a rush to flee the scene, he didnt have time to look through everything.

Qin Yuans spatial artifact was the first thing he opened.

Gold light and spiritual qi gushed out from inside the spatial artifact.

Fortunately, he was smart enough to place restrictions at the entrance of the cave to prevent any traces of spiritual qi from escaping.

Peering into Qin Yuans spatial artifact, Huang Xiaolong saw that it was stuffed with countless spiritual medicine and spirit stones.

There were even several stalks of origin treasures, but it was too bad they were only level-one treasures.

Other than the spiritual medicine and spirit stones, there were also countless jade bottles filled with divine pills.

When he opened one of them, a strong medicinal fragrance filled the cave.

“Divine Fiery Wind Pill!”

Looking at it, Huang Xiaolong could see many small phoenixes swimming around in the bottle as concentrated medicinal qi gathered to form them.

The Divine Fiery Wind Pill was a fire attributed divine pill and it was several grades higher than the Eight Desolate Supernatural Pill that Huang Xiaolong had obtained from the Incense Masters from the Black Devil Sect.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes sparkled with joy as the pills were exactly what he needed.

Who would have thought that he would be able to find some level one origin spiritual pills from Qin Yuans personal stash With the help of these pills, he would be able to aid the restoration of his meridians quite a bit.

There was also a pile of holy bills lying around in a corner of the spatial artifact.

However, it was a shame that most of them were in denominations of five hundred to a thousand.

Whatever the case, there were close to sixty to seventy thousand dollars in the pile.

Obtaining such a hefty amount in an instant, Huang Xiaolong felt like he had struck it big.

From what he had learned from Qin Yuan and Weng Siqis memories, the amount he had could buy him a decent residence in the capital city of the Falling Jade Dynasty.

Soon after, he opened all the remaining spatial divine artifacts one by one.

Even though there were also quite a number of spiritual medicines and divine pills belonging to Qin Shaolong and the guards, nothing could compare to Qin Yuans spatial divine artifact.

Of course, none of them had origin treasures.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong got to Weng Siqis collection.

As a custodian in the Big Dipper Sword Sect, he had a lot more valuables stashed away.

Not only did he possess high-level divine pills, but he also had a lot more money.

As for the treasury of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce, there was no need to mention how it was brimming with treasures.

Even though the Radiance Chamber of Commerce was only a middle-level chamber of commerce, their treasury was not something first-rate families could compare to.

Huang Xiaolong obtained around five million dollars and when he added everything from the spatial divine artifacts, he counted six million dollars in total.

With six million holy bills, he could even purchase a large manor in the Falling Jade Dynastys capital city.

After tossing all the holy bills into the treasury, Huang Xiaolong swallowed all the level-one origin spiritual pills in one go.

He circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium as his three complete dao saint godheads started spinning.

Instantaneously, a stream of origin spiritual qi rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body.

The three complete dao saint godheads shone brightly as his meridians slowly started to recover.

Just as he was converting the origin spiritual pills into origin spiritual qi, a group of armed warriors arrived in the mountain range around him.

“Search the area thoroughly! The king has given the order to apprehend the killer within three days.

Otherwise… You know what will happen to us!” A general hollered.

The soldiers dispersed and began their search.

Before long, a group of soldiers discovered the entrance of the mine where Huang Xiaolong was hiding.

Despite looking straight at the entrance of the mine, they failed to discover any abnormality.

After an hour of intense searching, the soldiers moved on to the neighboring mine.

This time, Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion for an entire month.

During the month, he not only refined all the pills Qin Yuan and Weng Siqi had collected, but he also used up everything he could get his hands on in the treasury of the Radiance Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to that, he managed to recover ten percent of his three complete dao saint godheads, and the injuries plaguing his body decreased by quite a bit.

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