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Chapter 2224: Soaring Lightning Capital!

How could Huang Xiaolong not understand that everything Wan Zhuoyuan said about sealing off the Devouring Icy Forest was a lie He knew that it was merely a scare tactic Wan Zhuoyuan was using to bait him into freeing his holy soul.

Of course, there was some truth to his words.

According to what Huang Xiaolong knew, the Eminent Elders of the Holy Gate should have realized that Wan Zhuoyuan was located in the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent.

“It seems like I need to be more careful.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Luckily for him, he was currently in the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent.

If they had been in the central continent, he was really afraid that Wan Zhuoyuans holy soul would have exposed their exact location.

“Huang Xiaolong, hehehe.

I refuse to believe that you will be able to enter my Holy Gate!” Wan Zhuoyuan sneered.

“Are you really not afraid of the various Eminent Elders detecting my holy soul when you enter the Holy Gate Do you really think that you will be able to hide my holy soul in your lightning bead My Holy Gates strength is far beyond what you expect!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

He didnt care about Wan Zhuoyuan at all, and he directly kept the lightning bead back into his body.

Wan Zhuoyuans annoying cries were thus silenced.

Of course, after what happened with Wan Zhuoyuans holy soul, Huang Xiaolong was no longer in the mood to remain in the Devouring Icy Forest.

He led the six beasts as he left the forest immediately.

In the past few months, the six beasts had managed to refine all the recovery pills Huang Xiaolong had given to them, and they had more or less restored their strength.

The two wings on the back of the Phoenix Eagle had already grown back.

When they left the Devouring Icy Forest, Huang Xiaolong ran into two Seventh Order Sovereign Realm Titans, whom he subdued without much difficulty.

Around a month passed and a travel-worn figure blended among the crowd and walked towards the border of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom.

There were eight little beasts following behind the travel-worn youngster.

It went without saying that the youngster was Huang Xiaolong.

After leaving the Devouring Icy Forest, Huang Xiaolong had thought of a plan as he headed towards the Soaring Lightning Kingdom.

From what he knew, there was a massive lightning forbidden ground located in the Soaring Lightning Kingdom.

Within the forbidden grounds, there were countless lightning attributed origin treasures and lightning spiritual qi.

Huang Xiaolong decided to make use of the Soaring Lightning Kingdoms resources to restore the lightning bead.

The lightning storm had damaged the lightning bead, and it was no longer as powerful as it once was.

If an actual expert from the Holy Gate in the upper levels of the Venerable Realm were to arrive, then there was an actual possibility of discovering Wan Zhuoyuans holy soul! As such, a plan appeared in Huang Xiaolongs mind as he decided to strengthen the lightning bead as quickly as he could.

Even if he failed to completely restore the lightning bead with the resources located in the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, a slight recovery was still better than no recovery.

As long as he could increase the strength of the restrictions inside the lightning bead, the difficulty of locating Wan Zhuoyuans soul would increase exponentially!

Of course, it wasnt easy for Huang Xiaolong to arrive at the forbidden grounds of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom.

Even though he had already emerged from the Devouring Icy Forest, he had to cross nearly half the kingdom!

It wasnt easy to reach the capital of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, and Huang Xiaolong could only do it one step at a time.

The moment he stepped into the capital of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, he wouldnt be far from their forbidden grounds.

As he made his way towards the capital, Huang Xiaolong ran into tons of disciples and experts from the various families and clans located in the kingdom.

“The selections will take place ten days later! I wonder if the fourth prince of our country would be able to pass…”

“The fourth prince of your Stone Country has pretty good talent.

It shouldnt be a problem to pass the first round!”

“Even if they pass the first round, it doesnt mean anything! Its what comes after that matters! Its nearly impossible to pass the final selections!”

When Huang Xiaolong heard the discussions going on around him, he finally realized that the selection phase of the Big Dipper Sword Sect was about to take place!

Every time the Big Dipper Sword Sect carried out their recruitment, the various kingdoms under the dynasty would select a hundred kingdoms to be competition venues for the disciple selection.

The capital of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom was precisely one of them!

Not a single power around the Soaring Lightning Kingdom could sit still as they sent everyone they could towards the kingdom in hopes of entering the Big Dipper Sword Sect.

It was no wonder Huang Xiaolong ran into so many experts along the way.

“I wonder if Zhang Wenyue came…” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but think about her when he recalled the Big Dipper Sword Sect.

Even though the Prince Qian Manor had taken him as someone from the Black Devil Sect, and they had tried to interrogate him, Huang Xiaolong knew that it had nothing to do with Zhang Wenyue.

As such, her image in his heart wasnt tarnished.

Dozens of days later…

Huang Xiaolong rode on the Six Eyed Ice Lion as he arrived at the entrance of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom.

The other divine beasts followed obediently behind him.

Not a single person managed to recognize them as they had hidden their auras and shrunk their bodies.

Huang Xiaolong quickly located an inn after entering the capital city, and he rented out an entire courtyard.

He planned to live there for quite some time.

In the capital city of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, there was a massive spiritual pills market, and Huang Xiaolong decided to purchase whatever he could with the fifty million or so he had.

With over fifty million holy bills, he could easily sweep through most stores.

Even with his speed of refining pills, fifty million was enough to purchase enough pills to last him a month or two!

While he was at it, Huang Xiaolong planned to exchange several top-grade chaos spirit stones from the space in his lightning bead.

They werent as valuable as they were in the lower worlds.

Of course, that wasnt to say that they were worthless… A single top-grade chaos spirit stone could probably be exchanged for twenty holy bills.

If he took out a hundred million top-grade chaos spirit stones, he would obtain two billion holy bills!

The number of spiritual pills Huang Xiaolong could buy with that amount of money could easily last him a year!

WIth the amount of spiritual pills he could buy, Huang Xiaolong knew that he would be able to experience a full recovery if he spent all two billion holy bills.

As night was about to fall, Huang Xiaolong decided to lock himself up in his room to cultivate through the night before heading out the next day.

When the first rays of sunlight fell upon the land, Huang Xiaolond decided to make his way over to the market.

Since it wasnt too far from the courtyard he rented, Huang Xiaolong arrived on the back of the Six Eyed Ice Lion after a short half an hour.

Since it wasnt the most practical idea to bring along all his beasts, Huang Xiaolong kept them all in the space in the lightning bead.

With the arrival of experts from the surrounding kingdoms, the spiritual pill market that had always been bustling was filled with activities! Everyone was packed like sardines as they shopped around!

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother with the random stalls and he headed straight towards a trading company that specialized in trading spiritual pills and spirit stones.

In front of everyone, Huang Xiaolong exchanged one hundred million top-grade chaos spirit stones.

Top-grade chaos spirit stones might not be impressive in the Holy World, but a hundred million of them was another matter altogether!

When Huang Xiaolong left the trading company, he added two billion holy bills to his inventory.

WIth two billion holy bills, Huang Xiaolong could be considered a rich man.

Even supreme sects couldnt take two billion holy bills out easily!

Several minutes later, Huang Xiaolong appeared in the building of the largest merchant for spiritual pills.

The merchant was called the Revered Fragrance Trading Company.

It was the largest trading company in the Falling Jade Dynasty, and there were several tens of thousands of chains around the dynasty.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong entered the building, various divine pills along the jade counter caught his eye.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt believe his eyes as he sucked in a cold breath.

Those divine pills were comparable to ordinary level-one or level-two origin pills!

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