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Chapter 2229: He Said that He Wants to Kill you!

“Hold up!” Huang Xiaolong suddenly changed his mind when he noticed the experts of the Beast Emperor Sect.

Those who were already rejoicing in their heart that they had managed to escape with their lives suddenly stopped.

Their legs went completely soft, and they nearly collapsed to the ground in fright.

“Lord… This…” An Eighth Order Emperor from the Beast Emperor Sect stuttered as he forced the words out of his mouth.

He was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would change his mind.

“You, come here.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at him and commanded.

The Eighth Order Emperor felt his heart falling to the pit of his stomach as a look of despair filled his face.

No matter how unwilling he was, he didnt dare to defy Huang Xiaolongs order.

As soon as the Eighth Order Emperor approached, Huang Xiaolong conducted a soul search on him.

Huang Xiaolong really wanted to know if Song Shaokang was in the lightning grounds.

It would be great if the Eighth Order Emperor from the Beast Emperor Sect knew.

Very quickly, he completed the search.

Deciding not to mess with the man, he released them all.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong released them, they fled without turning back.

They pushed their speed to the limit and vanished from his sight in an instant as they were too afraid that he would call them back.

Seeing as everyone had disappeared, Huang Xiaolong turned to look at Zhang Wenyue.

“Young Lady, everything is alright now.” He took out several pills and continued, “Take these.

These are top-grade grandmist spiritual pills.

These will aid you in entering the Heavenly Monarch Realm.”

Top-grade grandmist spiritual pills were more useful than origin spiritual pills for Zhang Wenyue.

After all, she wasnt strong enough to put them to good use.

Zhng Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Top-grade grandmist spiritual pills!

As one of the princes in the Jinyuan Kingdom, Prince Qian didnt have the ability nor luxury to consume top-grade grandmist spiritual pills for cultivation! In fact, he hadn\'t even used low-grade grandmist spiritual pills, much less top-grade ones!

It was too bad Zhang Wenyue shook her head in the next instant.

She rejected Huang Xiaolongs pills, and she hesitated for a moment.

“Young Master Huang, even if we return to the Jinyuan Kingdom, we wont be able to escape from death.” She bit her mesmerizing red lips and paused as she didnt know how to continue.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong could easily understand the meaning behind what Zhang Wenyue wanted to say.

Right now, Zhang Wenyue and the others had no way to return to the Jinyuan Kingdom.

Moreover, they couldnt hide in the nearby kingdoms either.

The only way for them to live was to follow Huang Xiaolong.

The only problem was that Zhang Wenyue had no idea how to tell Huang Xiaolong about it.

After all, it wasnt appropriate for a young lady to make such a request.

Moreover, she knew that with her strength, she would only be a liability to Huang Xiaolong if she stayed by his side.

Even though Zhang Wenyue was hesitant about it, Prince Qian wasnt.

He kneeled on the ground and begged, “Lord Huang, please save us! Taking into account the fact that Yueer saved your life in the past, let us follow you around! We can be your servants and we can do anything you require us to do! We wont trouble you in the slightest! Please take us in!”

Zhang Haochen snapped back to attention and he quickly fell to his knees.

Like his father, he started to beg Huang Xiaolong to accept them.

He slapped himself, and he blamed himself for being blind in the past.

He even scolded himself for believing in his friend for doubting Huang Xiaolongs identity.

He bawled his eyes out and begged Huang Xiaolong to forgive him.

The two of them outdid each other and they portrayed themselves in an extremely pitiful light.

“Father, younger brother… you guys…” Zhang Wenyue was heartbroken but there was a trace of embarrassment in her voice.

Huang Xiaolong thought about it for a second and turned to Zhang Wenyue.


You guys can follow me from now on.” He knew that if he left them on their own, they would be dead beyond a doubt.

The moment he entered the Holy Gate and become of the Holy Prince, he would be able to bring them along with him.

As soon as they heard his words, Zhang Haochen and Prince Qian yelled their thanks.

A look of joy flashed through Zhang Wenyues face as she opened her mouth to thank Huang Xiaolong.

“Many thanks to Young Master Huang…”

Her voice was both mesmerizing and gentle, very much like a young lady in love.

Huang Xiaolong called out the seven beasts and allowed them to choose one as their mount.

“This… This is a Titan Beast!” Prince Qian stared at the beasts before them as his gaze landed on the Titan.

Zhang Wenyue and Zhang Haochen were equally surprised.

From what they knew, a Titan Beast was a peak grandmist spiritual beast.

It was said to be a descendant of a holy beast and even though its bloodline was extremely diluted, it still possessed talent surpassing that of other peak level grandmist spiritual beasts.

He had also heard that the emperor of the Falling Jade Dynasty also had a Titan Beast as his mount!

Huang Xiaolong noticed the look of surprise in their eyes and he casually piped up, “I casually picked the two Titans up in the Devouring Icy Forest.

They are merely Seventh Order Sovereign Realm beasts…”

Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!

Merely Seventh Order Sovereigns!

Prince Qian and Zhang Haochen were so frightened that they nearly tripped over themselves.

They had thought that Huang Xiaolong was at the First or Second Order of the Sovereign Realm when they had seen him deal with the Tenth Order Emperor from the Beast Emperor Sect.

Right now, they felt their world spinning when they heard that the Titan Beasts Huang Xiaolong had were in the Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!

Seventh Order Sovereign Realm! How strong did he have to be to tame them! Neither of them dared to continue down their train of thought.

It was no wonder he had the confidence to say that he would kill the young lord of the Beast Emperor Sect!

Zhang Wenyue felt her heart pounding in her chest when she looked at the seven extraordinary beasts before her.

When the three of them were done choosing their mountains, Huang Xiaolong brought them along as he charged towards the depth of the lightning grounds.

However, he thought about it for a second and decided to place down some restrictions inside Prince Qian and Zhang Haochens body.

The two of them werent angry at all as they knew that if they were in his place, they would do the same.

The experts of the Beast Emperor Sect had barely escaped when the news of Zhang Wenyue and the others reached Song Shaokang.

“Venerable level Treasure Tome!” Song Shaokang felt his gaze burning up when he heard the report.

“Yong Sect Leader, according to their description, the person who killed our high elder is the brat who fought with you over the Great Yang Returning Divine Pills!” The skinny-faced elder behind Song Shaokang reminded him.

“Hes overestimating himself.

He even said that he wanted to kill you!” The other elder sneered.

Killing intent burst out from Song Shaokangs eyes.

“B*stard! How dare a lowly Ninth Order Sovereign dream of killing me Hehehe!”

“He also searched the soul of an elder.

He might have received news that you are present in the lightning grounds to hunt for the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruits!” The skinny-faced elder continued.

“So what if he knows” Song Shaokang continued, “Everyone is here for the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruits! However, no one knows where it is! Only I know the location of the fruits!”

“Go! We shall head over to the Lightning Flame Sea! We will kill that brat after obtaining the fruits!”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

In the depths of the lightning grounds lay a body of water that hadnt stopped burning since the start of time.

It was named the Lightning Flame Sea a long time ago and from what Song Shaokang knew, the Lightning Dragon Divine Tree grew inside the burning sea!

Four days later…

Huang Xiaolong and the others appeared in the depths of the lightning grounds.

It was exactly as Song Shaokang had said.

Everyone was there for the Lightning Dragon Divine Fruits, but none of them knew where it was!

As such, Huang Xiaolong could only rely on blind luck as he roamed around the lightning grounds.

During the days he spent in the lightning grounds, the lightning bead managed to absorb a huge amount of lightning spiritual qi and the glow around it was no longer the dim light it once was.

Dense bolts of lightning flashed in the bead and it was clear it was no longer in the once pitiful state it once was.

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