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Chapter 2238: Let Him Wait

At the registration area, the person in charge was an outer sect disciple.

He was also a Sovereign Realm expert, similar to the guard.

He glanced at Huang Xiaolong, “Are you Huang Xiaolong Hand over ten thousand holy bills!”

Evidently, he had already received the orders from Xiao Feng to give Huang Xiaolongspecial treatment.

Huang Xiaolongs face was calm as he didnt kick up a fuss.

He casually retrieved ten thousand holy bills and gave them to the disciple.

Upon seeing his obedient performance, the attendant sneered, “At least youre quite tactful now, a little too late for that now…”

After registering Huang Xiaolong, he threw a registration tablet towards him, “Go outside and wait for us to call on you.

Custodian Xiao Feng is currently enjoying tea with important guests.

He will carry out the test when he is free.”

Huang Xiaolong remained silent as he followed the guard into the hall.

As he was the only one registering to take the test, the hall was empty besides him.

At the exact same moment he entered the hall, the news of Song Shaokang passing the Holy Gates test and his identity as a saint bloodline expert spread through the entire dynasty.

In an instant, the dynasty bustled with activity.

“The Beast Emperor Sects Young Lord Song Shaokang, actually has a saint bloodline! How long has it been since a saint bloodline disciple had appeared in our dynasty!”

“The Beast Emperor Sect has struck big this time, really big! How good would it be if our sect could produce a saint bloodline disciple!”

Even the three supreme sects were shocked when they received the news.

Soon after, the emperor of the Falling Jade Dynasty prepared extravagant gifts as he planned to rush over to the Holy Gate branch division to congratulate Song Shaokang personally.

The generous gifts that he was planning to give surprised countless experts.


When Huang Xiaolong entered the hall, Eminent Elder Wang Qi of the Nine Heavens Gate was reporting the matter about Huang Xiaolong to Du Youze.

At the same time, news of Song Shaokang becoming a disciple of the Holy Gate with a Saint bloodline arrived.

Wang Qi, Du Youze, and many of the experts present in the main hall were shocked.

“It looks like we must change our attitude towards the Beast Emperor Sect!” Du Youze muttered softly.

In the past, the Nine Heavens Gates attitude towards the Beast Emperor Sect wasnt the best as the latter was close to the Big Dipper Sword Sect.

“Who would have thought that the Beast Emperor Sect would be lucky enough to produce an offspring with a Saint bloodline!” One of the Eminent Elders from Nine Heavens Gate sighed.

“With a saint bloodline and the support of the Holy Gate, its only a matter of time before the Beast Emperor Sect rises to the level of the Big Dipper Sword Sect.

In a billion years, they might even surpass us!” Wang Qi said solemnly.

“We cant do anything about that either.

The rise of the Beast Emperor Sect would be unstoppable!” Another Eminent Elder lamented.

All of a sudden, Wang Qis transmission symbol vibrated, and his face lit up.

“What happened” When Du Youze saw Wang Qis reaction, he couldnt help but ask.

A complicated expression appeared on Wang Qis face.

“Earlier, our disciple received news that the person who injured Zhou Heng was a youngster called Huang Xiaolong.

According to new reports, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Holy Gate branch division to register as a disciple.


Du Youzes eyes couldnt help but shrink as he thought inwardly, “Seems like Huang Xiaolong really went to the Holy Gate to become a disciple.”

“What” One of the elders asked curiously.

“Huang Xiaolong offended Song Shaokang, and he killed two grand elders of the Beast Emperor Sect before arriving in the capital city!” Wang Qi explained.

Everyone in the hall turned to look at each other.

This person who was suspected to have a saint physique actually had enmity with Song Shaokang!

Who would have thought of that!

“Whats going on now” Du Youze asked.

Wang Qi explained, “Custodian Xiao Feng demanded for him to pay ten thousand holy bills for registration and made him wait in the outer hall before going for a tea session with Song Shaokang.

He said that he would only administer the test after he is free!”

Du Youze shook his head and smiled, “Huang Xiaolong...

he should know better! Its fine if he actually has a saint physique.

If he fails the test and lands into Song Shaokangs hand, he will die a tragic death!”

“Even though his physical strength is shocking, it may not be a saint physique!” Liang Wei explained, “Its not like we dont have any geniuses who are born with innate strength! Every one of them failed when they took the test in the Holy Gates branch division!”

“Thats right, throughout the past billions of years, how many Holy Gate disciples did our Falling Jade Dynasty produce” One of the Eminent Elders sighed, “Its impossible for two disciples to appear at the same time….”

After all, Song Shaokangs achievement was already shocking enough.

It was basically impossible for another disciple to appear in the dynasty!

“Let us just wait and see.” Du Youze thought about it and concluded.

Originally, he had prepared a big gift for Huang Xiaolong, whom they had suspected to be a talent possessing a saint bloodline to express their goodwill.

Now that he had offended Song Shaokang, it was better for them to sit on the fence.

If they expressed their goodwill to Huang Xiaolong, they risked offending Song Shaokang, an inner disciple of the Holy Gate.

Their losses would be unbearable.

In the inner halls of the Holy Gate division, Xiao Feng was currently having tea with Song Shaokang, Song Fu, and a few others.

“Good tea!” Song Shaokang praised.

Xiao Feng laughed, “In the main branch of our Holy Gate, teas ten thousand times better than the maple leaves here.

Brother Shaokang will get to taste it the moment you enter the main branch.

In the future, please take care of me….”

If a Holy Gate disciple appears, the respective branches will report the news to the branch division in the continent.

Experts would be sent over to pick the new disciple up before sending him to the main branch.

Song Shaokang laughed, “Good, good.”

“I heard that the Falling Jade Emperor brought generous gifts with him.

He brought a billion holy bills, thirty bottles of rank-three origin spiritual pills, and a mid-grade supreme spiritual treasure.

These are just the more eye-catching ones, and there are so many more,” Xiao Feng laughed.

Song Fu laughed, “His Majesty is too courteous!”

Not long after, the Falling Jade Emperor arrived and the entire hall was full of laughter.

The emperor stayed and chatted for some time before eventually leaving with the experts of the dynasty.

At the end of the night, the disciple in charge of registration reported to Xiao Feng, and he finally remembered that Huang Xiaolong was still waiting for his assessment.

According to the rules of the Holy Gate branch division, the assessment couldnt be delayed.

However, Xiao Feng blatantly ignored the rules and replied, “Let him wait.

Ill test him tomorrow.”

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