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Chapter 2248: Dont Know To Appreciate Favors

Huang Xiaolong looked at the rows of Huang Zhoupings subordinates that pleaded for pardon without any respect, and a cold sneer curved up at the corner of his mouth.

He left them kneeling as his attention shifted to Huang Zhouping.

He spoke in a tepid tone, “May I ask Senior Brother Huang Zhoupings purpose behind seeking an audience today”

Huang Xiaolong deliberately used the wordsseeking an audience to describe Huang Zhoupings visit.

Huang Zhoupings brows wrinkled at the term, but it was quickly concealed by an amiable smile, “Junior Brother Huang Xiaolong is joking.

You and I are both Holy Gates Holy Princes.

Im here for a casual visit, to sit for a while and talk about things in common.

Must I have a purpose in order to come here”

“Theres nothing in common to talk about between me and Senior Brother Huang.

Since there is nothing else, please return.” Huang Xiaolong ended the conversation brusquely, “I have to cultivate.”

Huang Zhouping was stunned by Huang Xiaolongs refusal, and his expression darkened sullenly.

This Huang Xiaolong was actually so tactless.

Huang Xiaolong was just a newly arrived Holy Prince at the Holy Gate headquarters.

He was giving Huang Xiaolong face, yet Huang Xiaolong actually asked him to go away so crudely! If it wasnt Senior Brother Jiang Tians sacred order, would Huang Zhoupin have lowered his status and come here

“Since Junior Brother Huang does not welcome me, I wont linger around.”

Huang Zhoupings expression was colder and less amiable than before as he said, “Ill get to the point with Junior Brother Huang.

Im here under Senior Brother Jiang Tians sacred order to send you a gift.” With that said, he took out the jade box Jiang Tian had given him and threw it towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong opened the jade box without any expression.

Inside the jade box was a blood ganoderma brimming with pure holy spiritual qi!

“Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in surprise.

Even someone, who had seen many good things like Huang Xiaolong, was tempted when he laid eyes on the Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma.

When he was still in the Falling Jade Dynasty, Sun Huage, Liu Cheng, the Falling Jade Dynastys Emperor Bi Liang, Nine Heavens Gates Chief Du Youze, and a list of others had gifted him with various spiritual herbs and spiritual pills, but compared to the Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma, all those were rubbish.

This Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma was a level-six origin treasure!


In the Holy Lands, level-three origin treasures were not rare and could be found at some trading places in the Falling Jade Dynasty.

Whereas in bigger places like the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continents capital city, one could even purchase level-four origin treasures from the trading markets.

But level-five origin treasures were scarce in comparison.

And level-six origin treasures couldnt even be purchased in any trading markets.

In the entire Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds, a level-six origin treasure was hard to come by in tens of billions of years.

Never did Huang Xiaolong imagine that Jiang Tian would actually use a level-six origin treasure to draw him in his alliance.

Even Huang Zhoupings gaze turned fiery looking at the jade box in Huang Xiaolongs hands.

“How about it, Junior Brother Huang This is Senior Brother Jiang Tians gift!” Huang Zhouping smiled a smug smile as he went on, “Senior Brother Jiang Tian has said that as long as Junior Brother Huang joins our Holy Alliance, and serves Senior Brother Jiang Tian, there are many more of this kind of level-six origin treasures.

There are even origin treasures that are higher grade than this Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma!”

The Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma was a low-grade level-six origin treasure.

But at Huang Zhoupings words, Huang Xiaolong snapped the jade box close and threw it back to him.

Huang Zhouping was dumbfounded.

“It is an undeserving reward.

I appreciate Senior Brother Jiang Tians kind intention.”

Huang Xiaolong went on tepidly, “Please help me return this Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma to Senior Brother Jiang Tian.”

Huang Zhoupings expression was slightly ugly, Huang Xiaolong actually refused

Despite having guessed that Huang Xiaolong might refuse, Huang Zhouping did not expect Huang Xiaolong to refuse so bluntly.

“Junior Brother Huang, you better think it through before deciding.” Huang Zhouping spoke heavily and added, “The Holy Gate has millions of disciples but not everyone has the chance to join our Holy Alliance, and this chance only comes once in a lifetime!”

“If Junior Brother Huang regrets it in the future, it would be too late to think of joining our Holy Alliance.”

“Our Holy Alliance has our set of rules.

When a disciple is invited, and if they decline the invitation, they will forever be blacklisted by our Holy Alliance and would never have the chance of joining ever again.”

Huang Zhoupingearnestly tutored Huang Xiaolong.

“Moreover, our Senior Brother Jiang Tian would rise to the highest position in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

If Junior Brother Huang joins the Holy Alliance now, when Senior Brother Jiang Tian inherits the Patriarch position, Junior Brother Huang will become one of the meritorious ministers!” Huang Zhouping added confidently.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt moved by his speech at all, “Our aspirations are different, and the paths we take are different.

I have decided, Senior Brother Huang, please return.”

Huang Zhoupings face sank.

He stared gloomily at Huang Xiaolong for a while before nodding his head, and said, “Since Junior Brother Huang has decided, I hope you will not regret your decision in the future.”

“Farewell.” Huang Zhouping glanced at his subordinates that were still kneeling on the ground and snapped angrily, “Get up quickly.

Were leaving!”

With that said, Huang Zhouping turned and was about to leave in a scoff.

But Huang Xiaolongs words sounded in his ears, “Senior Brother Jing Tian really thinks he will inherit the Holy Gates Patriarch position I think he should wait until he breaks through to True Saint Realm before claiming that.

Otherwise, if he doesnt advance to True Saint Realm, and fails to inherit the Holy Gate Patriarch position, hell be a joke then!”

“Tell Senior Brother Jiang Tian, his orders now are still not considered as sacred orders!”

Huang Zhoupings eyes narrowed, and a cold light glinted in his eyes as he glared at Huang Xiaolong and harrumphed coldly, “I will make sure to convey Junior Brother Huangs words to Senior Brother Jiang Tian.”

“Hope Junior Brother Huang takes good care of himself!” With that said, he sped away.

Huang Xiaolong sneered watching Huang Zhoupings leaving figure.

He had even locked up Wan Zhuoyuans soul inside the Barbarian Space lightning bead.

What was a mere Jiang Tian compared to that

“Young Master, we, were sorry.” Zhang Wenyue stood behind Huang Xiaolong with a guilty face, “Weve embarrassed you.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and reassured them, “This has nothing to do with you three.”

He took out several pills and gave it to Zhang Wenyue, Zhang Haochen, and Prince Qian, “If you think youve embarrassed me, then cultivate diligently, and abuse those slaves back a hundred times.”

He pointed at Huang Zhoupings subordinates.

Zhang Wenyue giggled at Huang Xiaolongs words, and complied, “We know, Young Master.”

Huang Xiaolong activated the palaces restrictions, then entered the palace with Zhang Wenyue, and the rest.

He resumed cultivating as he waited for the second test three days later.

In truth, only after Huang Xiaolong took the second test would the Holy Gates Eminent Elder give Huang Xiaolong his Holy Prince identity token, Holy Prince brocade robe, as well as announce his Holy Prince identity to the whole Holy Grounds.

When these steps were completed, then only would Huang Xiaolong be acknowledged as a rightful Holy Prince.

In the meantime, Huang Zhouping had returned to Jiang Tians Holy Alliance Palace and reported the entire process of Huang Xiaolongs refusal with great detail to Jiang Tian.

However, Huang Zhouping did not add or subtract any details, reporting as what had happened.

When Huang Zhouping reached the part he was leaving, Huang Xiaolong had said that Jiang Tians order was not yet a sacred order and he needed to wait until he broke through to True Saint Realm.

Icy glints burst from Jiang Tians eyes, and the pressure of his half-step True Saint Realm cultivation soared to the sky.

“This Huang Xiaolong really does not know to appreciate others kindness!” The crimson-eyed Holy Prince raged, “Who does he think he is He is a rubbish Holy Prince that has just arrived at the Holy Gate.

He dares to criticize Senior Brother Jiang Tian!”

This Zheng Yongjia was the same Holy Prince who had said that Huang Xiaolong was only qualified to carry Jiang Tians shoes or lead his mount.

Another Holy Prince, with a faint purple luminance around his body, too spoke in anger, “Ill send people to teach him a lesson and open his eyes.

I will make him understand that he is nothing but crap in our eyes!”

Jiang Tians composure returned.

He waved his hand nonchalantly and said, “There is no hurry.

We will wait for the Holy Gates new disciples training.”

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