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Chapter 2250: A Good Dog Doesnt Block the Way

Although only a Holy Prince that possessed complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique had a chance to compete for the Saint Fate and enter the True Saint Realm, the rankings of a Holy Princes complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique were crucial.

With higher rankings, the hope of breaking through to True Saint Realm was also significantly higher.

The Holy Gates Holy Prince Jiang Tian was a good example of this.

His talent was the best amongst the Holy Princes.

Whether it was Jiang Tians complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, or saint physique, all three ranked within the top two hundred.

Based on the potential of Jiang Tians talent, there was a twenty percent chance he could break through to True Saint Realm, and become a True Saint.

Those with complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique, who ranked in the top one thousand, did not even have a ten percent success rate of breaking through to True Saint Realm.

In truth, it was merely one-tenth of a chance from ten percent.

As the rankings of complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique went further down, below one thousand, the chances were less than one-hundredth.

The chances reduced drastically for those with complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique in the top three thousand, it was less than one-thousandth of the success rate.

As for complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique below four thousand rankings, there was literally no hope at all.

In other words, the possibility of Huang Xiaolong stepping into True Saint Realm was several thousand times lesser than Jiang Tian.

In the entire Holy Worlds many holy grounds billions of years of history, there had only been one person who had entered the True Saint Realm with complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique below four thousand rankings!

There were numerous holy grounds in the entire Holy World.

In these billions of years, one could remember that only one person had succeeded!

In other words, Huang Xiaolongs chances of a successful breakthrough to True Saint Realm was zero.

Although Yang Jingzhi had inwardly determined that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to step into True Saint Realm in his life, his attitude was still respectful as he congratulated Huang Xiaolong who walked out from the array, “Congratulations, Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong for passing the second test.”

Du Gen, Hu Gengyi, and others also came forward to congratulate Huang Xiaolong.

As Du Gen, Hu Gengyi, and the others voices of congratulations rang in the hall, a discordant voice sounded, “Heihei, Junior Brother Huang has passed the second test.

It is really worthy of congratulations.”

The voices tone was full of satire.

Huang Xiaolong looked towards the entrance and saw the person walking towards them.

Who could it be other than Huang Zhouping

“Greeting Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping!” Yang Jingzhi, Du Gen, and the others quickly saluted when they saw Huang Zhouping.

Huang Zhouping nodded and had everyone rise from kneeling.

Then he faced Huang Xiaolong, and smilingly said, “Junior Brother Huangs talents really exceeded my estimation, the 4,382nd place Mysterious Dragon Saint Godhead 4,261st place Mad Dragon Saint Bloodline, and 4,243rd place True Dragon Saint Physique These levels of talent were higher than my estimation.

Congratulations! congratulations!”

Higher than he had estimated In short, had he originally expected Huang Xiaolongs talents to rank even lower

Then again, everyone present could hear that Huang Zhouping was actually mocking Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered by Huang Zhoupings words at all.

He responded calmly, “Since Senior Brother Huang has finished congratulating me, Senior Brother Huang can leave now.

I wonder if Senior Brother Huang has heard of a saying, erm, how does it go Oh, right, a good dog doesnt block the way!”

A good dog doesnt block the way!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Anger boiled in Huang Zhoupings heart.

This Huang Xiaolong actually dared to call me a dog!

Roiling fury turned into a cold gleam that flickered across Huang Zhoupings eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think now that youre officially a Holy Gates Holy Prince, I wont dare to do anything to you I wont dare to teach you a lesson Do you not believe that I would bury you into the ground with a slap, and let you eat dog-**”

Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, “Im just stating the truth as it is.

Youre nothing but one of Jiang Tians dogs.” He added another sentence, “A small puppy by the side of Jiang Tians chair.”

“You!” Huang Zhouping pointed at Huang Xiaolong, his finger shaking with anger.

However, just as Huang Zhouping was about to attack, the Chief Hall Masters Yang Jingzhi interjected from the side, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Zhouping, the Eminent Elders are waiting.”

Hearing that, Huang Zhouping converged his surging energy, and ended up glaring fiercely at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, do you dare to fight with me in the holy arena”

If there was conflict between Holy Princes, it could be resolved in the holy arena.

However, this required both sides consent.

One was prohibited from forcing the opposite party to agree.

Huang Xiaolong gave Huang Zhouping a mocking look from head to toe as he spoke, “You, a mid-Fourth Order Venerable is actually taking the initiative to issue a challenge to a mid-Ninth Order Sovereign! You must have a problem with your brain, right I think the problem is quite serious!”

Puff! Zhang Wenyue couldnt hold in her laughter.

Although Du Gen, Hu Gengyi, and the others did not laugh visibly on the surface, they were enduring with much difficulty.

The gaze from Huang Zhoupings eyes was akin to a murderous vortex that swept out to the four corners silently.

“Good, very good, Huang Xiaolong.

Since its like that, I would seal off most of my strength, suppressing my strength down to mid-Ninth Order Sovereign to fight you!”

Huang Zhouping suppressed the roiling killing intent in his heart, and tried to stimulate Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, do dare to accept my challenge”

“Dont tell me you dont have the guts How about this then Seeing that your complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique are so trash, I will seal my cultivation to the early Ninth Order Sovereign when battling you!”

Huang Zhouping peered condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong, and taunted, “What do you think”

There were no changes to Huang Xiaolongs calm expression as he spoke, “Sure, Ill accept your challenge, but there is no need to seal your cultivation down to early Ninth Order Sovereign.

Just mid-Ninth Order Sovereign will do, in case you turn around and slander that I bullied you.

However, I would like to request Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi to be the one sealing your cultivation.”

Upon hearing that Huang Xiaolong had accepted his challenge, Huang Zhouping gloated inwardly, while he sneered on the surface, “Alright!” Then he added, “However, during battles in the holy arena, accidents are common.

Therefore, I want to sign a life or death agreement!”

As long as the life or death agreement was signed, even if he killed Huang Xiaolong in the arena, no one could punish him for it.

“Deal!” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“...This, I hope both Holy Princes can reconsider!” Chief Hall Master Yang Jingzhi persuaded as his brows wrinkled slightly with concern.

Signing a life or death agreement and battle to the death in the arena had never happened in the Holy Gate.

But in the next moment, Huang Zhouping took out a life or death agreement, pricked his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the agreement on the spot.

Then, he flung it to Huang Xiaolong.

In truth, Huang Zhouping had the life or death agreement prepared in advance.

He had deliberately mocked Huang Xiaolong time and again just so Huang Xiaolong would be provoked enough to sign a life or death agreement with him, and accept his challenge in the arena!

Originally, Jiang Tian had planned to deal with Huang Xiaolong during the new disciples training, but Jiang Tian had thought that the plan was not secure enough.

He was wary that the Eminent Elders might find out about it.

Therefore, after discussions with the Holy Alliances Holy Princes, they had come up with this plan.

As long as Huang Xiaolong signed the life or death agreement, the Eminent Elders wont be able to say a thing even if Huang Zhouping crippled and killed Huang Xiaolong in the arena.

At the end of the day, Huang Xiaolong asked for it, and he cant blame others.

After seeing Huang Zhouping flung the life or death agreement to Huang Xiaolong, Yang Jingzhi turned to Huang Xiaolong and persuaded again, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, you absolutely must not do this!”

Even if Huang Zhouping sealed his cultivation to mid-Ninth Order Sovereign, Huang Zhoupings complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique all ranked higher than Huang Xiaolongs by a large margin.

This meant that Huang Zhoupings overall battle prowess was stronger than Huang Xiaolong.

Not to mention, Huang Zhouping had been at the Holy Gate headquarters for several tens of thousands of years before Huang Xiaolongs arrival.

He was already well-versed in many of the Holy Gates holy martial arts.

How could Huang Xiaolong possibly be Huang Zhoupings opponent Huang Xiaolong would die when he stepped into the arena!

Du Gen and other Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent branchs experts were also anxious.

It was obvious to everyone that this battle challenge was unfair to Huang Xiaolong.

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