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Chapter 2254: Digging Into Wan Zhuoyuans Treasures

Zhang Wenyue smiled happily, revealing her dimples.

“If others learn that a noble Holy Gates Holy Prince had to sleep on the ground because he has no place to sleep, what would they think”

Zhang Wenyue laughed without care when she pictured Huang Xiaolong sleeping pitifully on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Sleeping on the ground is not too bad.

After all, there is a beauty like you accompanying me.”

Zhang Wenyues laughter got caught in her throat and her face reddened in an instant.

Zhang Haochen, Prince Qian, the Six-Eyed Ice Lion, and other beasts pretended to be admiring the lush weeds around them, looking everywhere but at Huang Xiaolong and Zhang Wenyue.

Then, Huang Xiaolong dug a tunnel that went straight underground at the center of his cultivation palace.

After that, he took out one billion top-grade chaos spirit stones and laid out a large-scale Five Elements Spiritual Energy Gathering Formation.

In general, to lay a large-scale spiritual energy gathering formation required one hundred thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones; even a bigger one required several hundred thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones.

But Huang Xiaolong directly used one billion! That was equivalent to two billion holy bills!

One could hardly imagine the scale and effectiveness of the formation.

Two billion holy bills were no small sum for the majority of Holy Gates Holy Princes.

For example, a Venerable Realm Holy Prince like Huang Zhouping would be very reluctant to use two hundred million holy bills just to arrange a super large spiritual energy gathering formation.

A little over an hour later, a large-scale Five Elements Spiritual Energy Gathering Formation was completed.

As he looked at the complex runes glimmering on the surface of one billion top-grade chaos spirit stones, Huang Xiaolong let out a satisfied heave.

Fortunately, he had part of Wan Zhuoyuans memories, which made it easier to lay out the formation.

Huang Xiaolongs hands continued to move in the air, activating the runes at the core of the Five Elements Spiritual Energy Gathering Formation.

Vibrant spiritual energy immediately rushed out from underground like tidal waves that the entire mountain peak trembled from the movement.

In less than a minute, the mountain peak and its environment were brimming with five elements of spiritual energy rushing out from the formation.

The spiritual plants Huang Xiaolong had planted earlier sucked in this shocking spiritual energy like they had thirsted for it for a long time.

Zhang Wenyue and the others were astounded, noticing the waves of shocking spiritual energy that appeared out of nowhere.

Huang Xiaolong emerged from underground and saw Zhang Wenyues astounded expression.

He grinned and said, “We can finally have a good nights sleep tonight.”

Although the spiritual energy gathering formation had just been activated, Huang Xiaolong felt the peaks spiritual energy was richer than the temporary palace he had stayed in.

Then again, this was merely his cultivation palaces first stage of completion, and it was more than a little crude compared to other Holy Princes cultivation palaces; he could spend the effort in decorating the place later.

Decorations could be done slowly.

Now, Huang Xiaolong planned to focus on improving his cultivation as raising his strength was crucial to face Huang Zhouping in the battle arena a year later.

That night, Huang Xiaolong told Zhang Wenyue and the others to choose a room for themselves.

He entered the main palace and randomly chose a room for himself, then consumed origin pills and began cultivating.

He decided to search for the treasures Wan Zhuoyuan had left behind the next day.

Under the hazy moonlight, the night quietly slipped away.

Huang Xiaolong told Zhang Wenyue, Six-Eyed Ice Lion, and the rest to continue clearing up the land and plant spiritual plants, while he drilled deep underground, over ten thousand zhang depth.

Huang Xiaolongs fingers moved according to the method of opening the restrictions based on Wan Zhuoyuans memories, forming mysterious runes one after another.

When these runes linked together, the space before his eyes rippled as the door to the treasury appeared.

“Wan Zhuoyuan, do you see this The treasures you left behind!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled in delight to himself.

Huang Xiaolongs voice echoed inside the Barbarian Space lightning beads space

Wan Zhuoyuans soul roared in fury, “Huang Xiaolong, dont feel smug so soon! Youre currently at my Holy Gates headquarters, the Eminent Elders will rescue me soon, at that time, I want you to feel a million kinds of pain and go through thousands of difficulties.

I will never let you die with ease!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed nonchalantly and responded, “Is that so Ill use the spiritual pills, and herbs that you left behind so preciously in your treasury to raise my strength, and step into True Saint Realm.

Once that happens, Ill be able to control the entire Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, and rule the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds.

At that time, Ill devour you, completely erasing you!”

The spiritual pills and herbs inside this treasury, whether in terms of amount or quality, were equally shocking.

All these were left behind by Wan Zhuoyuan in his previous life, in preparation for himself to improve his strength when he returned to Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds after reincarnation.

In the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds, level-six origin treasures were a rare sight, and one could hardly hear of one in ten billion years.

It was just like the Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma Jiang Tian had used to draw Huang Xiaolong into the Holy Alliance.

But among the treasures left behind by Wan Zhuoyuan, there were many origin treasures of higher grade and quality than the Nine Bracket Blood Ganoderma.

Forget level-six origin treasures, there were level-seven, and even level-eight origin treasures!

These level-seven and level-eight origin treasures were collected through great effort by Wan Zhuoyuan when he had traveled to some of the dangerous places in the Holy World after becoming a True Saint.

With these spiritual pills and origin treasures, and his own complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physique, Huang Xiaolong believed his strength would catch up to the majority of Holy Gates Holy Princes in a short time.

Even surpassing Jiang Tian, obtaining the Saint Fate and advancing to True Saint before Jiang Tian did!

After listening to the furious roars of Wan Zhuoyuans soul inside the lightning bead space, Huang Xiaolong activated the formation inside the lightning bead to suppress Wan Zhuoyuans soul.

The roaring noises came to an abrupt halt.

As Huang Xiaolong stood in front of the treasurys door, Huang Xiaolong began forming runes according to the method in Wan Zhuoyuans memories to open the door.

Several minutes later, the door slowly opened with low rumbling noises.

Amazing spiritual energy instantly flooded out, blowing against Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong lifted his foot and took a large stride inside.

The four walls of the large hall were lined with uniform jade cupboards that were filled with various jade boxes and jade bottles.

Inside the jade boxes were origin treasures, and inside the many jade bottles were origin pills.

However, the hall was divided into four areas.

The boxes and bottles in the outermost large hall, where Huang Xiaolong was standing right now, contained level-five origin treasures and level-five origin pills.

In the second area of the hall were level-six treasures, in the third area were level-seven treasures, and the fourth area were level-eight treasures.

At Huang Xiaolongs current strength, he could only open the first area of the hall.

Although the first area of the hall only contained level-five origin treasures and origin pills, this amount was more than enough to support Huang Xiaolongs cultivation needs.

Even a Venerable Holy Prince like Huang Zhouping generally consumed level-four origin treasures or origin pills to cultivate.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the cupboards around him and chose two bottles of low-grade level-five origin pills.

Naturally, he couldnt bring too many of these quality origin pills with him.

At the end of the day, he could come and resupply whenever he ran out.

After concealing the treasury space, Huang Xiaolong surfaced from underground.

It was already half a day later when Huang Xiaolong came out.

After half a days efforts of clearing the surroundings by Zhang Wenyue and the others, the peak was vastly different from before.

On the previous day, the mountain slopes were still overgrown with bushes and weeds, but all those were gone now, replaced with various spiritual plants and divine trees.

The whole mountain peak was much more pleasing to the eyes.

Huang Xiaolong was happy with the result, and did not remain idle at all.

He began laying out defensive formations around the mountain until dusk before returning to his room.

He popped a level-five origin pill and entered into a cultivating state.

It gradually became a routine.

Other than cultivating, Huang Xiaolong spent his time sorting things around the mountain peak with Zhang Wenyue and the others.

A month came and went by.

Under everyones efforts during this time, the mountain peak was given a complete makeover.

It was rich with spiritual energy and beautiful sights.

‘Tomorrow, Ill have to make a trip to the Logistics Hall. Huang Xiaolong thought as he finished his cultivation for the day.

According to the Holy Gates rules, every new Holy Prince that entered the Holy Gate could get a certain amount of iron ore and pills for building their cultivation palace and cultivation.

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