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Chapter 2261: Smash Him to Pieces With A Hammer!

All the ingredients for concocting a medicinal potion that could accelerate the hatching time of a holy beast egg were naturally rare and precious in any holy grounds.

Thus they were not cheap.

As Huang Xiaolong roamed the streets on his shopping spree, he had already spent close to two hundred million holy bills.

Huang Xiaolong had long been promoted to asuper big fat sheep in the eyes of the robbers, who were following him in the dark.

Every second, they were fighting their impulse to grab Huang Xiaolong.

If there hadnt been too many people around the trading market, they would have acted by now.

“I still lack a stalk of Nine Dragon Vine!” After spending close to two hundred million holy bills, Huang Xiaolong went over the list of ingredients in his mind.

Now, there was only one ingredient left, the Nine Dragon Vine.

The Nine Dragon Vine was a kind of level-five origin treasure, but rarer than most of the other level-five origin treasures.

Huang Xiaolong entered more than a dozen large and small trading houses, but he did not find any Nine Dragon Vine.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to give up for the day, and he was considering resting, his footsteps suddenly stopped in front of a shop namedReal Treasure Pavilion.

Placed right in the center area of this Real Treasure Pavilions front hall was a stalk of spiritual herb that resembles an octopus.

It was entirely jade-white in color.

Nine Dragon Vine!

Delight rose to Huang Xiaolongs face as he took large strides into the Real Treasure Pavilions front hall, walking right up to the Nine Dragon Vine.

The length of the Nine Dragon Vine was as tall as two adult men, and each of the nine root vines were as thick as a mans thigh.

Blood-red spiritual qi ran through the entire white stalk-like blood vessels.

This blood-red spiritual energy was a kind of holy spiritual qi.

Level-four origin treasures were categorized as mid-rank origin treasures, and some mid-rank origin treasures contained holy spiritual qi.

These kinds of origin treasures were the finest quality ingredients and fetched an exorbitant price.

Not to mention, such types of level-five origin treasures were pricier when compared to these mid-rank level-four origin treasures.

“This Young Master, this level-five Nine Dragon Vine just arrived at our Blue Sea Real Treasure Pavilion branch two days ago.” A middle-aged man, who seemed to be a supervisor of sorts approached Huang Xiaolong, explaining to him in a reserved but polite smile, “Following our inspection, this stalk of Nine Dragon Vine is over ten billion years old and the holy spiritual qi inside it is abundant.”

The supervisor was about to continue with his sales pitch when Huang Xiaolong interrupted, “How much”

The supervisor blanked for a split second then his smile blossomed, “Because of this Nine Dragon Vines rarity, the price is slightly higher.

Its five hundred million holy bills.

This price is personally set by our Branch Master, and we are unable to change it.

However, if Young Master is really interested in purchasing this Nine Dragon Vine, we can throw in a bottle of level-three origin spiritual pills for Young Master for free.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in satisfaction inwardly.

Although five hundred million holy bills was higher than he had estimated, a level-five Nine Dragon Vine that contained holy spiritual qi was worth this price.

As for the free bottle of level-three origin spiritual pills thrown in by the other side was of no concern to Huang Xiaolong.

He had more than enough level-five origin spiritual pills.

“Wrap up this Nine Dragon Vine nicely for me.” Huang Xiaolong said and threw a spatial ring to the supervisor, “There are five hundred million holy bills in there.”

The supervisor could not react for a moment as he stared at the five hundred million holy bills that were piled up inside the spatial ring.

“Yes, yes, yes! Young Master, please wait a moment here!” The supervisor soon regained his senses and replied to Huang Xiaolong overenthusiastically, and his smile was several million watts brighter, “Ill go and wrap up this level-five origin treasure for you nicely!”

After saying that, he personally wrapped up the Nine Dragon Vine for Huang Xiaolong.

For a precious rare level-five origin treasure like the Nine Dragon Vine required a special method when packing them, otherwise, the holy spiritual qi within would disperse, and that would be a great loss.

Under the supervisors careful but quick wrapping, the Nine Dragon Vine was then placed into a special jade box.

This large jade box was made out of nourishing jade.

Just the jade box cost a lot of money.

The trading houses supervisor personally brought up the Nine Dragon Vine he had just packed up to Huang Xiaolong.

With a big smiling face, he informed Huang Xiaolong that he could choose any one bottle of level-three origin spiritual pills that he liked.

Huang Xiaolong collected the jade box containing the Nine Dragon Vine and chose a bottle of level-three origin spiritual pills, and left the Real Treasure Pavilion without lingering around.

He went back the way he had come.

Since he had gotten everything he wanted, he decided to leave the Spirit Fire Island and return to the Holy Gate headquarters.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the Real Treasure Pavilion, a group of people entered.

Looking at these peoples attires, the Real Treasure Pavilions supervisor and experts in the front hall all tensed up.

“Central Holy Dynasty!”

“Jiang Family!”

This group of people were members of the Central Holy Dynastys imperial family and Jiang Familys disciples.

The Holy Central Dynasty was the most powerful dynasty in the Holy Central Continent, and it was also the most powerful dynasty of Zhuoyuan Holy Ground; not one of the most powerful.

The Central Holy Dynasty was a hegemon in terms of strength and power, and they were far above the Falling Jade Dynasty that Huang Xiaolong had arrived.

They were definitely not a power the Nine Heavens Gate or any Venerable headed sects could compare to.

The Central Holy Dynasty was akin to a giant towering tree or a great mammoth, while the Falling Jade Dynasty was nothing but a mayfly.

Although the Central Holy Dynasty was one of the dynasties under the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, and it fell under the jurisdiction of Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, at times, even the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate had to yield and rely on the Central Holy Dynasty.

Just from this, one could imagine how strong and powerful the Central Holy Dynasty was.

And the Jiang Family was the Central Holy Dynastys number one family!

At the same time, the Jiang Family was also the most powerful family in the whole holy ground!

The Holy Gates chief disciple Jiang Tian came from this Jiang Family!

The Jiang Family had many talented individuals, and generations of outstanding geniuses.

In the holy ground, Venerable sects and families had something to be proud of if one of their disciples became a Holy Gate disciple.

It was the utmost glory.

On the other hand, the Jiang Family already had more than a hundred members who had entered the Holy Gate through the years.

Some had climbed up to the position of high custodians to the ten important halls, and even become Hall Masters for the lesser halls.

This was merely the tip of the iceberg of Jiang Familys power.

The Jiang Familys backing, Jiang Tian, was one of the factors of the Holy Alliances growth these years.

“Who is the supervisor here” After coming in, a Jiang Familys disciple demanded bluntly.

It was obvious that he was theleader of this group of people.

“I, I am.” The middle-aged man who had previously attended to Huang Xiaolong scurried over.

He was respectful and fearful as he asked, “What orders does this Jiang Familys young master have”

The Jiang Familys disciple said, “Ive heard that your Real Treasure Pavilion got a stalk of Nine Dragon Vine two days ago, and it contains holy spiritual qi.

Is that true”

The supervisors chest tightened with a premonition, but he answered honestly, “This Young Master Jiang, indeed, our Real Treasure Pavilion brought in a Nine Dragon Vine that contained holy spiritual qi two days ago, but someone purchased it a while ago!”

“What!” Both the Central Holy imperial family and Jiang Familys disciples exclaimed in unison.

The leader frowned and asked, “Just now”

The main purpose of his trip here to the Spirit Fire City was the Nine Dragon Vine.

Their Jiang Familys forefathers fifty billionth birthday was coming up, and he planned to purchase the Nine Dragon Vine as a gift for the old man.

Who knew that someone had already bought it

The Nine Dragon Vine rarely appeared, and he had been searching for a stalk worthy of Nine Dragon Vine for several years now.

“Yes, yes, just moments ago.” The supervisor nodded repeatedly.

“Speak, who bought the level-five Nine Dragon Vine” A Jiang Familys short-tempered disciple demanded curtly, “His mother, we have been searching for the Nine Dragon Vine for several years.

We just heard that there was one here, but it was already bought one step ahead of us.

Im going to chase after that person and smash him to pieces with a hammer!”

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