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Chapter 2262: Youve Got Guts!

Hearing that, the supervisor hesitated.

According to the Real Treasure Pavilions rules, they werent allowed to reveal buyers information to others.

“Speak!” The Jiang Family disciples group leader, Jiang Heyu, barked at the supervisor after seeing that he did not answer the question.

A streak of green light flickered across his pupils as he snapped, “If you refuse to tell me, Ill dismantle this Real Treasure Pavilion branch today!”

The supervisor trembled in fear and the smile on his face was uglier than crying, but he understood that the Jiang Familys young master in front of him was not bluffing to scare him.

If he didnt cooperate with this Jiang Familys young master, this group of people would really dismantle the entire Real Treasure Pavilion branch.

Although the Real Treasure Pavilion was one of Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds giant trading houses, and others might be afraid to provoke the Real Treasure Pavilion, it did not include the Jiang Family!

There was a saying in Zhuoyuan Holy Ground: There is nothing that the Jiang Family does not dare to do!

Just from this sentence, one could imagine the Jiang Familys overbearing attitude.

The supervisor described Huang Xiaolongs appearance to them with a bitter expression, and even mentioned that Huang Xiaolong was just a late-Ninth Order Sovereign.

He knew even if he insisted not to tell them about Huang Xiaolong, this group of Jiang Family would soon find out about Huang Xiaolong.

After all, many people had seen him purchasing the Nine Dragon Vine.

After hearing the supervisors description of Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Heyu let out a mocking sneer, “I hope you didnt make a mistake, or else, when I return, Ill dismantle this branch just the same!”

Jiang Heyu turned around and said to the Central Holy Dynastys Prince Xia Zhan, “Brother Xia Zhan, I didnt expect something like this to happen.

Why don\'t you head to the Revered Sky Island first, and I will catch up with you after getting the Nine Dragon Vine from that kid.

The Nine Dragon Vein wasnt their only purpose for visiting the Blue Sea, but they had also found out that there was a large auction house on the Revered Sky Island auctioning level-five origin spiritual pills.

Their original plan was to buy the Nine Dragon Vine first, then head to the Revered Sky Island to attend the auction houses level-five origin spiritual pills auction.

The Central Holy Dynastys Prince Xia Zhan nodded his head and agreed, “Alright then.

We will head to the Revered Sky Island first, and wait for Brother Heyu there.”

Jiang Heyu and his groups strength could easily deal with a kid at late-Ninth Order Sovereign level.

Prince Xia Zhan then left the Real Treasure Pavilion with experts from the Central Holy Dynasty for the Revered Sky Island, whereas Jiang Heyu and Jiang Familys experts chased after Huang Xiaolong.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong had exited the Spirit Fire City, and was flying over a stretch of barren hills.

These barren hills had quite a lush vegetation of weeds, and there wasnt a single soul in sight.

The perfect place to rob and kill.

“You all have been following me for a long time now, but you still dont plan to show yourselves” Huang Xiaolong asked indifferently after stopping in midair.

Huang Xiaolong barely finished speaking, and shadows flickered as several hundred people appeared from their concealed locations.

These were all robbers who were eyeing Huang Xiaolong early on in the Spirit Fire City.

These several robbers were from different gangs, and there were more than a dozen gangs gathered here.

However, these robbers werent very powerful in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The majority of their strengths were between late-Tenth Order Sovereign or peak late-Tenth Order Sovereign, and there were only eight people in the Venerable Realm.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell on the eight Venerable experts.

Two of them were late-First Order Venerables, while the rest were either mid or early First Order Venerables.

One of the late-First Order Venerable experts mocked.

“You are probably a Young Lord to one of the Venerable sects or some dynastys prince, right Did you think that with your identity, you have nothing to fear, and we wont dare to rob and kill you!”

One of the late-First Order Venerable laughed and said, “Kid, all of us are desperados.

So what if you really are Venerable sects Young Lord, or a dynastys prince These kinds of identities are useless in the Blue Sea!”

“Kid, enough with the nonsense.

Take out all the holy bills and everything valuable on you, especially that Nine Dragon Vine.

Hand them all out and state your identity.”

“Dont even think of escaping!” Other Venerable experts warned Huang Xiaolong.

But Huang Xiaolongs attention suddenly shifted towards the distant skies behind these robbers.

A beat later, several sounds of whistling wind reached their ears and a group of people flying towards them entered their sight.

The several hundred robbers also turned to look, and when they saw this groups attire, their faces ashened.

“Jiang Familys disciples!”

The Jiang Family!

The holy grounds number one family!

The Jiang Family posed a great deterrence to anyone, anywhere in the holy ground; even one as chaotic as the Blue Sea.

This group was none other than the Jiang Familys disciples led by Jiang Heyu.

After watching Jiang Heyu and Jiang Familys disciples flying towards them with overbearing momentum, the several hundred robbers simultaneously retreated to the sides in fear, not daring to make a ruckus.

Jiang Heyu didnt spare a glance at the several hundred robbers when he arrived, and his attention was completely on Huang Xiaolong.

“Kid, youre the one who bought the Real Treasure Pavilions Nine Dragon Vine!” The short-tempered disciple barked haughtily at Huang Xiaolong, “Youve got quite the guts! Weve been inquiring around for the Nine Dragon Vine for several years now, and we rushed over from millions of miles away to the Spirit Fire City, you actually bought this Nine Dragon Vine away ahead of our arrival.

You did that deliberately, didnt you Are you courting death!”

“Now, quickly hand over our Nine Dragon Vine, and kneel and beg for pardon for your sin!”

Regardless of the fact that Huang Xiaolong had bought the Nine Dragon Vine from the Real Treasure Pavilion, this disciples words were condescending.

He was speaking as if the Nine Dragon Vine was their property.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the short-tempered Jiang disciple and repeated tepidly, “Hand over the Nine Dragon Vine, and then kneel and beg for pardon! I have also been inquiring about your Jiang Familys Saint War Halberd for several years, why dont you hand over your Jiang Familys Saint War Halberd to me, then kneel and beg for pardon!”

The Jiang Family has a demi-saint artifact called Saint War Halberd.

Although the Saint War Halberd was not a genuine saint artifact, it was infinitely close to being a saint artifact.

Huang Xiaolongs words immediately rendered everyone dumbfounded the moment they left his lips.

Even the several hundred robbers were looking at Huang Xiaolong strangely.

This kids head has a problem, right

The Jiang Familys disciples were spitting fire from their eyes.

“Punk, what did you say!” The condescending short-tempered disciple cackled, “You want us to hand over the Saint War Halberd, then kneel and beg for pardon”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent in response, “Since you can say that the Nine Dragon Vine is yours by merely inquiring, then the Saint War Halberd is also mine since I inquired about it.

Its very reasonable.”

The condescending disciple wanted to argue further, but Jiang Heyu took a step forward, and said to Huang Xiaolong coldly, “Ill give you one chance.

Hand over the Nine Dragon Vine.

Before coming here, killing you was not a must for us.

But, because of your words just now, you dying a hundred times is not enough to pay for your sins.

After we kill you, we will annihilate the sect behind you, and your family on the crime of blasphemy!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Annihilate the sect behind me” Huang Xiaolong could not resist laughing as he added, “Im afraid your Jiang Family does not have that capability yet.”

The sect behind him Didnt that mean that they were referring to the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate Annihilate the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate!

“Elder Brother Heyu, why bother wasting time with this punk!” The condescending disciple interjected, “Let me do it.

Ill smash this punk into meat paste!” With that said, two big hammers appeared in his hands.

Jiang Heyu nodded his head.

That works too.

Kill the punk first and then take the Nine Dragon Vine.

They could always find the punks sect and family later.

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