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Chapter 2275: Who Dares To Run Rampant Here!

Though death could be exempted, she couldnt escape punishment.

Huang Xiaolong didnt intend to take Me Siyus life, however...!

“Abolish her cultivation!” Huang Xiaolong gave the order to one of the guardians.

Upon hearing that Huang Xiaolong had actually given the order to abolish her cultivation, Mei Siyu let out a whoop of laughter, “Kid, what did you say Are your eyes blind Do you know who I am!”

Just as Mei Siyu was about to reveal that she was a Seventh Order Venerable expert, one of the guardians raised his fingers and made a firm flick.

The sword in Mei Siyus hand shattered into smithereens in a split second while she was sent flying into the air, plummeting to the street.

There was a glaring blood-stained hole on the divine armor she was wearing.

The Rising Sage Sects disciples were agape.

“YOU—!!” Mei Siyu looked at the guardian fearfully.

Just as she tried to get up from the ground, violent energy raged inside her body, tearing her veins and meridians as it rushed towards her godhead.




Mei Siyu\'s entire bodys veins popped and snapped, and she started coughing blood from the internal injuries.

Mei Siyu, a Seventh Order Venerable, was reduced to waste in the blink of an eye!

Experts, who had gathered nearby to watch, were visibly shaken.

“Aunt Mei!” Ma Hui cried out as she rushed towards her.

The rest of Rising Sage Sects female disciples also rushed to Mei Siyus side.

“Come on.

Were going to the Chen Family!” Huang Xiaolong left on the golden pig with the four guardians behind him.

The spectating experts regained their senses long after Huang Xiaolongs group was out of sight, and everyone was talking about what happened to Mei Siyu.

“Is that kid some sects young lord His mere subordinate had such a horrifying strength!”

“The Rising Sage Sects Grand Elder Mei Siyu was a Seventh Order Venerable expert, but she was abolished with merely a finger flick.

This level of strength must be at least Tenth Order Venerable!”

After listening to the constant murmurs from all around, Mei Siyus pale face worsened.

Before long, the Rising Sage Sects experts arrived in droves upon learning the news.

After seeing that Mei Siyus cultivation was abolished, the Rising Sage Sect Chief Ma Donglais face sank.

“Sect Chief, you must avenge me.

That kid does not put our Rising Sage Sect in his eyes! I merely said a few sentences, and that kid actually ordered his subordinate to abolish my veins, godsea, and godhead!” Mei Siyu complained woefully to Sect Chief Ma Donglai.

The Rising Sage Sect Chief Ma Donglais voice was bone-chilling cold, “Don\'t worry, I will make sure youre compensated.

That kid has gone to the Chen Family, has he”

“Father, we….”

Ma Hui wanted to dissuade her father from going to look for Huang Xiaolong, but Ma Donglai snapped at her, “Huier, dont you know to weigh the situation Before leaving the sect, what did I tell you If you hadnt taken the initiative to speak to other boys unscrupulously, had your Aunt Meis cultivation gotten abolished Her veins, godsea, and godhead are shattered!!”

Upon listening to her father putting all the blame on her, Ma Hui felt extremely wronged, and her lips pursed into a thin line.

“Go, to the Chen Family!” Ma Donglai ordered the Rising Sage Sects experts to go with him.

Ma Hui wanted to try persuading her father once more but Ma Donglai and a group of Rising Sage Sects experts had already whistled into the sky.

“Sect Chief, Im afraid that kids identity is not simple.

That subordinate of his is most likely a late-Ninth Order Venerable, maybe even an early Tenth Order Venerable expert!” As they rushed to the Chen Familys main residence, one of the Rising Sage Sects Grand Elder said after some hesitation.

Ma Donglai sneered and replied coldly, “Then, according to your reasoning, we should not avenge Grand Elder Mei Siyus suffering”

“This is not what I mean.

Its just that, I think we should find out that persons identity before…” The grand elder suggested solemnly.

Ma Donglais eyes glimmered, but he stubbornly retorted, “Even if his background is unusual, so what Could his backing be stronger than the Jiang Family, who is backing the Chen Family Stronger than the top force in the Central Holy Dynasty”

As the number one family in the Central Holy Dynasty, the Jiang Familys power was rooted deep in the Central Holy Dynasty.

Its wide connections included the various powerful families, sects, and even the Central Holy Dynastys imperial family.

Their influence was to the point that most of the Holy Gates Holy Princes were unwilling to offend the Jiang Family.

In Ma Donglais opinion, even if Huang Xiaolongs identity was extraordinary, it still couldnt surpass the Jiang Family, and he definitely couldnt be more powerful than the Central Holy Dynasty.

“Moreover, this is a good chance for us to form an alliance with the Chen Family!” Ma Donglai had a pensive expression on his face.

He had been looking for an opportunity to form an alliance with the Chen Family, and then climb up to the Jiang Family.

If he successfully showed his support to the Chen Family at this time, and cooperated with the Chen Family to capture that kid, who claimed he was going to dismantle the Chen Familys main entrance, it would be easy to get into the Chen Familys good books.

This way, not only he could avenge Mei Siyu, but also get connected with the Chen Family, and subsequently climb up to the Jiang Family.

There is nothing better than killing two birds with one stone.

While Ma Donglai hurried to the Chen Familys main residence with a group of Rising Sage Sects experts, Huang Xiaolongs group of five had already reached the Chen Familys main residences main entrance.

Huang Xiaolong was thinking of kicking the door and barging in when he saw Chen Zhaorui, who ran back with injuries, walking out of the Chen Familys main residence entrance with a group of experts in tow.

“Second Uncle, it was them who injured me earlier.” The moment Chen Zhaorui saw Huang Xiaolong, killing intent erupted from his body, and he pointed Huang Xiaolong out to his second uncle.

Chen Yantings eyes narrowed, veiling the cold gleam in his eyes.

He stared down at Huang Xiaolong and spoke in a drawl, “Youve got guts to injure my Chen Familys disciples, and you even have the face to show up at my Chen Familys doorstep”

Chen Yanting was the current Chen Family Patriarchs son.

He was a peak late-Sixth Order Venerable expert, considered to be one of the powerhouse amongst Chen Familys experts.

Not to mention, it had not been long since the guardian had abolished Mei Siyus cultivation.

Thus, Chen Yanting and Chen Zhaorui were unaware of this matter.

“My good friend Feng Tianyu was captured and imprisoned as a family slave by the Chen Family.

I came here today to take him away.”

Huang Xiaolong went on calmly, “Release my good friend, I dont want to make this into a big issue.

However, if you refuse, I dont mind blowing up the matter.”

Chen Yanting let out a mocking laughter, “Dont mind blowing things up” The Chen Family had been passed down for ten billion years, this was the first time someone dared to come right up to their doorstep, claiming that they didn\'t mind making the problem bigger.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt be bothered wasting time with words, and he nodded at one of the guardians.

Receiving Huang Xiaolongs signal, the guardian reached out and made a pressing gesture in the air.

Chen Yanting instantly felt a terrifyingly insurmountable weight slammed down on him from the void, and he was actually powerless to resist this terrifying weight.

Chen Yanting was not the only one.

The Chen Family experts, who had come out with him, felt the same.

Chen Yanting and the Chen Familys experts roared as they frenziedly circulated their godheads power.

The air around them became turbulent as they struggled fiercely to break free, but no matter how they struggled, or how desperately they exerted energy, it was futile.

Chen Yanting and the experts were gradually pressed to the ground, and the Chen Familys main residences entrance ruptured and crumbled piece by piece.

“Insolent! Who dares to run rampant in the Chen Family!”

A loud bellow came from the inner section of the residence.

In the next second, two figures whizzed across the sky with overwhelming momentum.

It was much more powerful than Chen Yanting.

The Chen Familys elite expert finally appeared!

Hearing the voice, Chen Yanting rejoiced.

The two people were two of their Chen Familys Eminent Elders, and both of them were early Tenth Order Venerable experts.

“Stop this instant, and get on your knees!” The Chen Familys two Eminent Elders struck out with their palms towards the Holy Gates guardian.

However, the guardian didnt even bat an eyelid as he raised his left hand and slapped towards them.

The two Chen Family Eminent Elders bodies halted abruptly, then spurted blood as if they had collided with a great impact before plummeting from high air.

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