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Chapter 2276: Reuniting With Feng Tianyu


Chen Yanting and the trapped Chen Familys experts, who had initially rejoiced after seeing the two grand elders appearance, were now dumbstruck, stupefied, and shaken to the soul.

The joyous smiles on their faces had vanished without a trace.

Ma Donglai and the other Rising Sage Sects experts arrived just in time to witness this scene.

Their flights halted abruptly in shock.

“The two people just now seem to be the Chen Familys Eminent Elder Chen Wanyi and Eminent Elder Chen Yan” Ma Donglais voice sounded a little hoarse and dazed.

“It, it looks like them!” One of the Rising Sage Sects Grand Elder stammered.

The rest of the Rising Sage Sects experts were just as dumbfounded.

“Chief, then we…” The Rising Sage Sects grand elder inquired cautiously.

Hesitation and other emotions flashed back and forth on Ma Donglais face as he remained silent.

In this short duration, consecutive figures rose from the inner sections of the Chen Familys main residence into the sky.

Clearly, the disturbance outside had alerted all the experts within the Chen Familys main residence.

Some of these Chen Familys experts exuded strong momentums.

Albeit not as strong as the two Eminent Elders Chen Wanyi and Chen Yan, their momentum was not that much weaker.

All of them were high-level Venerable Realm experts, and there were even several Ninth Order Venerables.

But Ma Donglai and his group subsequently witnessed another mind-blowing scene.

Seconds after these Chen Familys experts appeared in high air, all plummeted to the ground like locusts as the guardian behind Huang Xiaolong lightly slapped the air.

“Bo—om!” “Bo—om!” “Bo—om!”

The consecutive crashes sounded like thunderbolts in Ma Donglais head.

These Chen Familys experts destroyed countless buildings as their bodies hit the ground.

Yet, there were still many more Chen Familys experts appearing at the scene.

Thus, an unforgettable scene of a lifetime was deeply carved into Ma Donglais mind, as well as the Rising Sage Sects experts.

The Chen Familys experts continued to appear consecutively….

And they were swatted down consecutively!

This scene repeated for quite a while until no experts dared to rush out from the Chen Familys residence anymore.

There was a strange silence all around despite the miserable screams and grunts coming from the injured Chen Familys experts on the ground.

By this time, the terrified Chen Yanting and several others were buried into the ground.

Seeing there were no more experts rushing out, Huang Xiaolong finally walked through the Chen Family residences main entrance with the four guardians.

When passing through the door, Huang Xiaolong sent the majestic doors flying high into the sky with a punch.

While Huang Xiaolong stepped over the Chen Familys threshold, Feng Tianyu and a group of Chen Familys slaves were imprisoned inside a building, forced to refine pills nonstop.

“There seems to be something happening outside” One of the slaves said.

He had been listening to the commotion outside with apprehension and unease.

“The Chen Familys guards stationed outside the building hurried away in a panic just now, and a few moments later, screams reverberated in the air.

The world went silent after that.”

“Is someone attacking the Chen Family” Feng Tianyu took a guess and his eyes glimmered with hope.

Another slave snickered at Feng Tianyu with ridicule, “Attack the Chen Family You probably have a problem with your head, right Do you think its possible Why dont you say the other party came to attack Chen Family to rescue you”

The other slaves laughed sarcastically.

“Are we really going to refine pills until the day we die” Another slave muttered in despair.

Imprisoned inside this building, they were forced to refine pills for the Chen Family day in day out, exhausting their godforce and blood essence.

At this rate, they would die of exhaustion within half a year.

“This Chen Family is really inhuman!”

Another family slave grumbled in frustration and anger, “They are literally rounding us up and using us like animals!”

“Animals” Another slave joined the conversation with a sneer, “We are lower than animals.

Even animals that are being rear get enough to eat and can sleep well, but we are grinded to the ground, work till we fall from exhaustion and die!”

“If someone rescues me out of this hell hole, Im willing to be that persons slave instead!”

“Dream on! Still fantasizing someone will come rescue you”

With several hundred slaves in an enclosed building, the hall soon became rowdy with satire and mockery.

Most of these slaves were half-step Venerables like Feng Tianyu, and some were late-Tenth Order Sovereign, or peak late-Tenth Order Sovereigns.

Looking at the rowdy crowd, Feng Tianyu sighed sadly.

Will the rest of my life be like what the others say it will be Will I be locked up in here and refine pills till I die

He recalled that he used to be the 33 Heavens Races Patriarch, who deterred the entire Heavens Path.

But now, he was captured and kept as a pill refining slave by the Chen Family not long after coming to the Holy World.

A bitter wry tugged at the corner of Feng Tianyus lips.

I wonder how is Brother Huang doing now Did he arrive safely Feng Tianyu thought of Huang Xiaolong.

Right at this time, Feng Tianyu noticed a group of people walking into the hall.

Feng Tianyu froze when he saw the young man in front, Brother Huang Xiaolong

Before he got an answer, he was already shaking his head, thinking that this was an illusion.

How can Brother Huang appear here in the Chen Familys main residence

But the rowdy crowd of slaves immediately quieted down when they saw someone other than a Chen Familys disciple had entered the hall.

All of them turned to look in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

“This Lord, you are” One of the slaves mustered up some courage to ask Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled casually, “Im here looking for someone.” His gaze then swept around the hall before he walked towards Feng Tianyu.

“Brother Tianyu.” Huang Xiaolong raised a hand in greeting, waving it in front of Feng Tianyu when he didnt get a response.

“Weve only been separated for a few years, and you already cant recognize me”

Feng Tianyu dazedly rubbed his eyes.

When he confirmed that it was really Huang Xiaolong, he cried out in elation, “Brother Huang, it really is you.

You are Brother Huang Xiaolong!”

He was so excited that he gave Huang Xiaolong a bear hug, laughing wantonly, “Haha, its really you ah.

I thought you were an illusion!”


Huang Xiaolong chuckled and affirmed, “It is me!”

Huang Xiaolong too was very happy to see Feng Tianyu again.

“Brother Huang, why are you here!” Feng Tianyu suddenly remembered where he was, and glanced behind Huang Xiaolong, “It cant be that you were also captured by the Chen Family”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and shook his head, “No, I came here to rescue you.”

“Res, rescue me!” Feng Tianyus mind went blank.

“Come on, lets leave this Chen Familys place first.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled and patted Feng Tianyus shoulder, then pulled the dazed Feng Tianyu out of the hall.

As he stepped out of the pill refining hall, Feng Tianyu was jolted to his senses by the sight of Chen Familys experts groaning and writhing on the ground in pain.

His eyes widened in shock looking at Huang Xiaolong.

“This, this is…!” He was at a loss for words.

Although Feng Tianyu didnt know the cultivation levels of these Chen Familys experts, he understood that a top force like the Chen Family would definitely have a large number of experts stationed at the main residence.

Watching Huang Xiaolong lead Feng Tianyu out of the hall, the remaining several hundred slaves finally reacted.

They looked at each other, doubting and hesitating before one of them timidly, and very carefully, inched out of the hall.

Similar to Feng Tianyus reaction, the slave was jarred seeing the ground littered with Chen Familys experts writhing in pain on the ground.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the Chen Familys main entrance with Feng Tianyu.

Gazing at the clear blue sky outside the Chen Familys residence, Feng Tianyu was still slightly dazed.

In all honesty, he couldnt remember how he reached there from the pill refining hall.

He wasnt dreaming, right Feng Tianyu ruthlessly pinched himself in the arm.


No, its not a dream!

“This, this, Brother Huang, you, now, I…” Feng Tianyu could not string a complete sentence together.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “What questions you have, lets talk about it after we leave this place.” With that said, Huang Xiaolong was about to take Feng Tianyu away from the Central Holy Dynastys capital city.

He had come to the Central Holy Dynasty mainly to rescue Feng Tianyu.

Now that he had rescued Feng Tianyu from the Chen Family, Huang Xiaolong didnt plan on lingering around.

“Erm, that, Brother Huang….” Feng Tianyu looked a little awkward as he tried, “I have a female disciple.

She also fell into the Chen Familys hands.

Can, can Brother Huang Xiaolong bring her as well”

“Oh, lets go then.” Huang Xiaolong agreed without thinking too much about it.

“The thing is, the Chen Family gifted my disciple to one of the Jiang Familys young lords as a maid a few days ago.” Feng Tianyu was embarrassed to ask so much from Huang Xiaolong.

“Jiang Family.” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

Feng Tianyu was quick to brush off his own request, “If this request is difficult for Brother Huang, forget it!” He was aware that the Jiang Family was the Central Holy Dynastys number one family, and their power was greater than the Chen Family, who had imprisoned him.

To rescue his disciple from the Jiang Family was too difficult!

Feng Tianyu did not harbor any hope when he mentioned the matter to Huang Xiaolong.

But that female disciple was very important to him.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and said to Feng Tianyu, “Brother Tianyu, we only arrived in the Holy World a few years ago.

I didnt expect you would actually receive a female disciple in such a short time, eh”

It was a rare moment when Feng Tianyu blushed as he briefly explained, “That time, when we met with a lightning thunderstorm in the void, I was gravely injured after arriving here.

She saved me.

Then, seeing that her talent is quite good, I accepted her as my disciple.”

Looking at Feng Tianyus awkward expression, Huang Xiaolong chuckled meaningfully.

As someone who had been through the same experience, how could he not guess Feng Tianyus relationship with that female disciple.

Well, it was definitely not as simple as a pure master-disciple relationship.

These two must have touched something deeper.

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