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Chapter 2281: Half of the Jiang Familys Treasury

Huang Xiaolongs eyes were bloodshot as he glared at the Evolving Dragon Holy Prince, Yang Rong.

A smile formed on his face as he continued, “Are you challenging me to a life or death battle in the central holy arena”

Huang Xiaolong deliberately emphasized the part about the life and death battle.

Tan Hongyi sneered, “Thats right.

Senior Brother Yang Rong and I are ranked among the weakest talents in the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground.

Huang Xiaolong, are you afraid to take us up on the challenge Oh, with your trashy talent, theres no way you would dare to accept our challenge anyway.

Its alright to be afraid of death!”

Upon forcing the blood to rush up his face, Huang Xiaolong pushed his acting skills to the maximum as he forced his face to contort.

As though Tan Hongyi had managed to successfully anger him, Huang Xiaolongraged, “Im no coward! Fine! I shall accept your life and death challenge in the central arena!” Stopping for a second to catch his breath, Huang Xiaolongsnapped, “Im afraid your Evolving Dragon Holy Ground wont be able to sit still when I end your life!”

An uncomfortable expression appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face when he brought up hisworry.

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong had accepted the challenge, Yang Rong rejoiced in his heart.

He couldnt control his laughter as he snickered, “Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong, I only have myself to blame if you manage to kill me! I promise you that my Evolving Dragon Holy Ground wouldnt get involved in the matter!”

Despite his words, Yang Rong sneered in his heart.

How can a piece of sh*t like you kill me Dont make me laugh.

He had received a voice transmission from Jiang Tian that Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godhead was ranked in the three thousand five hundred.

As for his saint bloodline and Saint physique, no one knew how strong they were.

Whatever it was, they wouldnt be too overpowered considering his complete dao saint godhead.

With his Dragon Swallowing Saint Godhead ranking in the two thousand seven hundred and his saint bloodline and saint physique ranked in the two thousand eight hundred, killing Huang Xiaolong would be nothing more than flipping his palm!

Jiang Tian hastily followed up when he saw that the other party had accepted the challenge.

“Huang Xiaolong, you can rest assured.

I promise you that the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground wont hold you accountable!”

Tan Hongyi, Qu Jiangmeng, and the others quickly chimed in.

As though he was afraid that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt accept his terms, Jiang Tian added, “If the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground plan to pin the matter on you, Ill take the blame!”

Watching Jiang Tians performance, Huang Xiaolong chuckled in his heart.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong named his terms.

According to the terms of the battle, everything on Yang Rongs body would belong to him after the battle, and that the other party had to take out a hundred mid-grade supreme divine treasures and a hundred supreme divine armors if he won.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong also requested for the Jiang Family to hand over Feng Tianyus beloved female disciple.

Without thinking too much about it, Jiang Tian and the others agreed.

Even if the supreme divine armor and treasures were the entire fortune of other families, they were nothing but a drop in a bucket to the Jiang Family!

Moreover, Jiang Tian even promised that he would release Feng Tianyus disciple regardless of the outcome.

Seeing as Jiang Tian was extremely willing to agree to his terms, Huang Xiaolong decided to push his luck.

“Its only been a short time since I entered the Holy Gate.

My finances are limited, and I want half of the divine pills, jade stones, and holy bills in the Jiang Familys treasury!”

“WHAT” Jiang Tian and the others stared at him in shock.

A trace of rage finally appeared in Jiang Tians heart when he heard Huang Xiaolongs terms.

Huang Xiaolong was effectively the embodiment of greed! How dare he ask for half the treasury of the Jiang Family! Even if one wanted to kill himself, he shouldnt set his sights on the Jiang Familys treasury!

In the past tens of billions of years, the Jiang Family had been the wealthiest family in the Holy Ground.

The number of resources they had hoarded was an amount Jiang Tian himself was unable to fathom.

Right now, Huang Xiaolong had requested for half of it without batting an eyelid!

Even the sect chief of the Revered River Divine Sect, Fàn Fān, along with Yang Rong, and the others felt that Huang Xiaolong was out of his mind.

“You…” Jiang Tian was about to throw a barrage of curses at Huang Xiaolong when the forefather of the Jiang Family, Jiang Wuji, spoke.


This old man will agree to Holy Prince Huang Xiaolongs request.”


Jiang Tian, Fàn Fān, and the others stared at Lord Jiang with a look of disbelief.

Forefather Jiang actually agreed to his request!

“Forefather, you…” Jiang Tian couldnt believe his ears as he stared at Jiang Wuji.

Shaking his head, Jiang Wuji turned to face Huang Xiaolong.

“As long as Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong wins the battle, Ill bring out half of the treasury of my Jiang Family!”

If his guess was right, half his treasury was a cheap price to pay to kill Huang Xiaolong! He could care less about the divine pills, jade stones, and holy bills stocked in the treasury!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong would only be able to walk away with the winnings if he won! Winning was basically impossible and Jiang Wuji quickly made his decision.

“As long as you win, Ill agree to your request.”

When he spoke, he emphasized on the wordwin heavily.

“Are you done with your conditions!” Jiang Tian could no longer endure Huang Xiaolongs endless greed and he sent Huang Xiaolong a death stare.

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips, and he ignored the killing intent coming from Jiang Tians eyes.

“I have always been one to know contentment.

Half of the Jiang Familys treasury is enough for me!”

One to know contentment!

Jiang Tian nearly blew up when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Even though he had no idea how much the treasury was worth, he knew that it was an astronomical amount.

It was worth several trillion holy bills and that was a rough estimate.

Half of that was an unimaginable concept!

Soon, Huang Xiaolong swore an oath to battle Holy Prince Yang Rong to the death, and they signed a battle agreement with their blood.

As for Jiang Tian, Forefather Jiang, Tan Hongyi, and several other Holy Princes of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground, along with sect chief Fàn Fān and the rest, they served as the witnesses, and they signed on the battle challenge with their blood.

The time of the battle was set for the very next day and after Huang Xiaolong signed the letter of challenge, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Men, bring Huang Xiaolong to his quarters.” Forefather Jiang summoned several attendants and sent him away.

As soon as he left, Jiang Tian sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, Ill let you live for another day.

There is no way you will be able to win the battle tomorrow!”

The reason Huang Xiaolong had won against Huang Zhouping was an accident.

No one believed that Huang Xiaolong was stronger than Holy Prince Yang Rong.

After all, Yang Rong couldnt be compared to someone like Huang Zhouping.

Jiang Wuji quickly turned to Yang Rong and laughed, “Holy Prince Yang Rong, after you kill Huang Xiaolong tomorrow, I will give you five billion holy bills as remuneration for your troubles….”

No matter how heaven-defying Huang Xiaolongs talent was, it was impossible for him to improve so much in such a short amount of time.

Even if they were right, and he was able to refine his Complete Dao Saint Godhead to a higher level, it was impossible for him to jump two thousand ranks in a night.

Jiang Wuji wasnt worried about the battle that was about to take place.

“Forefather Jiang is too kind!”

Qu Jiangmeng snorted, “Huang Xiaolong doesnt know about Junior Brother Yangs talent.

He probably thinks that he has a chance to win because Junior Brother Yang is ranked among the bottom few in our Evolving Dragon Holy Ground.”

Tan Hongyi laughed, “Who cares about that The day after tomorrow is Forefather Jiangs birthday.

Killing Huang Xiaolong tomorrow will be a great gift to Forefather Jiang!”

Laughter filled the hall in an instant.

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