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Chapter 2323: Playing Tricks

Lin Yijia couldn\'t help but panic when he saw that they werent taking him seriously, “Senior Brother Li Chen, you guys, I…, what I said is absolutely true! Someone really comprehended the ninth stele! His name is Huang Xiaolong, and he started the test around a minute ago!”

Seeing Lin Yijias expression, everyone looked at each other.

Can he be speaking the truth

It was indeed a little hard to believe that anyone could arrive at the ninth stele a minute after starting the test….

That was simply the most preposterous thing they have heard in their years of existence!

Lin Yijia continued in a strange voice, “This Huang Xiaolong.

He only used a second to comprehend the first saint stele!”

“What! One second!” Xie Yao, Chen Kaiping, and the others screamed in shock.

Even Li Chen couldnt hide the look of surprise on his face.

Back then, he had used forty-two seconds to comprehend the first saint stele!

As for the second stele, he had taken a whole minute and thirty-five seconds!

Lin Yijia added, “Not only that, the second and third steles were also comprehended by him in one second!”

Xie Yao, Chen Kaiping, Li Chen, and the others lost control as they stood up at the same time.

“He used three seconds to comprehend the first three saint steles!” Li Chen asked in shock.

Lin Yijia nodded, “Thats right, he only used one second to comprehend each of the first three heavenly steles.

He used five seconds for the fourth, fifth, and sixth stele.

When he reached the seventh stele, the time required by him to comprehend the stele increased to twenty seconds!” At this point, he was short of breath.

It was as though he had revealed the most shocking secret the heavens had to offer.

If what he said was true, the world would erupt with chaos!

Everyone stared at him in shock.

They finally understood how Huang Xiaolong had arrived at the ninth stele a minute after he started the test.

This… How could something like this happen Everyone felt like they were dreaming.

“Huang Xiaolong Where did I hear this name before” Suddenly, Chen Kaiping asked aloud.

Lin Yijia replied, “Isnt he the Holy Prince from Zhuoyuan Holy Gate who signed up to join the Holy Heavens”

“Thats him!” Li Chen, Xie Yao, and everyone else in the hall yelled in unison.

“Are you saying that the disciple with saint attributes ranking in the nine hundreds comprehended the nine steles in one minute!” Chen Kaiping scoffed.

Everyone stared at each other and saw the strange look in each others eyes.

How is this even possible

“This Huang Xiaolong definitely played some tricks!” Xie Yao sneered, “Brother Yijia, are you really so naive to believe that this is real”

Even Chen Kaiping laughed, “If his saint attributes were to rank in the top three, I might really believe you! For someone with a rank-nine hundred godhead to comprehend the ninth stele….

He wouldn\'t be able to comprehend the first stele even if we gave him an entire day!”

Lin Yijia frowned—playing tricks In reality, Lin Yijia didnt believe that someone with Huang Xiaolongs talent could comprehend nine steles on the Holy Bridge.

“Is he still there” Li Chen asked Lin Yijia.

Lin Yijia nodded his head, “Hes still going.

Right now, he should be starting his comprehension of the tenth stele.”

“Lets go and take a look.” Li Chen muttered as light flickered in his eyes.

“Lets see what tricks this Huang Xiaolong is playing!” Xie Yao laughed, “How dare trash like this mess with the Holy Heavens He should be tired of living!”

In an instant, everyone in the hall shot towards the Heavenly Masters Manor.

They werent the only ones who got the news, and various experts were swarming towards the examination venue.

In the blink of an eye, the examination venue was filled.

Seeing the increasing number of experts, Fu Yunjie sneered coldly, “Who would have thought that trash like him would be able to attract such a big crowd.”

When he had taken the first test the day before, the number of people watching him werent even a fraction of the people present.

Jealousy appeared in his heart and he wanted to spit on Huang Xiaolongs pitiful talent.

Feng Yuanyuan laughed, “Brother Yunjie, you dont have to worry! Just let him be for now! When he gets off the bridge, it will be time for him to cry!”

By the time they were done speaking, Huang Xiaolongs palm had already landed on the tenth stele.

One second, two second, ten second… A minute eventually passed.

After another twenty second, captivating rays of light emerged from the stele.

Supreme saints and holy beasts emerged from the void and surrounded the manor as holy light enveloped the lands.

Everyone looked at the dreamlike scene before them, and they felt as though a bomb went off in their heads.

He comprehended the tenth stele!

In the eyes of many experts, this was the first time that they had witnessed someone comprehending the tenth heavenly stele.

Everyone stared in awe at the supreme phantoms above them.

Li Chen, Lin Yijia, Xie Yao, and the rest of the core disciples who were on their way, slowed down when they saw the supreme phantoms in the sky.

“This...!” Xie Yao was stunned.

“Huang Xiaolong has already comprehended the tenth sacred stele!” Li Chen exclaimed in shock.

“Hasnt it only been two minutes since we left” Chen Kaiping frowned, “He actually managed to comprehend the tenth heavenly stele in this short amount of time”

Xia Yao mocked, “How dare he mess with us.

It seems like he is only willing to stop aftercomprehending the twelfth stele!”

Everyone increased their speed as they shot towards the examination venue.

When Li Chen and the others arrived, Huang Xiaolong had already started comprehending the eleventh heavenly stele.

Upon seeing Li Chen and others, Zhou Ruo and Zhang Hanwen quickly stepped forward to bow.

The status of the Holy Princes in the Holy Heavens were extremely high! Even people of their status had to bow when meeting them.

“Zhuo Ruo, Zhang Hanwen.” Xie Yao looked at Huang Xiaolong who was currently comprehending the eleventh heavenly stele, and questioned the two of them, “As the presiding examiner, and a deacon in the law enforcement hall, why are the two of you standing by when Huang Xiaolong is cheating in front of you Why have you not stopped his examination and thrown him into prison!”

“Are the two of you only going to stop him when our Holy Heavens Organization becomes a laughing stock in the whole world!”

Under the questioning of Xie Yao, Zhou Ruo and Zhang Hanwen stared at each other in shock.

Zhou Ruo hesitated for a moment, and she stared at Zhang Hanwen.

He was the person who had stopped her from interrupting the examination, and he was the one who had laid down the order to punish anyone who messed with the examination!

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