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Chapter 2326: Greenwood Holy Gate

As Huang Xiaolong had only spent six minutes on the second test, there were quite a number of people in the city who were unaware of his achievements.

Chen Gong was one of them.

In a flash, the courtyard appeared in their sights.

While Chen Gong and his group approached Huang Xiaolongs courtyard, Wu Ge arranged for a luxurious palace with the richest holy spiritual qi for Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai.

When Huang Xiaolong entered the palace, he was stunned silly.

Of course, he didnt forget about Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, Xue Qi, and the others.

He decided to request for all of them to be brought to his new residence.

Turning to Wu Ge, he brought up the matter.

After hearing what Huang Xiaolong said, Wu Ge bowed respectfully.

“Rest assured.

I shall get my subordinates to bring your friends over to the Holy Heavens.”

“Many thanks to Grand Hall Master Wu Ge.”

Wu Ge hurriedly waved his hand and smiled, “Its nothing! In the future, Young Master Huangs problem will be my problem.

In fact, its a problem for our organization.

If you run into anything, let me know.”

Even though Wu Ge somewhat exaggerated the fact, he wasnt merely paying lip service.

After all, the four Primal Ancestors had already emphasized Huang Xiaolongs importance to the Holy Heavens.

Wu Ge didnt hesitate to call for Zhang Hanwen to bring Feng Tianyu and the others over.

When Zhang Hanwen was called by the Grand Hall Master, he nearly wet his pants.

However, an excited expression appeared on his face the moment he heard the order.

“Grand Hall Master Wu, Young Master Huang, please leave it to me! I shall head over personally to bring them back!”

Before he left, he didnt forget to salute Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing his actions, Wu Ge nodded to himself.

This kid is pretty smart.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Wu Ge and smiled, “Grand Hall Master Wu Ge, thanks to him, I was able to continue the examination uninterrupted.”

“Young Master Huang, dont worry.

We will reward him generously.”

As Zhang Hanwen was still at the main entrance of the palace, he nearly tripped over himself when he overheard their conversation.

Joy bloomed in his heart.

Chen Gong led his team and arrived at Huang Xiaolongs previous courtyard.

“This brat really knows how to enjoy his life.” Chen Gong mocked when he saw the exquisite courtyard in front of him.

In the Holy Heavens City, renting a courtyard like that wouldnt come cheap.

“Master Chen Gong, should we destroy the formations around the courtyard now” One of the disciples asked.

Chen Gong nodded his head, “Smash it with everything you have.

Be careful though, dont kill those inside by accident.”

He had already bribed the guards patrolling the area, and he knew that none of them would show up even if he pierced a hole through the heavens.

Obtaining the approval from Chen Gong, the other disciples circulated their energy and a massive explosion resounded through the skies.

The courtyard trembled violently.

The commotion instantly alerted Feng Tianyu, and everyone else in the courtyard.

Shock appeared on their faces and they stared at the barrier flickering above them.

When Chen Gong realized that they failed to destroy the barrier in a single move, he sneered.

Of course, Di Huai had laid down multiple restrictions around the courtyard to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

No matter how hard they tried, Di Huai was a True Saint and getting through the restrictions laid down by a True Saint wasnt an easy task.

After all, none of the assailants were True Saints!

“Master Chen Gong, the restrictions are laid down by a True Saint Realm expert!” Someone explained.

Chen Gong laughed icily, “Old Fox Di Huai probably placed them around in order to protect those inside.

Seems like they are pretty important to Huang Xiaolong.

Otherwise, Di Huai wouldnt have laid the restrictions himself.


All of you can take a step back.

Ill do it.” A dark pearl with strange inscriptions swirling about inside it appeared on his palm.

Chen Gongs complete dao saint godhead started to move, and he poured the energy in his body into the pearl.

A dark light emerged and smashed against the barrier formed by the restrictions.

An explosion resounded through the skies and the strength of the barrier weakened significantly.

Chen Gong laughed coldly.

Even if the pearl wasnt a saint artifact, it was a peak-grade half saint artifact.

It was refined by one of the Eminent Elders in the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm using countless precious materials, and it was extremely useful in breaking through all restrictions.

Even though Di Huai was a True Saint, he hadnt given it his all when laying down the restrictions.

Chen Gong was extremely confident that he would be able to tear it apart soon.

As the black pearl continued to slam against the barrier, the light surrounding the courtyard started to dim.

Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and everyone else could feel terror gripping their hearts.

Through the restrictions, Chen Gong could see the terrified expressions on their faces, and he sneered sinisterly, “If you want to blame someone, blame Huang Xiaolong!”

All of a sudden, the space around Chen Gongs team started to tremble, and everyone from the Greenwood Holy Gate were startled.

Didnt we already bribe the guards to stay away!

Soon after, Chen Gong and the others made out the faces of those who were rushing towards the courtyard.

“Holy… Holy Heavens! Its the law enforcement unit from the Holy Heavens!” Chen Gong nearly fainted, and his expression changed.


Why would the Holy Heavens send a unit of law enforcement disciples to the area we are in Could it be a coincidence

Those who arrived were precisely Zhang Hanwen and a group of experts from the Holy Heavens Law Enforcement Hall.

As the vice hall master, there was no way he would bring a group of ordinary disciples with him.

Originally, Zhang Hanwen was overjoyed when he received the order to bring Huang Xiaolongs friends to the Holy Heavens.

Therefore, he had charged over at top speed, wanting to complete the mission as soon as possible.

When he saw that someone was attacking the specified courtyard, rage flashed through his eyes.

By the time he arrived, Gong Chen had already kept the black pearl away.

“Greetings my lord, I am Gong Chen and my master is an elder of the Greenwood Holy Gate.” Gong Chen arrived in front of Zhang Hanwen and said.

“Here is a little token from me.”

He retrieved a billion holy bills and passed them to Zhang Hanwen.

As soon as he took out the holy bills, a slap landed on his face.


In Huang Xiaolongs palace in the Holy Heavens...

“Greenwood Holy Gate, Chen Gong…” Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes as a frosty light flashed through them.

“Young Master Huang, you can count on me to take care of this matter.” After receiving the report from Zhang Hanwen, Wu Ges face turned unsightly, “They wont get away with this! I shall punish them according to the rules of the city! How dare he ignore the rules and make a move inside the city! Preposterous!”


I will have to trouble Grand Hall Master Wu Ge for this….” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

Wu Ge revealed an apologetic look, and he quickly promised Huang Xiaolong an explanation.

The moment he turned around, a steely look appeared on his face.

It didnt take long for Wu Ge to conclude the interrogation.

When Huang Xiaolong learned of Chen Gongs intentions, his expression turned a shade darker.

“Fu Yunjie.”

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