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Chapter 2333: Cangqiong Holy Manor

“Senior Sister Tan Juan, I have heard that Huang Xiaolong has been challenging the disciples of the Devil Cave….” One of the ladies blinked sweetly and continued, “He has killed a disciple of the Devil Palace every two days… He did that for half a year!”

Tan Juan smiled, “Youve been mentioning him quite a lot….

Is Junior Sister Xiaoying interested in him”

The other lady teased, “I think that is the case! Junior Sister Lin Xiaoying seems to have fallen for the man!”

“You… What are you talking about! I… Im not interested in him!” Lin Xiaoyings face reddened, as her eyes widened slowly.

“Im not interested in Huang Xiaolong or anything! I was just curious when I heard that his talent is comparable to Senior Sister Tan Juan! Hes able to evolve his saint attributes, just like you!”

The elegant Ji Xinyi laughed, “Are you really just curious Youve been mentioning the apprenticeship ceremony so many times over the past few days! Youre definitely looking forward to meeting the man called Huang Xiaolong! According to the rumors, hes pretty handsome, masculine, and he has a domineering personality!”

“Right, our Junior Sister Lin Xiaoying wanted all those qualities in her future husband!” Tan Juan teased, “It looks like Huang Xiaolong fits the bill.”

Lin Xiaoying pouted unhappily, “Youre bullying me! Isnt he just a Third Order Venerable How can someone like him protect me Humph! Ill be the one protecting him if we get together!”

Indeed, Lin Xiaoying was already at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation halfTrue Saint Realm and she was much stronger than him!

After messing around for some time, they finally calmed down and spoke seriously about the apprenticeship ceremony that was soon coming up.

“Master is planning to send Junior Sister Zhao Ya over to challenge Huang Xiaolong during the apprenticeship ceremony…,” Ji Xinyi said.

Lin Xiaoying was stunned, “Junior Sister Zhao Ya Wouldnt that mean that Huang Xiaolong has no chance of winning”

When the Clear Snow Palace had recruited a new batch of disciples several years ago, Zhao Ya was the most talented one! She had the rank seventy-third Saint godhead, the Ice Lotus Saint Godhead! Her Ice Phoenix Saint bloodline ranked seventy-first and her Snow Moon Physique ranked seventy-ninth.

After seeing Lin Xiaoyings expression, Tan Juan continued to tease her, “Whats wrong with your face Are you worried about that little brat”

Lin Xiaoyings expression finally turned a little serious.

“He has nothing to do with it! Why should I be worried for him Im worried about our relationship with the Holy Heavens turning sour when Junior Sister Zhao Ya trashes him!”

Ji Xinyi giggled softly, “You dont have to worry about that! Im sure the four Primal Ancestors wouldnt harp on the matter! Back when Li Chen was appointed as the disciple of Lord Long, didnt we do the same thing”

Lin Xiaoyings beautiful eyes flickered, “Is Huang Xiaolong really so talented The disciples of the Holy Heavens have been going on and on about his talent.

Theyre saying that his talent is unparalleled under the heavens, and he would grow up to become the strongest expert in the Holy World!”

Ji Xinyi laughed, “They have to be exaggerating! Its impossible for Huang Xiaolong to be as talented as they say! Senior Sister Tan Juan is definitely more talented than him! Even if he is able to evolve his saint attributes, he will never be able to catch up to our senior sister!”

“Thats true.” Lin Xiaoying nodded her head happily, “If Senior Sister Tan Juan is allowed to comprehend those sacred tablets, she might even be able to complete all twelve of them within five minutes!”

Tan Juan smiled and said nothing.

Even though Huang Xiaolongs talent was monstrous, she was confident in her own abilities.

That was because she was hiding a part of her talent from her master and junior sisters.

“Huang Xiaolong….” Tan Juan said in her heart.

Amongst the younger generation, Huang Xiaolong was probably the only one who could be considered her rival.

Li Chen could barely be counted as one.

However, when all was said and done, Li Chen was really a little lacking.

“In the next few years, the Cangqiong Holy Manor will open! We have to find the Cangqiong Seedling when that happens!” Ji Xinyi said.

Tan Juan shook her head, “Thats easier said than done! The Cangqiong Holy Manor has existed for billions of years.

No one has ever managed to get their hands on the Cangqiong Seedling! From what we know, it should exist on the seventh floor of the manor, but no one has ever stepped a foot on the seventh floor!”

Lin Xiaoyings eyes brightened, “One can even find primal dao artifacts on the seventh floor!”

Tan Juan nodded her head, “Even though no one has ever entered the seventh floor, Im sure the Cangqiong Old Man placed the Cangqiong Blade there.”


Inside the Holy Heavens Citys Devil Cave, Elder Zhang Sijin hurried over to greet Huang Xiaolong the moment he emerged from his cultivation cave.

Compared to the time when he had first entered, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have turned into another person altogether.

Even Zhang Sijin didnt realize it, but the gaze in his eyes had a trace of reverence and worship when he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Youre finally out!” Zhang Sijins respect and enthusiasm wasnt due to the fact that Huang Xiaolong was a disciple of the four Primal Ancestors.

Instead, it was because of the number of disciples from the Devil Palace he had slayed in half a year!

Zhang Sijin had witnessed all of his battles in the past six months, and it was precisely because of that that he worshipped Huang Xiaolong so much.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, “Elder Zhang, help me arrange a battle with Xing Yidan on the 30,625th arena.”

Xing Yidan was a mid-Fourth Order Venerable, and his saint godhead ranked at two hundred.

He also had the one hundred and ninety-eighth ranked saint bloodline, the Flame Demon Saint Bloodline.

“I will make the arrangements immediately!” Zhang Sijin replied respectfully without hesitation.

It didnt take long for him to bring Huang Xiaolong over to the 30,625th arena.

One could see a girl sitting atop the arena, waiting to do battle.

The girl was extremely tall, and she had an extremely sturdy chest.

Her arms and legs were massive, and they were comparable to tree trunks.

With a single leap, Huang Xiaolong arrived on the arena.

Xing Yidan opened her eyes, and devilish flames surrounded her body.

A sinister smile formed on her face, and she sneered, “Where did such a p*ssy like you come from How dare you challenge me Dont you know that Im your father Hahaha! Ill smash you so hard that your d*ck wont be able to stand after this!”

The disciples from the Holy Heavens wanted to roar with laughter, but they forcefully controlled themselves when they recalled Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, “Shes really something else….”

Before anyone could react, Xing Yidan disappeared from where she was standing.

It was as if she didnt exist in the first place, and her presence was completely concealed.

When she reappeared, she held a huge blade in her hands as she slashed it down towards Huang Xiaolongs neck.

“Your Highness!”

“Be careful!”

Everyone screamed in fright.

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