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Chapter 2335: Beast Tamer Holy Gate

“Young Master Huang, lets go.” After stopping for a while, an ordinary-looking, one-eyed old man behind Huang Xiaolong said respectfully.

The old man was called Du Zhenjun, and he was one of the experts under the Heavenly Master of the Holy Heavens.

Legend had it that Du Zhenjun was once surrounded by more than ten True Saints ready to kill him.

However, he had managed to survive with the help of the Heavenly Master, and he had chosen to submit ever since that incident.

Of course, he had appeared to escort Huang Xiaolong under the orders of the Heavenly Master.

It went without saying that the other three Primal Ancestors were also in agreement with his actions.

“Alright Senior Du Zhenjun, lets go.” Huang Xialong smiled.

Du Zhenjun hurriedly injected, “Young Master Huang Xiaolong, you should address me by my name.

There is no need for pleasantries.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “I heard from Grand Hall Master Wu Ge that Senior Du Zhenjun carried out an earth-shattering battle against countless True Saint Realm experts back then, killing many of them in the process.

Grand Hall Master Wu Ge admires your strength.”

Du Zhenjun smiled and waved his hand, “That battle happened years ago.

It isnt really worth mentioning.

Grand Hall Master Wu Ge was simply being generous with his compliments.”

The two of them continued chatting leisurely since they were in no rush.

The Rainbow Phoenix on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder would chirp from time to time.

In the past few days, the Rainbow Phoenixs feathers had gained a pretty shine as it had continued to evolve.

As he looked at the Rainbow Phoenix on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder, Du Zhenjun was slightly taken aback, “Young Master Huang, isnt that the Nine Colored Fox Phoenix Didnt its species go extinct Young Master Huang sure is lucky to be able to tame one….”

“Nine Colored Fox Phoenix” Huang Xiaolong widened his eyes when he heard what Du Zhenjun said.

He finally realized what Little Nine was.

Also, it was the first time he had heard of its origins.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolongs expression, Du Zhenjun laughed, “Young Master Huang seems unaware that his pet is the Nine Colored Fox Phoenix! Hahah.

In the Holy World, a Nine Colored Fox Phoenix is a top-class holy beast.

There are only three other beasts that can compare to it.

As long as it matures well, it will possess terrifying strength!”

A look of joy flashed across Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he never would have imagined that the gluttonous bird on his shoulders was of such shocking origins.

Little Nine rose its head and chirped at Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to snort at the man.

A chuckle quickly left his lips when he saw its actions.

“This little brat….

Youre too arrogant for a tiny bird! We barely praised you!” Retrieving a level-two origin spiritual pill, he tossed it into its waiting beak.

After swallowing it in an instant, the Rainbow Phoenix rubbed its face against Huang Xiaolongs cheeks happily.

Strolling across the streets, Huang Xiaolong ran into many disciples from the various holy gates in the Holy World.

“Will there be a lot of attendees from the other holy gates when the apprenticeship ceremony is held”

Du Zhenjun smiled, “It\'s a grand occasion for all four Primal Ancestors to accept a disciple.

There will naturally be experts flocking over for the apprenticeship ceremony! In fact, experts from more than a hundred and fifty thousand holy grounds have already arrived.”

“One hundred and thirty thousand!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Even though he had made a secret estimation of the number of people who would turn up, the current attendance had already smashed through that number.

Du Zhenjun laughed, “There are still three more days before the ceremony.

More and more people will arrive, and only those who have secluded themselves from the world would be absent.

Almost everyone else will be here to send their congratulations!”

“In addition, those hidden ancient races and peak races in the Holy World would also send some people over.”

“When they all gather, our Holy Heavens might not be able to house all of them!” Du Zhenjun joked.

“The Clear Snow Palace and Holy Lands Alliance will also be sending people over.” Du Zhenjun added, “Even the Palace Master of the Clear Snow Palace will attend the ceremony along with the ten great holy masters of the Holy Lands Alliance.”

“Also, the three great beauties of the Clear Snow Palace would be coming.

From what I heard, Lin Xiaoying of the three great beauties is extremely interested in Young Master Huang.

Her main purpose is to meet with you!” Du Zhenjun revealed a crafty smile on his face as a trace of playfulness flashed in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Senior Du Zhenjun, stop teasing me.

The three beauties are the most talented disciples of the Clear Snow Palace.

They have to attend the ceremony if their master comes.

How can Lin Xiaoying possibly have any special interest in me”

Du Zhenjun chuckled lightly, “Young Master Huang, Im not kidding.

There are tons of holy maidens coming along to meet Young Master Huang.

Moreover, elders of their races and factions hope for nothing more than for you guys to become good friends!”

Huang Xiaolong felt beads of cold sweat forming on his forehead.

He naturally understood the meaning behind the words—become good friends!

Of course, Du Zhenjun wasnt bullsh*tting.

With his current identity, there were tons of people .

trying to form connections with him.

As long as he willed it, holy maidens of their races would jump into his embrace.

His talent had a huge part to play in that.

With his evolving saint attributes, it was a matter of time before he surpassed the True Saint Realm.

An expert who surpassed the True Saint Realm was a figure all factions wanted to get on their side.

Even if they had to take out half of their worth, everything would work out fine if they could get someone at that level on their side.

“Is Huang Xiaolong really so talented! Is the Holy Heavens exaggerating his talent Even the four Primal Ancestors were unable to comprehend the heavenly steles in six minutes! How can that brat be more talented than the four Primal Ancestors!” Someone said with a sneer on his face.

“Thats right, its complete bullsh*t! Our senior brother is no less talented than him!” Someone else added.

Looking over, Huang Xiaolong saw a group of disciples wearing dark golden robes with an eye-catching pattern embroidered on it.

“They are disciples of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate.

They belong to the Holy Lands Alliance.” Du Zhenjun explained.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head slowly.

The Beast Tamer Holy Gate was one of the largest factions in the Holy Lands Alliance.

Hung Xiaolong knew that there were bound to be unhappy people when the Holy Heavens announced his talent.

After all, who would openly admit that someone they didnt know was the most talented person in the history of the Holy World

There was a shocking number of holy princes in the Holy World with frightening talent after all.

An indifferent smile formed on the face of the person they addressed as their senior brother.

“The apprenticeship ceremony will take place in three days.

Well see if Huang Xiaolong is really as talented as they say.”

His meaning was clear.

He didnt believe in Huang Xiaolongs talent.

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